Full Android Watches - Android Smart Watches
Full Android Smartwatch Information and support
android  smartwatch 
january 2020
August Smart Lock Teardown - RUKI Journal - Medium
To build any electronic device, you have to understand intimately how it’s made. That’s why we’re starting a series of posts that take a look into how popular consumer electronics are put together…
home  automation  smartlock 
december 2019
How to stop automatic updates on Windows 10 | Windows Central
In this guide, we'll show you multiple ways to stop automatic updates on Windows 10 and put you in charge when to download and install them.
windows  updates 
november 2019
GitHub - pmb6tz/windows-desktop-switcher: An AutoHotKey script for Windows that lets a user change virtual desktops by pressing CapsLock + <num>.
An AutoHotKey script for Windows that lets a user change virtual desktops by pressing CapsLock + <num>. - pmb6tz/windows-desktop-switcher
autohotkey  desktop 
november 2019
Home Automation Features and Benefits | Hubitat Elevation Local Home Automation – HUBITAT
Hubitat ElevationTM is a powerful home automation platform. Learn more about Built-in Applications, Supported Devices, Advanced Features, and How we Compare. Hubitat is a local solution, not cloud-dependent, so it's fast, reliable and private.
home  automation 
november 2019
Iro says…
The business contacts app to sync and share contact list with coworkers. Have a clean and updated address book with the help of PobucaBot, the contact organizer.
contact  sync 
october 2019
Sync contacts between your favorite cloud applications - PieSync
Connect your cloud apps with our intelligent two-way contact sync and share data between your favorite marketing, CRM, invoicing and e-commerce apps.
sync  cloud  contact 
october 2019
WMresources/Tips1.md at master · clsn/WMresources · GitHub
Resources for users of the WatchMaker program for Android - clsn/WMresources
watchmaker  watch  functions 
october 2019
tether_dun_required no longer works on Pixel 3 (XL) : GooglePixel
r/GooglePixel: The home of #teampixel and the #MadeByGoogle lineup on Reddit. Get support, learn new information, and hang out in the subreddit …
tethering  wifi 
september 2019
Network/Connectivity - [SOLVED]No Internet access over Tethering (wifi) - OnePlus Community
I open this thread because I found no solution in any other.

From my OnePlus 3T (Oxygen 4.1.3 - Android 7.1.1) I connect to mobile network (4G), create...
tethering  wifi 
september 2019
SORBS Blacklist Details (dnsbl.sorbs.net)
The Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS), has been providing DNS based spam blocking services since 1992. SORBS maintains 17 distinct DNSBL zones.
mirageid  ideas  blocking  ip 
july 2019
PoiScript/krunner-lastpass: Integrates KRunner with LastPass.
Integrates KRunner with LastPass. Contribute to PoiScript/krunner-lastpass development by creating an account on GitHub.
lastpass  desktop  kde 
july 2019
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