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This is how you photograph a million dead plants without losing your mind - The Washington Post
And at the plodding rate of “traditional digitization” (in which press sheets are scanned and identifying information is entered into a database by hand), any effort to turn the physical archive into a digital one seemed Sisyphean. New objects were added to the collection so rapidly the museum couldn't keep up. It took 40 years to catalogue the first 1.5 million items in the herbarium.

Then the Digitization Program Office got involved. Next month, the botany staff will notch their next million digitized objects. It took less than a year and a half.
digitization  smithsonian  musetech 
february 2017 by danamuses
How the Smithsonian Built their Journey Map, with Samir Bitar - [CB4] - Customer Bliss
Samir Bitar and I had a very spirited discussion about his role in leading a transformation of the Smithsonian visitor experience. Like many folks who attain a Chief Customer Officer level type role, Samir had been developing a robust visitor experience for just one of the 19 museums on the Smithsonian campus.  His success there earned him his role to lead the work across the entire Smithsonian campus.  
customerjourney  UX  smithsonian  musetech 
july 2016 by danamuses
What the Smithsonian needs in a leader - The Washington Post
The greatest single piece of geographic possibility in the United States, the National Mall,
museums  leadership  smithsonian 
december 2013 by danamuses
Smithsonian Digital Volunteers: Transcription Center
Join us as a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer to unlock stories by transcribing our collections. With your help, we can make the volumes of digitized Smithsonian Institution materials easier to use. Learn even more about the people and places behind the science, history, art, and culture that make up the Smithsonian Institution collections.
crowdsourcing  smithsonian  musetech  transcription  accessibility 
july 2013 by danamuses
Crowdfunding Culture: Namaste, and Welcome to the Smithsonian | New Republic
This Monday, the Smithsonian was scheduled to wrap up the biggest crowdfunding campaign ever undertaken by an American museum. The subject of the exhibition in question? Yoga. At the time of this writing, the Freer Sackler Galleries have decided to extend their month-long campaign another week, and have already surpassed their $125,000 goal by over $4,000. Clearly, this is one show the population of D.C. will pay to see. As a spokeswoman said, “There are between 20 and 40 million yoga practitioners in the United States, and an ethos of community that already surrounds yoga. If ever there were a time for us to try crowd sourcing, this was it.” Put another way, this show appeals to such a clear demographic that Whole Foods decided to match donations on the Freer Sackler site. The Yoga-Whole Foods-Industrial complex sinks its claws into yet another aspect of our avocational lives.
crowdfunding  fundraising  smithsonian 
july 2013 by danamuses
Twitter / @mikemurphlas: Today in 2011: @amhistorym ...
Today in 2011: @amhistorymuseum sends the same tweet 80 times.
twitter  socialmedia  mistake  smithsonian 
october 2011 by danamuses
Remarks by the First Lady at Cooper-Hewitt Design Awards Luncheon | The White House
So the Smithsonian is revitalizing their Office of Education. They’re starting educational programs at schools for math and science, and for history and the arts. They’re on Facebook. The Smithsonian is twittering. Whoa. (Laughter.) They’re even on YouTube. They are trying to find you all. They're doing a great job. And they’re doing it because, as the man I'm about to introduce has said -- and this is his quote -- “Instead of a set of collections that hardly anybody sees, and a group of curators who are behind the walls, we can become a huge educational resource for the nation that we haven't been before.”
socialmedia  smithsonian 
september 2011 by danamuses
One to watch #musetech RT @oreillymedia: @carlmalamud fight against #Smithsonian for free copyright is featured today http://t.co/ynzDSpT
from  twitter  smithsonian  musetech 
august 2011 by danamuses
Carl Malamud seeks to unlock Smithsonian Institution archives | PressDemocrat.com
Unlike the Library of Congress and the National Archives, the Smithsonian is alone in charging the public to use images from its collections.
“I think that is illegal, and unconscionable,” Malamud said. “Many, many more artists would be using this material, but it's all locked up.”
Government agencies cannot claim copyright and charge licensing fees, he said.
openness  copyright  musetech  smithsonian 
august 2011 by danamuses
Vanished – A New Online Event From MIT and The Smithsonian Institution | GeekDad | Wired.com
Vanished is a first-of-its-kind episodic quest where participants are transformed into principal investigators who must race against time to solve games, puzzles and other online challenges, visit real world museums and collect samples from their own neighborhoods to help unlock the secrets of this innovative mystery. Museums nationwide have come together to provide dynamic real world investigative experiences for participants. Throughout the course of this event, participants will also have access to some of the top scientific minds of our time across diverse disciplines such as astrophysics, paleobiology, forensic anthropology and entomology via videoconference office hours to help unlock the mystery.
arg  game  musetech  smithsonian 
march 2011 by danamuses
Facebook friends help scientists quickly identify nearly 5,000 fish specimens collected in Guyana | Smithsonian Science
Last month, a team of ichthyologists sponsored by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History performed the first survey of the fish diversity in the Cuyuni River of Guyana. Upon their return, they needed to identify the more than 5,000 specimens they had collected in less than a week’s time in order to obtain an export permit. Faced with insufficient time and inadequate library resources to tackle the problem on their own, they instead posted a catalog of specimen images to Facebook and turned to their network of colleagues for help.
crowdsourcing  science  smithsonian  identification 
march 2011 by danamuses
Fake Smithsonian Ads: Historically Hardcore [PHOTOS] | Bostinnovation: Boston Innovation and Tech News Blog
Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler, an art student and copy-writer (respectively), put together 3 fake ads for the Smithsonian, posing current pop icons against historical figures.  So funny.  The Smithsonian actually request to have the photos removed.  Hey Smithsonian, here is a very creative and very free advertising campaign, get on board.
history  smithsonian  advertising  humor 
march 2011 by danamuses
Smithsonian and MIT Partner to Turn Kids into Scientific Investigators
 The Smithsonian Institution and MIT announced the April 4 launch of VANISHED, an 8-week online/offline environmental disaster mystery game for middle-school children, meant to inspire engagement and problem solving through science.
game  smithsonian  arg  science  mystery  musetech  mit 
february 2011 by danamuses
The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Home
The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation on the National Mall shares the Smithsonian's vision of celebrating and support inventiveness and entrepreneurship by all Americans, advancing America’s vital role in the 21st century as a source of solutions to global challenges. The Center is a space to preserve our heritage, discover new knowledge and share resources with the world.
smithsonian  building  arts&industries  innovation 
january 2011 by danamuses
SI Web and New Media Strategy - Mobile Research
Includes Smithsonian-focused research on mobile and audiences as well as links to other data sources.
mobile  research  evaluation  audience  smithsonian 
january 2011 by danamuses
SI Web and New Media Strategy - Mobile Strategic Planning
Begun in June 2010, the Smithsonian's Mobile Strategic Planning Process aims to create a framework to facilitate the development of new ways of stimulating learning, creation, and innovation by increasing access to Smithsonian research, collections and communities through mobile platforms. The Smithsonian's Mobile Strategy will also identify labor- and cost-saving tools for the teams building the Smithsonian's mobile services and offerings, both at the individual 'unit' level, and for central mobile services. The plan is being drafted in the Autumn of 2010 and is expected to be complete by year end; it will, however, evolve as a living document that will be developed iteratively in parallel with changes in mobile technologies, cultural practices, business models, and Institutional strategy over time.
musetech  mobile  planning  strategy  strategicplanning  smithsonian  audience-focus  evaluation  sustainability 
january 2011 by danamuses
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2010: Papers: Edson, M., Fast, Open, and Transparent: Developing the Smithsonian's Web and New Media Strategy
This paper describes the unusual process used to create the Smithsonian's Web and New Media Strategy. The strategy was created through a fast, transparent, public-facing process that included workshops, the Smithsonian 2.0 conference, Twitter, YouTube, and ongoing collaboration through a public wiki. Transparency, openness, and speed were used to overcome obstacles and gather the input of hundreds of people inside and outside the institution.
musetech  readings  strategy  smithsonian  newmedia  openness  collaboration  audience-focus 
january 2011 by danamuses
New Interactive Exhibit Opens in Smithsonian’s Castle, Bringing Light to Life | Newsdesk
Young visitors to the Smithsonian’s Castle will enjoy a different kind of light show using Microsoft Surface, a multitouch digital display that offers interaction with information and digital content with the simple flick of a finger. “The Wonder of Light: Touch and Learn!” exhibit opens Tuesday, Nov. 9, in the center of the Castle’s historic Great Hall. The Surface unit was donated to the Smithsonian by Microsoft.
multitouch  table  surface  musetech  casestudy  smithsonian 
november 2010 by danamuses
PhotoCity @ FolkLife
All you need is a digital camera and an internet connection and you can play against other teams to see who can recreate the museums of the Smithsonian first.
folklife  game  smithsonian  buildings 
june 2010 by danamuses
InterroBang is a socially-networked, problem-solving game that provides missions that are completed in the real world. The missions are inspired by the Four Grand Challenges of the Smithsonian:

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe
Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet
Valuing World Cultures
Understanding the American Experience
There are three levels of players:

K-8 classes
High schoolers
University level and older
Players only compete against others in their level.

The InterroBang competition begins after the last day of the April Smithsonian Four Grand Challenge online conference - April 29, 2010 - and continues until June 30th, 2010 - at which point, winners at the three levels will be determined and prizes awarded.

Judging is provided by the community itself, vetted players and mentors at higher levels of the game - and by our panel of experts - some of whom are Smithsonian experts - who will judge the final awards of InterroBang.
gaming  smithsonian  museums 
april 2010 by danamuses
How Smithsonian Selects, Rejects Donations : NPR
How Smithsonian Selects, Rejects Donations
Listen to the Story
All Things Considered[4 min 3 sec]
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text sizeAAAMarch 4, 2010
The Smithsonian Institution announced this week it won't accept a donation of the suit worn by O.J. Simpson on the day of his murder acquittal. Lonnie G. Bunch, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, discusses how proposed donated objects are sorted though for acceptance and rejection at the institution.
smithsonian  donation  collections  npr 
march 2010 by danamuses
hangingtogether.org » Blog Archive » An open Smithsonian, all around
As part of the process for arriving at the Smithsonian’s Web and New Media strategic plan, Michael Edson created a Wiki on which Smithsonian staff discuss their points of view in plain site of anybody who is interested in listening in. This experiment in radical transparency is in and of itself noteworthy, and so is the content which surfaces on the Wiki. Encouraged by @mpedson’s tweet, I particularly took note of two short talks arguing in favor of open access to museum content. The first paper (titled “Publish Everything!”) is by Betsy Broun (Director, Smithsonian American Art Museum); the second paper (titled “Make Content Freely Available”) is by Lauryn Guttenplan (Associate General Counsel at the Smithsonian). Both papers were presented as part of the Smithsonian 2.0 Forum on April 21, 2009.
web2.0  smithsonian  transparency  opencontent  copyright  commons 
september 2009 by danamuses
Terry, Marion and Julia: Julia Child’s kitchen and other culinary treasures in Washington, DC — Blue Kitchen
Seeing the kitchen itself was both fascinating and a bit of a letdown. It was impressive in its size—14′ x 20′—and the wonderful array of equipment and “stuff.” There was plenty to gawk at and covet, although not in the name brand, celebrity status sort of way. Everything felt like honest, hardworking kitchen tools. But without Julia’s warm, larger than life presence, the kitchen felt somehow empty and like the museum exhibit it was. What saved the exhibit for me is a large flat screen monitor outside the kitchen that displays excerpts from her acclaimed PBS shows, along with short clips of various chefs and celebrities talking about Julia’s style and amazing influence. We stood transfixed, as charmed by her as we had ever been, and instantly reminded of the magic that regularly happened in the now silent kitchen.
nmah  juliachild  smithsonian  julie&julia 
august 2009 by danamuses
AHHP Home Page
he Architectural History and Historic Preservation Division (AHHP) was organized in 1986 to act as curator of the Smithsonian's diverse campus of buildings. In this role, AHHP strives to foster a superior understanding of the heritage of the Smithsonian buildings through preservation, research, and education. The many activities of this division can be separated into three primary areas of responsibility:
Architectural History--maintaining a collection of archival records related to the Institution's architectural history.
Historic Preservation--using the architectural history as a base, the division is responsible for preservation of the Smithsonian's historic structures, many of which are local and national landmarks.
Collections Management--supervising the maintenance of the Castle Collection of antique furnishings and art objects in use throughout many of the public spaces of the Smithsonian Institution Building, The Castle.
architecture  historicpreservation  smithsonian  nmah 
august 2009 by danamuses
Reliable Source - Is the Chef at Risk of Being Overdone?
How much Julia Child is too much? Suddenly, the late American chef is everywhere -- thanks to "Julie & Julia," the upcoming Hollywood movie about her life in France and the blogger, Julie Powell, who attempted every recipe in Child's best-selling cookbook. Michelle Obama previewed the film at the White House with Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Nora Ephron; Food Network plugged it; friends and colleagues weighed in on the cinematic portrayal in The Post's Food section.

And now, the Smithsonian is getting in on the promotional blitz.
juliachild  julie&julia  smithsonian 
july 2009 by danamuses
Smithsonian Science | A Web site featuring highlights of scientific research at the Smithsonian Institution.
new Web site from the Smithsonian Office of Public Affairs featuring highlights of our scientific research around the Smithsonian Institution.
Science plays a critical role in the daily life of the Institution. More than simply display science in a glass case, the Smithsonian does science. Our scientists probe millions of years deep into the past and imagine the future at the edge of the universe.
Every day, Smithsonian science examines many of the world’s most complex and time-sensitive problems. Our scientists apply what they learn to improve the quality—and quantity—of life on Earth. They protect imperiled natural resources, assess the consequences of climate change and help keep aircraft safe from bird strikes.
More than 500 Smithsonian scientists, augmented by an equal number of fellows and hundreds of international collaborators, conduct research on all seven continents and serve as experts in a wide scope of disciplines.
science  research  smithsonian  museums  news 
july 2009 by danamuses
indicommons» Blog Archive » The Smithsonian is …
If you haven’t ventured deeper into the Smithsonian Institution after the first year of the Smithsonian’s wonderful collections in Flickr’s Commons, here’s a primer to help you find your personal starting point:
smithsonian2.0  smithsonian  twitter  flickr 
june 2009 by danamuses
Museum Exhibit: Photos of President Obama's Inauguration at American History - washingtonpost.com
But no. Obama is so popular, so interesting and so photogenic that the Smithsonian can't resist, even if it means violating the best standards of museology. The argument for indulging Obamania, among professionals who should know better, is that Obama's election is particularly historic, because he is the first African American president.

But that's a dodge. The Smithsonian hasn't mounted an exhibit like this, for a sitting president, in recent memory, if ever. And it's not doing it because it's historic -- George W. Bush's first election, which hung in the balance for weeks, was also historic -- the Smithsonanian is doing it because Obama has the peculiar, hard-to-define but easy-to-spot power of the superstar.
nmah  smithsonian 
may 2009 by danamuses
Smithsonian Education - Where's Smithy? Scavenger Hunt and Photo Challenge
Well, the Smithsonian is offering it’s new take on scavenger hunting with Where’s Smithy—a new internet-based game from Smithsonian Education where you try to figure out where Smithy, Smithsonian’s celebrity border collie is hiding in the museums. If you can get your photo taken in the same spots as Smithy, you can upload your snapshots to the website and enter to win a prize. Check out the official website for more details.
smi  smithsonian  museum  photography  game  flickr 
april 2009 by danamuses
Port Angeles woman sings for country, stepson
"Someone had told me about this (contest) some time ago," Pierce said.

Because her stepson had just died, "I just didn't have the gumption for it. But one day it just hit me. I said, 'You know, this is something you've got to do.'"

Pierce said she sang "in memory of my son who served and all the people who served."
ssb_contest  smithsonian  nmah  anthem  singing 
april 2009 by danamuses
"Smithsonian Secretary: We Don’t Want to Be Someone’s Attic" The Washington Diplomat
- Some tidbits from the article: "We must be innovative, disciplined, focused, and more self-reliant than in the past. We should not be satisfied with simply being large. If we cannot do something within the framework of excellence, we must ask if it is worth doing...I want people to approach this as an institution for the ages. Our job is to pass it on to the next generation in good shape. The Smithsonian should be here a thousand years from now. This is a national treasure."
smithsonian  web2.0  museums  strategy  future  clough 
march 2009 by danamuses
Museum of American History Defines Itself Too Broadly - WSJ.com
As with this museum before the two-year overhaul, the more it shows, the less it adds up to and the more muddled is the overall story it tells.
nmah  smithsonian  critique  review  renovation 
february 2009 by danamuses
Written in Bone - The Secret in the Cellar: A Written in Bone Forensic Mystery from Colonial America
The Secret in the Cellar, is a Webcomic based on an authentic forensic case of a recently discovered 17th Century body. Using graphics, photos, and online activities, the Webcomic unravels a mystery of historical, and scientific importance. Online sleuths can analyze artifacts and examine the skeleton for the tell-tale forensic clues that bring the deceased to life and establish the cause of death.
anthropology  comic  smithsonian  nmnh 
february 2009 by danamuses
Eye Level: Wikipedia Loves Art!
Calling all DC photographers! Ever daydream what it would be like to be a museum photographer? (Sure you have.) Well, here's your chance to help American Art illustrate Wikipedia articles with images from our collection (and you might win prizes in the process).
photography  web2.0  wikipedia  art  museums  smithsonian 
february 2009 by danamuses
Smithsonian Online Conferences
Have you ever wanted to meet one of the Smithsonian’s curators? Or wished you could ask a question of one of our researchers? The Smithsonian series of Online Education Conferences will let you do just that. In each online conference, you’ll be able to interact with Smithsonian experts in subject areas that interest you. Each conference will have a single theme or topic explored through the lens of several different disciplines by Smithsonian curators. And to help you connect the theme or topic to your own teaching, Smithsonian educators and researchers will demonstrate how you can use the ideas and resources presented during the conference in your own classroom and curriculum.
smithsonian  resources  conference  online 
january 2009 by danamuses
National Air and Space Museum- Phase 2 Fundraising
The new wing of the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center – “Phase Two” – will be dedicated to the behind-the-scenes care of the Smithsonian’s amazing collection of aircraft, spacecraft, related artifacts, and archival materials. This collection is the largest and most significant of its kind, with some 60,000 artifacts, including many of history’s most rare and iconic artifacts of flight.
smithsonian  video  fundraising 
december 2008 by danamuses
John Kelly - Things Swing In and Out of Favor, Answer Man Finds - washingtonpost.com
We visited the newly reopened National Museum of American History, and the pendulum was gone! My children loved to sit and watch it knock over the pegs. They are now grown, but I was disappointed that it was no longer there. We asked several people, but no one knew its fate. When will it return?
nmah  smithsonian 
december 2008 by danamuses
Ceramics in Mainland Southeast Asia
The Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery recently launched the first online catalogue of the museum's collection featuring Mainland Southeast Asian ceramics Dec. 13, http://SEAsianCeramics.asia.si.edu. Spanning 4,000 years, the museum's collection highlights historical ceramics made in or traded to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma. The catalogue includes multiple color images and detailed texts, a library of commissioned essays and translations, a bibliography of more than 1,300 citations and an introduction to ceramic sherds housed in the Freer Gallery Study Collection. An interactive component invites commentary from archaeologists, curators and collectors worldwide. The online catalogue will expand to include all 900 ceramics in the Freer and Sackler collections as well as new discoveries, essays and commentaries.
smithsonian  ideas  web 
december 2008 by danamuses
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