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(9) Vox - To Paris from kids who lost parents in 9/11
Kids who lost parents on 9/11 send a message of love and healing to children of the 11/13/2015 Paris terrorist attacks.
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november 2015 by daguti
Popular 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked - Imgur
"People give our government too much credit. They can't even get websites to work. Christie blocked traffic and the truth came right out."
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january 2014 by daguti
Astronaut in space during attacks shares unique footage of 9/11 - Yahoo! News
"Whenever he sees a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Frank Culberston is reminded of where he was on Sept. 11, 2001. An encounter earlier this year is a good example. On a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to watch the re-enactment of British occupation, he met a young veteran who had lost both legs while serving as an explosive ordinance device technician in Afghanistan."
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september 2011 by daguti
On Oct. 29, 2004, just four days before the U.S. presidential election, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden released a videotape denouncing George W. Bush... But behind the walls of the CIA, analysts had concluded the opposite: that bin-Laden was trying to he
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july 2006 by daguti

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