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Sabres coach Bylsma has good read on rookie Eichel
"[Eichel] can be engaged in the game vocally and that's really to me a big indicator of where he is on the ice," Bylsma said. "Doing it night in and night out is a challenge. Traveling and getting in at 5 in the morning is a challenge. It's a challenge for everybody, but a challenge for young guys that may not be accustomed to play this many games in this rapid succession. [Talking on the bench] translates into him skating. It translates into him using his feet."
_journalism  *hockey  jackeichel 
january 2016 by daisysusan
enough to break the ice
and jack gives his tinder hookup connor mcdavid a blowjob in the stairwell, the end.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:smut  rating:adult  length:<5k  !casualsex 
november 2015 by daisysusan
times forever frozen
They agreed, back before they'd left school, that it was better to break up. It's just hard to remember that sometimes.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  connormcdavid  jackeichel  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  genre:pining  length:5-10k  rating:adult  !breakupmakeup 
november 2015 by daisysusan
and you take what you need
McDavid sits back up. "Is this what your head is like all the time?" he demands.

Jack shrugs. "Sometimes I think about hockey," he says.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  rating:adult  length:5-10k  !soulbonding 
november 2015 by daisysusan
Momentum? I hardly know him
"Do you want a blowjob, or do you want to talk about telling Bob McKenzie we've been fucking at every IIHF tournament we've both been to since 2013?"
_fic  *rpf  *hockey  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:smut  rating:adult  length:<5k  !secretrelationship  genre:friendswithbenefits 
november 2015 by daisysusan
to make a destination
Magic isn’t real. Having psychic visions of a future full of Connor McDavid is the kind of thing Jack can only describe as bad luck.
_fic  *hockey  *revenge  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  rating:adult  length:20-50k  !psychicpowers  !magic 
november 2015 by daisysusan
working undercover for the man
They’re in Rome, and Dylan has slept with like four people so far.

“It’s part of the job,” he says, leaning back on the couch in their ridiculously ornate hotel room, pulling olives off of a toothpick with his teeth.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  jackeichel  eichel/mcdavid/strome  genre:smut  genre:drama  rating:adult  length:<5k  !spyfic 
september 2015 by daisysusan
Gonna Call Us Renegades
Out of every one hundred thousand births, less than one hundred are the result of male pregnancy, the box says.

Connor’s either very lucky or very unlucky, it seems.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  genre:pining  rating:adult  length:20-50k  !mpreg  !kidfic 
august 2015 by daisysusan
i feel your heart beat (just like mine)
Connor mutters "I thought you didn't like me," out of the corner of his mouth.

"I don't," Jack says.

Connor's staring at him. "But you knew," he says. His words might be generic-- gave him a time and place, maybe, but not person. But Jack's weren't. Aren't.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  jackeichel  connormcdavid  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  genre:angst  rating:adult  length:20-50k  !soulmatemarks 
august 2015 by daisysusan
animal house
"Fuck PiKA," John says solemnly.

Or: twenty short scenes from a frat AU.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  jackeichel  connormcdavid  johnhayden  thatcherdemko  chasedeleo  eichel/mcdavid  genre:romance  rating:pg-13  length:<5k  !drunksex 
august 2015 by daisysusan
Jack Eichel learning life in the spotlight
On the shoulders of a college kid rests the hopes of an entire franchise, perhaps a city. And if the past few weeks have shown us anything, it's that he's just about ready for it.
_journalism  *hockey  jackeichel 
july 2015 by daisysusan
hearts hid up our sleeves
Connor McDavid is nothing like Jack thought he would be, and for that Jack might hate him just a bit.
_fic  *hockey  *rpf  connormcdavid  jackeichel  eichel/mcdavid  rating:adult  length:<5k  genre:romance  !ambiguousending 
march 2015 by daisysusan

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