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After Moore's Law: Predicting The Future Beyond Silicon Chips : All Tech Considered : NPR
"A lot of different ideas that we have thought up over the years have been put on a shelf because we could always rely on getting smaller and faster transistors. So now it's time to go back through the library of things that we've thought of."
paradigm-shifts-everything-old-is-new-again  computers  technology 
may 2016 by daguti
Physician to parents: You're doing it wrong | www.wsbtv.com
"According to Sax, parents should focus on helping children develop skills such as self-control, humility and conscientiousness, meaning they think of people other than themselves. Those things are the biggest predictors of future success in adulthood, he said, not education or affluence." ..................... children-teens = The tip about putting screens in public places and/or installing Watchdog whatever. I dunno. I think that only prolongs things. If the kid is going to look at porn, they will eventually do it. Also I never would have spent as much time on the computer if it were in a public room. I would have no career today. I'd literally have no skills.
childrearing  children-teens  technology  internet  personal-development-conscientiousness 
january 2016 by daguti
“Technology Hand” Is Destroying Your Upper Body Strength
"The way you position your hands when using a mouse, trackpad on a laptop, or holding your phone all mimic the same problem position. And it’s this position that is creating an epidemic of people who have lobster claws for hands."
meetup-movnat  technology  philosophy  evolvify-topics 
april 2015 by daguti
Silicon Valley's Power Over The Free Press: Why It Matters : All Tech Considered : NPR
strategy, short-term-thinking, innovation = "And as the Innovator's Dilemma has highlighted, it's exceedingly difficult for businesses to turn away from their main source of revenue right now to consider the revenue they'll need five or 10 years from now."
paradigm-shifts  paradigm-shifts-new-or-emerging-things  media-newspapers  media-newspapers  history-computer  technology  internet  innovation  fail-lost-opportunities  short-term-thinking  business  strategy 
november 2014 by daguti
Study: Limiting screen time improves kids’ lives
"The Teskes’ thinking falls in line with a new Iowa State University psychology study that finds parents who take more control of their children’s screen time — TV, computers and other devices — are raising youths who sleep better, achieve high marks in school and avoid behavior problems and health ailments such as obesity." ========================= I originally saw this story on Yahoo, but with their history of removing content or changing URLs after a certain amount of time, I was scared to bookmark it.
childrearing  technology  children 
april 2014 by daguti
Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat Biotech Corn Engineered to Kill It - Wired Science
It always happens: Because people can't see the process unfolding in front of their eyes, they they think it's not happening. .................. Same with global warming, the war on drugs, poverty, and so many other things. ------------------- Not even sure why I tagged this "counterintuitive" because it's fairly straightforward, unless you're a 'head in the sand' idiot.
genetics  food  technology  warnings  counterintuitive 
march 2014 by daguti
Uh, Did Your Refrigerator Just Send Me an Internet Virus? | Entrepreneur.com
Smart devices may be an easier target than traditional computers because of their ubiquity and lack of traditional security measures taken with regular PCs ============================================= ""No more than 10 emails were initiated from any single IP address, making the attack difficult to block based on location -- and in many cases, the devices had not been subject to a sophisticated compromise," Proofpoint says. "Instead, misconfiguration and the use of default passwords left the devices completely exposed on public networks, available for takeover and use.""
hacks  2014  news  future  technology 
january 2014 by daguti
Women And Children First: Technology And Moral Panic - Tech Europe - WSJ
Not strictly a "status-quo-fights-back" story, but it's about general pushback against technology.
technology  anti-something  bureaucracy-status-quo-fights-back 
april 2013 by daguti
Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster -- from scratch | Video on TED.com
Guy tries to build a homemade toaster from scratch and in the process, realizes that it takes an entire society. 2015-09-17: Guy builds a sandwich from scratch, takes 6 months and $1500: http://digg.com/video/sandwich-from-scratch-6-month-1500-dollars
large-systems  tedtalks  technology  society  art  economics  diy 
december 2012 by daguti
Are You A Simulation? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR
According to some academics, the odds are overwhelming that you are just self-conscious software in a giant simulation.
physics-meta  people-smart  long-term-thinking  technology  philosophy  reality-actual  physics  philosophy-consciousness  reality-virtual 
november 2012 by daguti
Hidden Inflection Points - Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb
"I love the story of the light bulb. We often credit Edison for its invention, but few know that his famous practical, inexpensive incandescent bulb was essentially an iteration of another light bulb invented a year earlier by a British scientist by the name of Joseph Swan. And even fewer people may realize that by the time Edison “invented” them in the late 1870s, electrically powered light bulbs had been in slow, steady development for decades."
people-thomas-edison  projects-stupid-things  technology  history  history-computer  inventions 
august 2012 by daguti
A Computer Beats A Pen For Getting Prescriptions Right : Shots - Health Blog : NPR
"One way to reduce mistakes is to have doctors enter the prescriptions on a computer instead of with pen and paper. After the switch, hospitals can see error rates drop by a whopping 60 percent."
mistakes  technology  medicine 
february 2012 by daguti
VIOLETPLANET: A Global Consciousness Project: The Machine That Could Tell The Future
me-stuff = "For what his experiments appear to demonstrate is that while we may all operate as individuals, we also appear to share something far, far greater – a global consciousness. Some might call it the mind of God. ‘We’re taught to be individualistic monsters,’ he says. ‘We’re driven by society to separate ourselves from each other. That’s not right. We may be connected together far more intimately than we realise.'"
future  predictions  supernatural-or-superstition  computers  technology  me-stuff 
november 2011 by daguti
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