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How to test paper prototypes with users - Optimal Workshop
Great idea for testing expectations of users upon them seeing your app or website.

keywords: testing, paper, prototyping, prototypes, prototype, design
webdesign  website-improvement  user-interface 
august 2016 by daguti
The psychology behind successful Web design
me-stuff = neurodesign (in my terminology, the language of the brain)
webdesign  psychology  user-interface  me-stuff 
september 2015 by daguti
The gym on the Titanic was full of Edwardian ladies and electric horses
Look at that gorgeous, clean design. Not like today where everything is crammed in trying to use every last inch. Also, the walls are simultaneously clean, but ornate the large panels.
history  fitness  fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material  exercise-movnat  retro-nostalgia  photos  webdesign 
march 2015 by daguti
LayoutIt! - Interface Builder for Bootstrap
This came across the NY Tech list and everyone said it's the best they've seen.
webdesign  programming-abstraction 
march 2014 by daguti
Making Forms Fabulous with HTML5 - HTML5 Rocks
"Filling out forms on the web has never been exactly fun, and it can be downright painful on a mobile device with its on-screen keyboard. But modern browsers help to make this much easier by providing new semantic input types and validation. "
user-interface  mobile  projects-w-alex-forms  webdesign 
february 2014 by daguti
BitWarrior comments on A list of front end development resources
How "web designer" became "front end developer" and how in the old days, one person could build an entire (albeit simple) site and now there's a division of labor among many people (front end developers, ux/ui, server people, etc)
history-computer  webdesign  programming 
june 2013 by daguti
Why relative URLs should be forbidden for web developers • Yoast
"Whenever WordPress outputs a URL, it’s always a full, absolute URL. For the domain name part of that it uses the domain you set in the General settings. This is the type of solution everyone should use: the domain name should be in a configuration file, this would allow you to still easily migrate between development environment and live environment by just using different configuration files."
warnings  anti-something  webdesign  website-improvement 
august 2012 by daguti
Typekit - The easiest way to use Real Fonts on your website
Ask Aditi or someone about this. Not sure what the big deal is about this.
fonts  webdesign  tools  website-improvement 
august 2011 by daguti
Brains Agree: The Case for Website Usability Guidelines - by Todd Follansbee
You can reduce "noise" on your site by ensuring that your site meets usability guidelines. Guidelines are based upon expert understanding of how the brain processes information.
webdesign  brain  user-interface  user-experience  howto  me-stuff 
april 2011 by daguti
Phrozn - Static Site Generator for PHP
You write text files in your favorite format (Textile, Markdown, Twig, Haml etc), in your favorite environment (Vim, Vim, or Vim etc), spice them with styles (again, in format of your choice - CSS, LESS, or SASS), feed all this to Phrozn, and it will create static HTML site ready to be published.
webdesign  tools 
april 2011 by daguti
Showcase Of Beautiful Black And White Websites
computech-project = Might be awesome to make the website completely black and white, the theme being "no frills, just great service" or something like that -- also, when we do use color (to attract attention to a particular product or something) it will really, really stand out. Might have to rethink (or tweak) this idea in light of the fact that we plan to use video / pictures on the site.
webdesign  design  inspiration  projects-computech  minimalism 
january 2011 by daguti
The Case Against Vertical Navigation - Smashing Magazine
frameworks-for-website = It was created using the exact method I described above, without any thought given to the purpose of the site, potential goals, or other architecture-related factors.
webdesign  user-interface  frameworks-for-website 
january 2010 by daguti
Marketcircle | iPhoney
Looking for a way to see how your web creations will look on iPhone? Look no further. iPhoney gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment—powered by Safari—that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It's the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development. And it's free.
website-improvement  webdesign  tools 
january 2010 by daguti
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