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This tool turns a normal lighter into a torch. - GIF on Imgur
"From Reddit: "Basically it focuses the gas stream from a cheapo lighter you can find anywhere, mixing the fuel with air before the ignition point turning it into a hotter, windproof, directional blowtorch. The flame goes blue as a result of the hotter burn.

Source link: https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/lighter-blowtorch-attachment/?scroll=y

Besides being generally cool, the site description also says it increases the lighter's life by 60%. Which doesn't matter much when the lighters are 30 cents each, but it's a cool bonus.""

I found this comment that said this was too expensive for what it was. A butane torch would be better:
"I have one- it doesn’t work the same as a butane torch: it doesn’t stay lit for very long and doesn’t get hot enough. I thought this would be a cool option for making creme brûlée- it barely caramelized the top and I got through 2 of my 4 dishes and the fluid ran out. Not to mention a regular bic lighter doesn’t fit- it was a “special” disposable lighter. Worth paying the $60 and getting a decent torch."
here: https://www.reddit.com/r/INEEEEDIT/comments/873p3p/this_tool_turns_a_normal_lighter_into_a_torch/dwa3s05/

The original reddit thread, which is sure to surface intelligent commentary:

and a not-exactly-the-same, but do-it-yourself version of supercharging a regular cheapo lighter:

and this comment on a separate thread:

"Cheaper to buy a dedicated blow torch off ebay and a huge can of gas for lighters.

I see a use of this one but it is pretty limited.

Why a dedicated torch is better? Hopefully it will have more metal parts near the nozzle, will allow to keep the flame on longer before damage to a torch will occur.

The one shown here looks like it will melt under continuous use. The torch head should be metallic to be a heatsink. Here only nozzle is metallic."
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march 2018 by daguti
Bleedingcontrol.org -
Free classes on controlling bleeding in emergency situations. This is important - accidents, terrorist attacks, animal attacks, etc - you never know when uncontrolled bleeding will present itself.
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march 2018 by daguti
Gaia GPS Smartphone App | Cool Tools
"We all use GPS to navigate urban areas. But what about the backcountry? If you’re skilled with map and compass, you can, under favorable circumstances, determine your point position. But if it’s dark, you don’t recognize any landscape features, or you’re in heavy forest cover, you’re probably out of luck."
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march 2018 by daguti
Frogs and Milk- How to Keep Milk from Spoiling Without Refrigeration
Frogs and Milk- How to Keep Milk from Spoiling Without Refrigeration -

For centuries, before refrigeration, an old Russian practice was to drop a frog into a bucket of milk to keep the milk from spoiling. In modern times, many believed that this was nothing more than an old wives’ tale. But researchers at Moscow State University, led by organic chemist Dr. Albert Lebedev, have shown that there could be some benefit to doing this, though of course in the end you’ll be drinking milk that a frog was in.

Ice boxes first became available to consumers in the early to mid-19th century and, with that, the ice trade became big business. New England and Norway became major purveyors of ice, but anywhere it was cold, ice was a major export. Usually made out of wood with tin or zinc walls and insulation material like sawdust, cork, or straw, ice boxes were popular until they were rendered obsolete by the electrical refrigerator starting around the 1930s.

Jacob Perkins invented the first version of the refrigerator in 1834 when it was discovered that the hazardous compound ammonia, when liquefied, had a cooling effect. But it wasn’t until the late 1920s when Freon was developed by General Motors and DuPont as a “nontoxic” cooling agent, and replaced ammonia, that refrigerators for consumers started to gain traction.

Despite the prevalence of ice in parts of Russia, in certain small rural Russian villages many didn’t have access to ice boxes, so they had to find ways to keep things cold and unspoiled. A practice developed, that continued into the 20th century, as described by Dr. Lebedev from memories from his childhood,

[For] small portions of milk to drink, they used to put [a] frog inside… A small frog over there could prevent the milk from being spoiled.

This rather curious practice was an inspiration for a study and, then, a discovery that may lead to a significant new source of antibiotics. In 2010, scientists from United Arab Emirates University made an announcement that the secretions from certain frogs’ skins have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Using species native to African countries, they studied the compounds coming from the frogs, which are known as antimicrobial peptides and are a string of amino acids.

After isolating these compounds, they began testing them against various bacterial infections. For example, the dreaded “Iraqibacter,” a drug-resistant bacterial infection that has been known to hit wounded soldiers in Iraq could (once again, potentially) be fought with a compound found in the skin of a mink frog that are native to North America. Secretions from a foothill four-legged frog may have the potential to fight the well-known resistant MRSA staph skin infection.

In 2012, scientists from Moscow State University decided to take this a step further by breaking down the compounds and studying the individual peptides. In a study entitled “Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Skin Peptidome of Russian Brown Frogs” published in the Journal of Proteome Research in November 2012, and using Russian brown frogs (which are edible and considered a delicacy), they extracted secretions by applying electrodes.

What came out was a cocktail of 76 different peptides that all had different properties. Michael Zasloff, now a professor at Georgetown University, but formerly a researcher with the National Institutes of Health said in an interview that, “What is amazing is that no two frogs have the same cocktail. They’re all different, and all beautifully tuned to deal with the microbes that these animals face.”

As promising as the results are so far, many scientists are skeptical of any real benefit coming from them. For instance, Jun O. Liu, a professor of pharmacology at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, stated in reference to other apparent natural occurring “magic antibiotics,” “There are natural substances that work in a lab beautifully but then when you give it to a human it’s totally inactive or it’s toxic.”

While this all may or may not ultimately be medicinally helpful for humans, beginning centuries ago certain Russians seem to have been on to something with putting frogs in milk to delay it spoiling. Although, I think we can all agree that putting a frog in one’s milk takes a back seat to the other age-old way to store milk without refrigeration- making it into delicious cheese.

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Bonus Facts:

The world frog population is currently dwindling. For example, the United States amphibian population (which includes frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts) has been declining by 3.7 percent per year of late, according to a U.S. Geological Survey released in May 2013. While the study didn’t give firm answers to why this happening, the scientists in the report speculated that possible factors could include climate change, disease, and drought.

“Freon” is the trade name used for a group of chemicals known as chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. Refrigerators and air conditioners were developed to use these chemicals and were sold as consumer products for the home. Today, of course, it has since been discovered that there are irrefutable links to CFCs, Freon, and the depletion of the Ozone layer.

Expand for References

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source article: www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/04/frogs-milk-keep-milk-spoiling-without-refrigeration/
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november 2017 by daguti
RE: CORRECTED 2017-18 Schedule - BIG Tools in Small Packages
"One of the most innocuous things I carry is a Chapstick.
No one ever looks at it. No one ever thinks it is anything but lip balm. A good friend showed me his international travel lip balm escape kit that allows him to increase his chances of escaping unlawful custody.

Starting with an older (looks like you have been carrying it for a while) lip balm container, pry off the bottom. You will have to remove the cap and then twist the bottom until the balm cup is fully extended. This will release the screw up the middle from the balm cup. Using a knife or a pair of scissors, cut the screw mechanism from the bottom piece. Then replace the bottom piece.

Next we are going to decide on what will be useful and fit in the tube. Here is the list my friend came up with. From left to right, top to bottom:

$100 bill US
Water purification tabs
Composite handcuff key
Two handcuff shims (one should be enough)
Bogata Mini lockpicks (2 pieces)
Diamond rod "

See page for full detailed instructions.
october 2017 by daguti
How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again - YouTube
You don't get poison ivy from touching a plant. You get it from not washing it off effectively in time.

This means using any soap + water and friction (a washcloth) - soap, lather, scrub and rise 3 times within 2-8 hours of contact.
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july 2016 by daguti
How To Listen To Any Radio Signal Ever and HACK THE WORLD ( SDR radio hardware ) - YouTube
Use a software defined radio to listen to any unencrypted radio signals: police, fire, coast guard, cell phones, airplane transponders, AM/FM, private security walkie talkies, weather stations, emergency services, etc .......... Towards the end (8:50), he mentions that in a future video he'll discuss how to decode signals in realtime.
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december 2015 by daguti
The Real Midnight Express (2010) -The film "Midnight Express" told the story of Billy Hayes' imprisonment for drug smuggling — now he tells the full escape story : Documentaries
ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING. A total MUST WATCH for Dokumenta. - try to tie it in with another 30-45 minute documentary, possibly with a similar theme. ....................... heists = How he smuggled marijuana out of Turkey; survival = Escaping from prison, particularly, when he finally reaches the Turkish border around 41:00 or 42:00 he needs to get past some guards and dogs. ................................. UNRELATED, but recommended by YouTube after I watched this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WyeAaYjlxE
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april 2015 by daguti
Cutting a gum wrapper in half is a survival technique that everyone should know - Album on Imgur
Cut a piece of aluminum, gum wrapper into an hourglass shape. Use it to connect two ends of a battery, shorting them. This causes the paper to catch fire momentarily, allowing you to light tinder and eventually sticks.
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march 2015 by daguti
the best knife sharpener in the world!!! YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!!!! - YouTube
Use the top of a car window as a knife sharpener. Interesting how he's pushing the knife FORWARD rather than what I thought would be the right way (pulling it backward) - look more into this.
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december 2014 by daguti
How to - Imgur
Tips tips and more tips on how to do everything from getting and wearing a proper suit to avoiding common travel scams to reading faster, learning Russian, survival tips, tying knots. ........... cooking = see "Manly tips" for some interesting steak reference and info I didn't know (prime vs choice, different cuts, etc)
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december 2014 by daguti
What Do You Need, Imgur? - Imgur
Incredibily comprehensive list of HOW TO do things... get a job, write a story, get smarter, relax, get in shape, survive, etc, etc, etc
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december 2014 by daguti
I hear you like survival tips - Imgur
Whistle for signaling; cotton w vaseline will burn for minutes, useful as tinder; learn to forage... pick 5 local plants to learn REALLY well. You should be VERY sure instead of kind of knowing. ................ more: http://imgur.com/gallery/s86HE
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november 2014 by daguti
Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan
7 Survival Life Hacks that could save your life
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october 2014 by daguti
Jacques Lamour
Reminder: Don't kick snow into a cat's face.
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october 2014 by daguti
Quick and Dirty Little Can Stove (Warning : Potato Quality Gif) - Imgur
cut an inch off the top and bottom of an aluminum can, put a wad of cotton in the bottom part,fit the top part over (and around the outside of) the bottom part, poke 6 holes around the top edge (to slowly release alcohol fumes so you can light them), light the thing, put a pot over it
survival  winter 
september 2014 by daguti
The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit
This guy left the world at 20 and lived in the woods for 27+ years, until he was caught stealing food.
survival  survival-stories  world-records 
august 2014 by daguti
How can I tell the difference between a corn snake and a copperhead snake? - baltimoresun.com
"The eyes of poisonous snakes have a slit pupil, like a cat's eye. The eyes of harmless snake have round pupils. Poisonous snakes also have a more angular head and a pit in front of the eyes." easy way to tell Corn snake (non-venomous) from Copperhead (venomous) - 'Red touches black, friend of jack. Black touches yellow, you're a dead fellow.'
june 2013 by daguti
EDC - Everyday Carry
"Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness."
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june 2013 by daguti
Soma, the All-Natural Compostable Water Filter, Gives Brita Competition
Not really a survival tool, but it could be used to filter unsafe water... I think.
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december 2012 by daguti
Free and Low-cost Events : NYC Parks
Remove the date portion from the bookmarked search query to see all free "survival" events, i.e. http://www.nycgovparks.org/events/keyword+survival/free .................................. ............................ Note that massaging the above URL doesn't seem to work anymore. Just use the search fields in the right hand column. UPDATE: It seems to be working again.
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december 2012 by daguti
Three Sisters (agriculture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
survival = Not in the immediate sense, but for a post-apocalyptic world.
agriculture  survival  gardening 
december 2012 by daguti
Bosch Harnesses Zeolite in New Dishwashers - DishwashersInfo.com
This article is about dishwashers that use Zeolite mineral to create heat without need for electricity. I wonder how long before we can find camping stoves and home heaters that will incorporate the material.
disaster-preparation  survival-urban  survival  sports-camping 
november 2012 by daguti
U.S. News - Mom hit by lightning: 'I could feel my legs on fire'
a safe building is one that is fully enclosed and has plumbing or wiring. Once inside, stay away from showers, sinks and bathtubs, as well as televisions, computers and other electronic equipment. A safe vehicle “is any full enclosed metal-topped vehicle” such as a car, minivan, bus or truck with a hard top. When inside, DO NOT USE electronic devices such as the radio during a storm. Do not take shelter under trees, and stay inside until 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder.
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march 2012 by daguti
Cool Tools: Katadyn Pocket Microfilter
"The Katadyn Pocket is different from everything else on the market. The first difference is the price. It costs is two-to-three times the price of it's competition! Also, it is not lightweight. And really it's not all that easy to use.

So what's so great about it? Katadyn has been making this filter for decades. It has been used by the Navy Seals and other special forces for years."
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february 2012 by daguti
Find Water for Survival in Extreme Cold : Discovery Channel
"In time, sea ice loses its salinity. You can identify this ice by its rounded corners and bluish color."

"You can use body heat to melt snow. Place the snow in a water bag and place the bag between your layers of clothing. This is a slow process but you can use it on the move or when you have no fire."

"When ice is available, melt it, rather than snow. One cup of ice yields more water than one cup of snow. Ice also takes less time to melt. You can melt ice or snow in a water bag, tin can or improvised container by placing the container near a fire. Begin with a small amount of ice or snow in the container and, as it turns to water, add more ice or snow."
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december 2011 by daguti
Hurricane Irene: 7 Devices To Help You Ride Out the Storm
The first few devices are dumb (solar powered iPod speakers, etc), but after that, the hand-cranked survival radio with cell phone charger and the generator are things to look into when you "settle down."
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august 2011 by daguti
A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR
personal-development = Perfect metaphor for life. If you don't have "guide posts" you'll walk in circles forever.

survival = On a more practical note, never try to move anywhere in a survival situation if you don't have some stationary object to guide you. You'll just end up walking in circles and wasting time and resources.
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february 2011 by daguti
Survival kit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scroll down for a list of things (including foods) to put in the pack
january 2011 by daguti
Just Breathe: Body Has A Built-In Stress Reliever : NPR
survival, survival-urban = Learned this in my Urban Survival class with Kevin Reeve. To counter act the "trance" of massive adrenaline, breathe in deep 4 slow counts, hold it 4 slow counts, breathe out deep for 4 slow counts. Repeat twice and you've got the benefits of adrenaline without the paralysis of shock.
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december 2010 by daguti
Now is the time to make a list of news radio stations you can hear, what frequency they are on, and what city they are in. During both World Trade Center bombings, I was able to tune in to New York City stations that had there own reporters on the scene, giving live coverage. A resource to help you find these stations is www.radio-locator.com/. Here in southern New England, I can get stations from Quebec and Montreal Canada, Boston, NYC, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Chicago. During the great northeast blackout in the 1960's, I was able to get weak local stations in the Deep South, on a cheap shirt pocket radio because the local stations on those frequencies were off the air. The same holds true for SHORTWAVE radios, without the interference from electrical power and other transmitters, even a cheap radio will get far away stations.
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november 2010 by daguti
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