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Working on a new demo scene/teaser for the next update 👍
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july 2018 by danbri
Johansson: Motion Perception part 2 - YouTube
@libbymiller dots! animation: underactuated robotics:
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august 2016 by danbri
'Roger Rabbit' Turns 20 | Animation World Network
DH: I produced the animation. There were three major elements of the production: the live-action shoot, the animation and the magic that ILM did at the end to combine it all together. The studio in London was a combination of key players from Dick Williams' studio, four key animators from Burbank and a team of gypsy animators that we hired from around the world to come to London to work. I hired Max Howard, who was a brilliant manager, and together we built a studio around Richard and the crew to deliver the film.
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august 2014 by danbri
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