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How can we make more accessible to all stakeholders in the developing world, from smallholders to policymaker…
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7 weeks ago by danbri
RT : How Application Profile for portals in can help your organisation? Don't miss the presentation…
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12 weeks ago by danbri
Great turnout for first evidence session of 2018 on with Starting to…
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january 2018 by danbri
RT : also featuring journals policies >600 >700 interlinked & soon in an interoperable map!
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may 2016 by danbri
New work on makes gene and drug more accessible
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april 2016 by danbri
Three Magic Numbers
My brain works better with numbers than graphs, so over the years I’ve conditioned most people I work with to send me numbers on a regular basis. Words are good also, but I love numbers. Early in the life of the company I request numbers daily. Some of this is for me; most of it is to try to help the entrepreneurs build some muscles around understanding the data and how to use it.
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february 2012 by danbri
Twitter Data Dump: InfoChimps Puts 1B Connections Up For Sale
"It's not magic. If you talk to people who use Hadoop and do social networking analysis this is underwhelming. You take 30 million users, 1 billion links, adorn each link with info at the end of the link and acrue it with the person at the head of the link. That breaks conventional databases; the plumbing is hard. The math is easy but when you do it a billion times a billion times it starts to get interesting. You have to be careful and clever. We plan to do stuff that is structural, a clustering co-efficient, true pagerank."
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november 2009 by danbri
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