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A recent study finds that young people who get financial support from their parents have greater professional success, highlighting one way social inequality is transmitted from one generation to the next : science
counterintuitive = Not exactly counterintuitive, but runs contrary to the myth of the "self made man."

Reminds me of the meme I saw of Jeff Bezos showing him in a garage working to build Amazon in the early days. Then below it listed all his advantages:
- went to one of the best schools in the world
- had a top Wall Street job
- parents provided financial support, etc
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may 2018 by daguti
The story of Taylor Swift's first manager...
... or how to succeed in music without really trying (to look like you don't care)

Taylor Swift got on myspace and STUDIED posts. She paid a lot of attention to what people were talking about and WROTE SONGS based on the content. She wrote enough songs for 2 CDs.

Her dad worked at Merck and was successful. He hired a former DJ / Radio manager to manage her. He paid this guy $80,000 a year plus benefits to get her career off the ground.

Her manager got her a record deal but more importantly, he had the ability to get her music played on the radio because he had many big contacts in the industry. This also helped him in negotiating bigger venues for her to play in. She never had to do the bar circuit or really small events.

She went from ZERO to $4 million in only 18 months.

Her manager turned her over to a bigger group who could take her to the next level. Maybe CAA I think.


Then, the manager started getting calls. FROM BANDS... AND RECORD LABELS.... They all wanted to work with him.

One label said we want to hire you as a consultant and we will pay you $100,000 to find us artists. --- He had to put the guy on hold and look up CONSULTANT on google. He did not know what a consultant was.

He now makes millions of dollars getting paid by both LABELS and BANDS.

He told this story a few years ago at a Jay Abraham event.
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february 2018 by daguti
[Image] When I was hired by Apple in early 2004, these "rules for success" were attached to the back of my employee badge. I left Apple years ago, but these really stuck with me ever since - Imgur
"[Image] When I was hired by Apple in early 2004, these "rules for success" were attached to the back of my employee badge. I left Apple years ago, but these really stuck with me ever since"

best one: Always tell the truth. we want to hear the bad news sooner than later
Apple  success 
september 2017 by daguti
How Markets Magnify the Role of Luck and Create the Illusion of Meritocracy - Evonomics
"...a gifted salesperson, for example, will be far more productive if her assignment is to sell financial securities to sovereign wealth funds than if she’s selling children’s shoes."

"It’s of course a good thing that their superior offerings are now available to more people. But an inevitable side effect has been that producers with even a slight edge over their rivals went on to capture most of the industry’s income.

Therein lies a hint about why chance events have grown more important even as markets have become more competitive. When shipping costs fell dramatically, producers who were once local monopolists serving geographically isolated markets found themselves battling one another for survival. In those battles, even a tiny cost advantage or quality edge could be decisive. Minor random events can easily tip the balance in such competitions— and in the process spell the difference between great wealth and economic failure. So luck is becoming more important in part because the stakes have increased sharply in contests whose outcomes have always hinged partly on chance events."
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may 2016 by daguti
Timothy Ferriss - Wikiquote
"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have."
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december 2015 by daguti
“Sponsored” by my husband: Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their money comes from - Salon.com
Makes you wonder how often successful people talk about pulling themselves up from their own bootstraps and discount the real advantages they had in getting where they are. Could even be construed as "revisionist memory" of the wealthy who now look at the poor and say "I did it with no help, and there you are still poor." .............................. Irene posted this 2015-01-27 on Facebook (Rini Bean account)
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january 2015 by daguti
You're More Likely To Inherit Your Dad's Social Status Than His Height : science
Also see bookmark 2012-10-16 "Movin On Up? That May Depend On Your Last Name", tagged with some of these same tags.
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november 2014 by daguti
The Learning Myth: Why I'm Cautious About Telling My Son He's Smart | Khan Academy
Children praised for their persistence, struggle or perseverance in the face of something difficult cultivate a growth mindset whereas those praised for being smart often avoid things that might make them look dumb (i.e. they only take on easy challenges.) ........................... Also see the bookmark from 2011-08-21 about the book from Carol Dweck, who is quoted in this article.
learning-self-taught  childrearing  children  brain  success 
august 2014 by daguti
Paul Piff: Does money make you mean? | Talk Video | TED
"It's amazing what a rigged game of Monopoly can reveal. In this entertaining but sobering talk, social psychologist Paul Piff shares his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy. (Hint: badly.) But while the problem of inequality is a complex and daunting challenge, there's good news too."
video-making-tools-accessories  wealth  success  anti-something  warnings  wealth-income-distribution  psychology  groups 
march 2014 by daguti
Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Visualizing Your Goals
filmmaking = The main story about Steven Spielberg. .............................................. success, books-to-buy = "Tom Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor. At age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night. For five years, Tom studied the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. He discovered there is a difference the size of the Grand Canyon between the daily habits of the wealthy and the poor. During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots”. The culmination of his research can be found in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals (www.RichHabits.net)."
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february 2014 by daguti
Habits of the World's Wealthiest People (Infographic) | Entrepreneur.com
Habits of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey compared to the poor. ................... If you read the paragraphs before the infographic, it says that this was produced by a social media marketing company. In the infographic, it mentions it's based on the research of some person or other. How simple to create content... find research data of a relevant or interesting topic, turn it into an infographic and BAM! Instant content.
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february 2014 by daguti
LWRellim comments on Payed off $210,500 worth of debt! Excited to be debt free after this long journey.
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. --Calvin Coolidge
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april 2013 by daguti
Movin' On Up? That May Depend On Your Last Name : NPR
genetics, family = Not in the traditional sense that I've used these tags, but I know I'll think of these tags when I think of this story. ........ public-policy = "But it's clear he has growing doubts about whether public policy can really help people move up the social ladder." ........ family = ""And it really is conveying this message that families are where the action is at in terms of the outcomes and performance for people," Clark says." ........ habit = This article paints it like success/failure is a foregone conclusion. I see it as a function of habits. Successful ancestors had good habits, which they passed down through families. Those habits filter into decendants' lives and create those higher probabilities of success. ............... Also see bookmark 2014-11-24 tagged with some of these same tags: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2na2d5/youre_more_likely_to_inherit_your_dads_social/
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october 2012 by daguti
John D. Rockefeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
history-business = We see oil today as a pillar of modern society, but back in those days it was unproven and even considered risky. Rockefeller took a risk and won big: 
"The rise of the Standard Oil men to great wealth was not from poverty. It was not meteor-like, but accomplished over a quarter of a century by courageous venturing in a field so risky that most large capitalists avoided it, by arduous labors, and by more sagacious and farsighted planning than had been applied to any other American industry."
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may 2011 by daguti
Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia
Engineers Are Gods and Education Isn’t what Made Them that Way

These companies all revolve around engineers in almost a cultish way. Their investors and competitors always note how good the team is– which is saying something in a Valley locked in a full-scale talent war. They are insanely picky about hiring engineers and when they find a good one they will pay him nearly anything. Asana gives engineers $10,000 to pimp their desks. Zuckerberg has described Quora co-founder Adam D’Angelo as one of the best — if not the best– engineers he has ever met. And Path’s team was reportedly one of the assets Google was so willing to pay up for.
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march 2011 by daguti
Inc.com: Live Chat - Good Stuff: READ NOTES
This link was Tweeted with the text "most entrepreneurs are not visionaries - they are good at executing". The link led to this page, which was a live interview with Sarasvanthy at Darden School of Business. That interview is now located here: http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-saras-sarasvathy.html

but I've bookmarked this page because of the "Previously on Inc.Live" items down the page:
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-steve-huffman.html (co-founder, hipmunk & Reddit)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-dan-leahy.html (co-founder, VillageVInes)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/01/live-chat-jessica-mah.html (founder, inDinero)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/01/live-chat-chris-guillebeau.html (author "The Art of Non-Conformity)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2010/12/live-chat-sam-calagione.html (founder, Dogfish Head)
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february 2011 by daguti
The Way to Beat Groupon - NY Tech Meetup (New York, NY) - Meetup
No idea where this came from. The only Google result for the title was this NY Tech Meetup Mailing List Archive.
After some searching, I found it here:
analysis  business  entrepreneurs  success  companies-groupon 
february 2011 by daguti
how-to-be-a-millionaire-by-age-25: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
When you're young is the best time to start your own business, as you do not have the responsibilities you will have when you're older. The worst that can happen if you fail now is that you have firsthand experience to make your next venture a success."
entrepreneurs-young  success  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurs 
october 2010 by daguti
2009ltr.pdf (application/pdf Object) - Warren Buffett's 2009 Letter to Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway
Many pearls of wisdom, a few:
- "Charlie and I avoid businesses whose futures we can’t evaluate, no matter how exciting their products may be."
- "We will never become dependent on the kindness of strangers. Too-big-to-fail is not a fallback
position at Berkshire...."
- "We pay a steep price to maintain our premier financial strength. The $20 billion-plus of cash equivalent assets that we customarily hold is earning a pittance at present. But we sleep well."
- "We would rather suffer the visible costs of a few bad decisions than incur the many invisible costs that come from decisions made too slowly – or not at all – because of a stifling bureaucracy."
---> see "Writing Ideas" Google Doc
--> marketing-social-media-campaigns = Look at their complete knowledge of community building: "To build a compatible shareholder population, we try to communicate with our owners directly and informatively. Our goal is to tell you what we would like to know if we were in your shoes."
people-warren-buffett  open-letter  investing  success  money  marketing-social-media-campaigns  filetype:pdf  media:document 
may 2010 by daguti
Your high IQ will kill your startup - Cube Of M
We started off equals, but at some point all the effort I put in started to pay off, and where they stopped improving themselves, I continued, and I got better and better. Where they were afraid to try new things because they would fail, I tried and I got better and knew more, till I was good enough for the job I hold now.
startups  psychology  personal-development  children  success  warnings  business  motivation-for-me  intelligence-iq 
march 2010 by daguti
Francis Hunnewell, 71; entrepreneur traveled world - The Boston Globe
“What was unique about Frank was that he was the ultimate Yankee entrepreneur who goes abroad to find his fortune,’’ said Mike Pochna, who went to Harvard with Mr. Hunnewell and was his partner in several business deals, including with bin Laden. “Frank loved to go to unusual places, he loved unusual people, and he himself was unusual in that respect. Most people are prisoners of their own personality. Frank was someone for whom everything is possible.’’
february 2010 by daguti
what consumes me, bud caddell » how to be happy in business - venn diagram
Venn Diagram of overlapping:
What we do well
What we want to do
What we can be paid to do
entrepreneurship  startups  visualization  success  strategy 
june 2009 by daguti
Carolyn Davidson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Davidson designed the swoosh in 1971 while a graphic design student at Portland State University. Phil Knight, who was teaching an accounting class at the university, noticed Davidson working on an assignment, and asked her to do some work for what was then Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. Needing to choose a logo in order to meet looming production deadlines, Knight settled on the swoosh, after rejecting various other designs. At the time, he stated of the logo, "I don't love it, but it will grow on me."[1]
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may 2009 by daguti
Russell Simmons House - Famous-Entrepreneurs - Russell Simmons
Apparently, he isn’t just a genius when it comes to hip hop and fashion; Russell Simmons knows what he’s doing in the world of real estate too. He owns a sprawling 35,000 square foot mansion in Saddle River, New Jersey – one of the largest homes on
inspiration  motivation-for-me  housing  money  wealth  success  houses-to-visit  people-russell-simmons 
july 2008 by daguti
World's Most Expensive Homes 2007 - Forbes.com
Real Estate Featur: World's Most Expensive Homes 2007, mansions, castles and expensive houses
inspiration  motivation-for-me  property  house  housing  success 
october 2007 by daguti
10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure » Achieve IT! - Helping you achieve your goals
10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure » Achieve IT! - Helping you achieve your goals
personal-development  success 
october 2006 by daguti
I posted this to del.icio.us a while back, but i just re-read it and man, does it hit close to home. Make sure you read the WHOLE thing, because more than halfway through are some great quotes and "kicks in the ass."
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july 2006 by daguti

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