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Badass Marketers & Founders (BAMF)
""After a data crunch covering 3,200 startups, researchers [concluded]: More than any other factor, promising young funded companies failed because of 'premature scaling'. Essentially, they tried to grow too fast."

The study was conducted over seven years.

The results don't surprise me.

Ego is the enemy."

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15 days ago by daguti
Android malware steals money from PayPal accounts while users watch helpless | ZDNet
This is why I say to NEVER install random apps. This one was not on t he Play Store, but still... I've heard of rogue apps (not this bad, but still) on there.
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5 weeks ago by daguti
Are Those Health Care Alliance Cards You Got in the Mail a Scam? - Pacific Standard
I have two of these cards in my wallet.

Another way to save is to look up "in-store generics" at various places:
-Sam's Club
-Ask at other stores (Walgreens does not seem to have this)

See this list from Target:

https://www.thehealthcarealliance.com/ -- Their website says they have an app that will search all the local pharmacies and tell you which one has your medication at the cheapest price.

More reviews:

-- This one is particularly in-depth and based on fact and anecdotal experience rather than opinion.


I've also heard that if you cannot afford your medication, you can appeal directly to the manufacturer. Some of these have forms directly on their website, so you will need to search and ask around. I think it's called something like "Prescription drug assistance" or something.


Also ask about discounts through memberships: AAA, AARP, Medco, NeedyMeds, and RxAssist

- AAA and AARP you already know about - you need to be a paying member.
- Medco costs $25/invidivual or $40/family.
- The other two are free.
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5 weeks ago by daguti
How to Free Your Wardrobe From Moths - The New York Times
I made the mistake of letting my dry cleaning pile up for months (years?!) when I wasn't working and at one point, I took a pair of suit pants out of the closet and noticed that they had all these tiny little black dots on them. Upon closer inspection, it turned out they weren't dots -- they were holes!

I thought it was an anomaly and didn't even think about it. Come to find a few weeks later that I had a wool scarf with the same problem! That's when I got serious and washed and dried everything. For wool items that I couldn't put in the dryer, I put them in a bag and then in the freezer for at least a week.

For items that couldn't be conventionally washed, I took them to dry cleaning.

Then I vacuumed everything (ceilings, walls, floors, carpets, bags, etc) and sprayed the whole room with cedar power spray and closed the room for 2 weeks.

I think the pheromone traps they mention (https://www.amazon.com/Pro-Pest-Pro-pest-Clothes-Traps/dp/B002RT10VU/) is the best advice, because A) it traps male moths so they can't mate and B) it serves as a "canary in the coal mine". If you find moths in there, you will likely be able to take control of the situation before it gets bad.
pests  home-stuff  warnings 
12 weeks ago by daguti
What Kanye West can teach us about passcodes – Naked Security
social-media, warnings = Watch out you aren't showing your password when shooting video for social media. Reminds me of when the British Army cyber security HQ was on the news, their passwords were seen on video, pinned to a corkboard. Uhoh... !
celebrities  security-computer  passwords  social-media  warnings 
october 2018 by daguti
[PDS WARNING/PSA] NCIX appears to have included customer and unencrypted payment data from their entire business history in their liquidation and is in the hands of multiple unauthorized 3rd parties - call your banks if you didn't for yesterday's Newegg w
*THIS* is why you don't use your real credit card number on any sites besides Amazon.

I never heard of NCIX, but they were evidently a huge computer parts retailer, on the level of a NewEgg or TigerDirect.

In addition to the usual threat of insider attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, etc, etc, etc now we have to worry about what if the company goes out of business and sells all its servers -- with your data still on them -- to any bidder! Unbelievable.
security-computer  credit-cards  warnings 
september 2018 by daguti
ErroneousFunk comments on What's a product or service you should NEVER cheap out on?
"I had never hired a contractor before I bought my house, but before we moved in we wanted to remove some vermiculite insulation that contained asbestos from the attic. I interviewed three different contractors. I had considered just doing the job myself -- it was a week's worth of classes to get the license, and maybe $1200 worth of training and equipment, but in the end I chickened out and decided to hire someone. Because of my research though, I knew the state guidelines backwards and forwards, which came in handy for hiring.

The first guy I talked to said that his crew used paint fume (not particulate) respirators because "fume particles are smaller than asbestos." (Not how that works) After more questioning about it, "Particulate respirators are stuffy and the forced air ones are expensive" ("expensive" meaning $400... You know, when you're doing jobs that are $5,000+) Well, good luck with the cancer down the road. Next.

I asked the second guy what he did to clean and contain trace amounts of particulate asbestos after hauling out the vermiculite. "We spray paint the cracks with orange paint so you know not to go there. Get in and get out fast to limit your exposure." I asked what level of negative pressure they'd maintain in the attic while working "We close the windows so nothing gets out, but you don't need any fans or anything like that" Next.

The last guy answered every question correctly, went above and beyond state safety requirements, his crew had great equipment and he knew the specs, he looked at the space carefully and laid out a detailed plan for containing and removing potential contamination. He was about 10% more expensive than the next highest estimate, but damn he did a fantastic job. Incredibly professional, friendly, everything checked out and the job was exactly like they said it would be. No detectable asbestos anywhere in the house.

Anyway, my number one rule for contractors: Ask questions! Don't be an asshole, but know what you're talking about. If you don't, find a friend in the industry who does and ask them for their advice or to be there when you meet with the contractor. I was shocked how many boneheaded things licensed contractors thought and did, and how upfront they were about being total morons. It's saved me a few times since then as well. My husband always wants to hire the cheapest person or the first person he talks to (which led to two disasters...). I don't let him do hiring anymore."
home-improvement  Reference  warnings 
september 2018 by daguti
(1) Internet Marketing Super Friends
Any domain brokers on here? I received an email from a domain broker in Japan who has a client who wants one of my domains. It's value is around $1000. He is offering 80 eth which appears to be worth roughly $30,000 us. Is there anyone on here who would be willing to read my email and tell me if this is legit? I hate scams and I'm inclined to ignore the email...but you never know.

ANSWER from Gene Pimentel:
Susan, this is a classic "appraisal" scam. What will happen is once they have you excited enough to reply, they will insist on getting the domain appraised to be sure it's worth their investment. The truth is, they have NO interest in your domain. They are tied in with the fake appraisal company who will charge you whatever fee for the appraisal. Once you do that, they all profit and you'll never hear from them again.
domain-names  warnings 
june 2018 by daguti
Why You Should Almost Never Use Affiliate 'Swipe File' Email Copy - Josh Earl
"And when you copy-and-paste and hit send, what you're really doing is flushing the trust and goodwill you've built with your subscribers straight down the commode.

You're telling your subscribers, “You are just a set of eyeballs to me, and I value your trust and attention less than the $231 I'm going to make by sending this email.”

The mistake here is thinking that your list itself is valuable—it is not.

The real value lies in the dozens, hundreds and thousands of personal relationships you've built with your subscribers."
marketing-affiliate  warnings 
may 2018 by daguti
Andrew Sullivan: A Democracy Disappears
Too much to read right now, but this is how democracy dies.
countries-hungary  democracy  warnings 
april 2018 by daguti
The Problem with LeadPages and ClickFunnels that will Screw your Long Term Marketing Results - WP Marketing Engine
They don't mention Infusionsoft (only LeadPages and Clickfunnels), but from how much Russell Brunson bashes Infusionsoft, I'm guessing they have the same features that will be affected by the points this lady brings up.

Important note FTA:
"There’s more, but I think you are getting the point. The lesson here is to OWN your domain, and to have any pages you are posting about on social media including a domain that is YOUR domain — not ClickFunnels or LeadPages. It’s possible to have your own domain with BOTH of these tools (ClickFunnels supports custom domain mapping, while LeadPages supports it ONLY if you use their WordPress plugin to serve the pages) — so do the work and get that in place."
companies-clickfunnels  companies-infusionsoft  anti-something  warnings  analysis  long-term-thinking 
april 2018 by daguti
ClickFunnels (Official)
Must be because of the Cambridge Analytica data leaks.
marketing-tactics--ppc-facebook  warnings  new-features  news  2018 
april 2018 by daguti
How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up
This would be a good post to link to when I write my blog post warning entrepreneurs about jumping in. See "Blog Post / Writing & Programming Ideas" in Google Docs, look for the blog post called "Before You Startup"
Entrepreneurship  getting-started  warnings 
april 2018 by daguti
Eating out could be exposing diners to a higher levels of phthalates
Something we've always known, but is now getting confirmed: It's from the packaging.

"New US research has found those who regularly eat out at restaurants, cafeterias or fast-food outlets could be exposed to a higher level of phthalates -- a group of hormone-disrupting chemicals commonly used in food packaging which can potentially harm health.

Carried out by researchers at Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University and the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, the study is the first to compare the level of phthalate exposures in those who eat out to those who eat more home-cooked meals.

For the research the team asked 10,253 participants to recall what they had eaten in the previous 24 hours and whether they had dined out or at home, and took urine samples to measure the levels of phthalate break-down products.

They found that those who reported eating out more in restaurants, fast food outlets and cafeterias had phthalate levels that were nearly 35 percent higher than those who reported eating food at home that was mostly purchased at the grocery store.

Although the association between dining out and phthalate exposure was significant for all age groups, it was even higher among adolescents, with teenagers who had dined out showing up to a 55 percent higher level of phthalates compared to those who only ate at home.

The team also found that certain foods, in particular cheeseburgers and sandwiches, were also linked to a 30 percent higher phthalate levels in all age groups, but only if they were purchased in a fast-food outlet, restaurant, or cafeteria.

Many everyday products used in the food industry contain phthalates, including takeaway containers, gloves used in handling food, and food-processing equipment. Previous research has suggested that phthalates can leach from plastic containers or wrapping into food.

With two-thirds of the US population eating food purchased outside the home on a daily basis, the researchers described the findings as "worrisome."

"This study suggests food prepared at home is less likely to contain high levels of phthalates, chemicals linked to fertility problems, pregnancy complications and other health issues," says senior author Ami Zota. "Our findings suggest that dining out may be an important, and previously under-recognized source of exposure to phthalates for the US population."

"Pregnant women, children and teens are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals, so it's important to find ways to limit their exposures," added lead author Julia Varshavsky.

The team now advise cooking more meals at home to reduce exposure to the chemicals. "Preparing food at home may represent a win-win for consumers," adds Zota. "Home-cooked meals can be a good way to reduce sugar, unhealthy fats and salt. And this study suggests it may not have as many harmful phthalates as a restaurant meal.""
food  food-fast  food-processed  warnings  meetup-movnat 
march 2018 by daguti
"Sell me on why I should pay $200/m for Actionetics instead of $20/m for Mail Chimp?" - ClickFunnels (Official)
Intelligent comment and good warning in the first paragraph:

"So many things. But let’s just start with affiliate offers. Mail chimp and other esp are notorious for shutting down accounts for any type of affiliate marketing. This even includes their own. You literally can’t promote MailChimp services through their emails as an affiliate for MailChimp. So unless all you are using it for us to send newsletters, you run the risk of Getting your account shut down. And when it’s shut down, you lose all your contacts and email lists.

With actionetics you don’t run that risk. Actionetics now has better deliverability and reliability as well.

With actionetics you can create entire action funnels. So someone opts in and they get a welcome email, then a text, then a postcard can be mailed out to them thanking them for joining. Then on through your whole email auto responded campaigns.

Now with the new releases in actionetics who can literally follow and create very detailed follow up campaigns. So say someone opts in and opens emails 1,2,&3 and not 4. Well you can then set a trigger that 2 days after they will get a fb messenger message to remind them about email 4 and then on day 3 of not opening they would get a desktop notification to open 4.

Honestly though if you’re asking to be sold on it, you’re not the right customer for it. Stick with MailChimp and whatever else you’re using."
marketing-tactics--via-email  tips-n-tricks  warnings  difference-between-or-comparisons  alternatives  companies-mailchimp 
march 2018 by daguti
12 Health Myths We Need to Stop Believing
Every one of these has a nugget of truth, but is so far off the mark as to be dangerous. Slide by slide critiques:

1) Not sure about this one, but Vitamin C megadoses aren't for curing colds, they're for something else that I think I read in either Deep Nutrition or heard on Dr. Gary Null (which could be quakery, considering he's a hardcore vegan)

2) They told the truth, but not the whole truth. They fail to mention that vegetables oils are toxic.

3) "Wiht few exceptions, dietary supplements are generally unnecessary." - true, but it's better to take them than not if you are eating a shit diet. Also, Vitamin D megadoses are absolutely necessary.

4) fine

5) fine

6) "you can't detox" and "you don't need an expensive green juice to do it" - actually you do. You should be blending your vegetables and eating them raw as much as possible. Fiber helps neutralize free radicals from vegetable oil and other sources.

7) "exercise is great for your body and your health, but evidence is mounting that it has little to nothing to do with your ability to lose significant weight and keep it off." - yes, but if you are only worried about weight, you are looking at the wrong thing. Exercise, even if you stay fat, is something you MUST do on a daily basis.

8 - 11) fine

12) there's actually a study out of Norway (I think) that disputes this. It's not a firm yes, but I would still recommend using phones on speaker and not sleeping with them by your head

13) fine
fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material  meetup-movnat  warnings  fitness  health 
march 2018 by daguti
I thought I was paranoid, but I got phished. Read my shameful account of said phishing so they don't get you too. : personalfinance
The basics always apply:
If someone calls you, it's on THEM to prove who they are - not the other way around. (i.e. don't give out personal information, including codes texted to your phone)

If someone is trying to rush you, they're a fraud.

Also, no one from a legitimate organization will call you to settle a debt or get immediate payment. Again, they're trying to rush you, it's fraud. (i.e. "your electric will be shut off in 30 minutes if we don't get payment" or "deputies will come to your house in 30 minutes if you don't settle this tax bill")

Also see gmail:
subject:"fraud alert" before:2018-03-02 after:2018-02-28
crime-fraud  crime-scams-or-ripoffs  warnings  money 
march 2018 by daguti
How too much fructose may cause liver damage - Diet and health
"FRUCTOSE is the sweetest of the natural sugars. As its name suggests, it is found mainly in fruits. Its job seems to be to appeal to the sweet tooths of the vertebrates these fruit have evolved to be eaten by, the better to scatter their seeds far and wide. Fructose is also, however, often added by manufacturers of food and drink, to sweeten their products and make them appeal to one species of vertebrate in particular, namely Homo sapiens. And that may be a problem, because too much fructose in the diet seems to be associated with liver disease and type 2 diabetes."

Note to self. Also see this article (https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/sugar-explained), which explains:
- two main monosaccharides: (fruit sugar) & glucose (what food gets turned into?)
- two main disaccharides: sucrose (white sugar) and lactose
health  food-sugar  warnings  meetup-movnat 
february 2018 by daguti
Warren Buffett's Playbook for a Stock Market Correction
"To sum it up, here's a rundown of some of Warren Buffett's best wisdom to remember during market corrections and crashes:

1) Corrections are normal and unpredictable. Nobody -- not analysts, the media, or even Buffett himself -- can tell you with accuracy when one will occur.
2) Don't get upset or afraid when the market drops. Instead, recognize what is really happening from a long-term perspective -- the stock market is going "on sale."
3) Whatever you do, don't panic and sell your stocks. When you see others panicking and headlines that say the market is in a tailspin, that's the time to look for bargains.
4) Always try to keep some cash on hand, so you're able to take advantage of the bargains offered by market corrections."
people-warren-buffett  stocks  tips-n-tricks  warnings 
february 2018 by daguti
I Volunteered for the Hospital Board and was Sued for Millions. - Physician on FIRE
"If you do serve on a Board, be sure you are provided with adequate Directors & Officers insurance; this should come from the organization.

I know very little about D&O policies, but I now know that insurance that doesn’t cover you in the event of the non-profit filing for bankruptcy is woefully inadequate. Bankruptcy is exactly the sort of event that could be most likely to result in a lawsuit against the Board.

Carry umbrella insurance. I don’t believe it would have helped protect me in this particular case, but the target on a wealthy individual’s back is ever-present, and umbrella insurance can protect from lawsuits related to your home or auto. When I had this lawsuit cloud over my head, my home and auto carrier wouldn’t consider covering me. After my dismissal, I was able to secure $3 Million in coverage at a cost of under $200 a year. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind."
warnings  Entrepreneurship  wealth  money-insurance 
february 2018 by daguti
Ten phrases smart people never say | Ladders | Business News & Career Advice
- “This is the way it’s always been done”
- “It’s not my fault”
- “I can’t”
- “It’s not fair”
- “That’s not in my job description”
- “This may be a silly idea/I’m going to ask a stupid question”
- “I’ll try”
- “This will only take a minute”
- “I hate this job”
- “He’s lazy/incompetent/a jerk”
career  tips-n-tricks  warnings 
february 2018 by daguti
[Field Report] TRP principles work and it is FUN! : TheRedPill
"She did all the classic stuff: isolated me from friends and family, made me think everything was my fault, etc. ... Things only came to a head once the kids got old enough to have their own opinions so she started assaulting them! Then she started having affairs and projecting onto me saying I was assaulting the kids and her."
relationships  relationships-theredpill  warnings 
january 2018 by daguti
How much should I charge a real estate agent in commissions? I want to propose a real estate agent that I help him get leads in exchange for percentage of the commission he gets. is 20% a good number to shoot for? So, if he gets $5000 for a house he sold,
See all the comments. In real estate, it's illegal to get paid on only the leads that close. You can sell individual leads or charge a subscription, but unless you have a real estate license, you cannot receive a commission on just the leads that close.
real-estate  marketing  warnings 
january 2018 by daguti
We’re the researchers who conducted a study analyzing 839 Airbnb guest horror stories to see what’s most likely to go wrong with your next stay. In the process, we also uncovered multiple dangerous loopholes & scams that are going unchecked. Ask us an
We've gotten lucky with AirBNB's, but there are some that seem to be outright scams. Take the case of the place in Barcelona where their room got burglarized on the last day, last few hours of their trip. No one is going to cancel their trip home just to file a police report. Hence, the crooked landlords do this to every tenant. In some cases, it's worth paying the extra cost of a real hotel to ensure your safety.
airbnb  warnings  travel 
december 2017 by daguti
Informed Delivery
privacy, projects-stalking = https://krebsonsecurity.com/2017/10/usps-informed-delivery-is-stalkers-dream/

"The Postal Service said it is not possible for an address occupant to receive emailed, scanned images of incoming mail at more than one email address. In other words, if you wish to prevent others from signing up in your name or in the name of any other adults at the address, the surest way to do that may be to register your own account and then urge all other adult residents at the address to create their own accounts."

also see:
mail-post-office  privacy  security-personal  warnings  crime-identity-theft 
october 2017 by daguti
Imgur sucks sometimes - Album on Imgur
"This should be the image stuck in your head anytime you think about whipping over in front of an 18 wheeler and slamming on your brakes."
cars-driving  warnings 
october 2017 by daguti
FDA Bans Triclosan And 18 Other Chemicals From Soaps : Shots - Health News : NPR
Triclosan, cara and some of these other ones are used in some toothpastes. The one I know if is the Colgate Total line of toothpastes.
hygiene  warnings 
september 2016 by daguti
Autism severity linked to genetics, ultrasound, study finds
"Ultrasound does not cause autism, but it worsens the severity, especially when done too often in the first trimester. So, only do for medical necessity. Those 3D ultrasounds, the keepsakes ultrasound packages, and the lengthy ones done without medical supervision at pro life crisis pregnancy centers? They have to stop."

source link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/09/160901152140.htm
disease-autism  warnings  babies-pregnancy 
september 2016 by daguti
The Bizarre Reason to Cut Down Your Bradford Pear Tree
These pear trees are sterile amongst themselves, but cross-pollinate with other trees and produce a terrible variety of pear tree that has 4 inch thorns and chokes the life out of other trees.
warnings  gardening 
august 2016 by daguti
Westfield woman dies in hiking fall at same N.Y. spot where Westfield teen died | NJ.com
We tend to think that because trails are open to the public, they are safe, but as this story shows, two people have died in the same spot on the same trail. I don't know the specifics, but I am guessing it's a narrow trail overlooking a cliff and people are being polite, letting others pass and then end up falling off.
sports-hiking  safety  meetup-movnat  warnings 
august 2016 by daguti
Burt Reynolds Isn’t Broke, but He’s Got a Few Regrets | Vanity Fair
I had no idea he made such bad choices. I thought this kind of thing was the domain of former NBA and NFL stars.

keywords: burt reynolds
money  warnings  celebrities 
august 2016 by daguti
How The Traditional Nylon Toothbrush May Be Causing Your Gums To Disappear
2018-05-05: I was looking for something else and came across this. Wow! This is me exactly.

So I looked up contact information for the doctor who wrote the article and came across this: https://twitter.com/ThePeriClean

He invented a toothbrush called the PeriClean which has super soft bristles that hardly feel like they're doing anything.

Trying to buy, but my computer is being funky (uploading to YouTube and Dropbox right now), so I will try again later.

Also see his other articles on the site:
teeth  toothbrush  warnings  health  meetup-movnat  me-stuff 
july 2016 by daguti
Ransomware that demands money and gives you back… nothing! – Naked Security
tips-n-tricks = See the end:
To defend against ransomware in general, see our article How to stay protected against ransomware.
To protect against JavaScript attachments, tell Explorer to open .JS files with Notepad.
To protect against misleading filenames, tell Explorer to show file extensions.
To protect against VBA malware, tell Office not to allow macros in documents from the internet.
To learn more about ransomware, listen to our Techknow podcast.
virus-or-malware  warnings  techsupport  security-computer  tips-n-tricks 
july 2016 by daguti
Ransomware that’s 100% pure JavaScript, no download required – Naked Security
The easiest thing to do is to change file associations for JavaScript files (.js) to open in Notepad with a batch file as explained in here (http://superuser.com/questions/406985/programatically-associate-file-extensions-with-application-on-windows) like this:

1) Open a command prompt as admin
2) assoc .js=JSFile
3) ftype JSFile="C:\windows\notepad.exe" %1
virus-or-malware  warnings 
june 2016 by daguti
Could Vegetarianism Increase Your Risk Of Autoimmune Disease? - mindbodygreen.com
"Eventually, I transitioned to a Paleolithic-style diet, quitting all grains, legumes, and dairy products. My decline slowed but continued. I kept researching, and then I discovered functional medicine and deepened my understanding of brain biology."
health  disease-prevention  warnings  food-meat  diet-paleo  anti-something  diet-vegetarian-vegan 
may 2016 by daguti
Saving Money at Discount Stores Could Cost You Your Health | TakePart
80% of products at dollar stores like Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc contain toxic chemicals.
frugality  warnings  health 
march 2016 by daguti
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