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(1) What I’m about to tell you is the raw truth... - Charles Kirkland
"What I’m about to tell you is the raw truth about what it takes to achieve sales and profits for the long term.

Some people are more interested in chasing shiny objects.

Others prefer excuses over hard work.

What I’m going to say needs to be said for the greater good for the marketing community.

A lot of marketers are fading away for 1 simple reason.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only thing required to have massive success was an offer and an email list.

Because information wasn’t easy to find, people paid a premium for it.

Every week there was a new product launch and everybody supported each other.

Once YouTube exploded in popularity people started sharing content with each other.

Buyers now had options and some of those options included free content on YouTube versus a $2K product launch.

To survive you needed to up your marketing game big time to compete with free.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers failed to catch on in time.

The next big shift happened with long-form content.

Neil Patel and Jon Morrow pioneered long-form blog content and that raised the bar for everybody.

Only a few short years ago information was harder to get and you could charge a premium for it.

Now you can find blog posts and hours of step-by-step videos on YouTube about any topic.

A lot of marketers have not been able to change, and they are struggling and not sure why.

So how do you sell in this market?

They are hanging on and don’t realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is the train about to run them over.

It's now easier than ever to create thought leadership and that changes everything.

Thought leadership isn’t something you do once. It takes consistency, and what you did in the past doesn’t count for much these days.

But the payoff is massive.

I’m always creating content and sharing it.

Notice I said content; your pitch to your list to buy from you is not content.

Thought leadership marketing requires going past the surface and giving your audience something to sink their teeth into.

Doing this amplifies everything else.

Can you imagine if your opens and clicks were 2x the industry average?

As a thought leader, everything changes.

I hear people complaining daily about something not working.

Facebook campaigns don’t convert and cost too much.
Landing pages don’t convert like you think they should.
Nobody shows up for your webinar. And the few that do, don’t buy.
You think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a waste of time.
People don’t book any strategy sessions with you. The ones that do think you are a commodity and don’t buy.

I think you get the point.

If you have sophisticated clients, they don’t just sign up after doing a Google search.

They look for your thought leadership and decide if you should even be shortlisted as a possible option.

Being an expert is no longer enough. Nobody cares what you did in the past.

They want to see what you are doing now.

Experts are a dime a dozen.

Thought leadership needs to be your goal.

If your digital marketing campaign isn’t working, answer these questions.

Can you show me a trail of thought leadership that makes people want to do business with you?

And was your thought leadership seen by anybody?

Now you see why you have been struggling.

I guarantee somebody in your niche is getting all the business they can handle using the same marketing channels.

Yet your campaigns are failing no matter what you do.

You don’t become #1 and then start doing thought leadership.

Instead, you lead with thought leadership marketing and that makes you the #1 choice in the market.

Thought leadership marketing is a never-ending process of creating top of mind awareness that leads to better positioning and all the clients you can handle.

The days of running ads and expecting great results are over unless you are willing to do thought leadership at the same time.

Otherwise, you're just noise in the marketplace.

Effective thought leadership marketing is what you have to do to stand out today.

Thought leadership campaigns aren’t the thing you run if you are struggling to keep the lights on because they aren’t cheap.

But when they are done right it allows you to command higher fees, work with better clients and be the person everybody wants to work with."
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SaavikSaid comments on Jamal Khashoggi strangled as soon as he entered consulate, Istanbul prosecutor confirms
"I think that's why the Turkish police gave out a little bit of information at a time. If they'd come out with all the evidence at once, the Saudis could have come up with a good excuse. But tiny little bits were released, that the Saudis excused each time, only to have the next tiny bit of info released, making the Saudis look increasingly worse.

And the fact that his fiancee waited outside for him for 12 hours is what started the whole thing IMO."
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"SEVEN STEPS to EIGHT FIGURES." - Manny Talavera ClickFunnels (Official)

STEP 1. You must Market across ALL CHANNELS. You have to be seen EVERYWHERE.

STEP 2. You must create an ULTRA HIGH TICKET offer. $25,000 to $100,000 per year. ELITE COACHING.

STEP 3. You need to do LESS. Focus on no more than THREE OFFERS. A $5000, A $15,000 to $20,000 and a $25,000 to $100,000 offer. (the numbers may vary but the concept is the key)

STEP 4. You MUST build a TEAM of people under you that do 95% of the work. Copy, Video editing, Facebook ads, posting content across ALL PLATFORMS. ( THINK Peng Joon..)

Your teams number 1 job is to ASSIST you in doing your job and not let anything distract you from doing your job. Your INNER CIRCLE must guard your time.

STEP 5. You MUST create SYNERGISTIC relationships. I.E You must look for JOINT VENTURE partners with HUGE LISTS. Brunson, Lopez and Cardone are all EXPERTS at doing this.

STEP 6. You are just going to have to be WAY LESS accessible. No more answering the phone any time it rings. You will have to be extremely strategic with ALL of your time.

STEP 7. You must REVERSE ENGINEER all money making activities. How much actual WORK will you be doing and how much revenue is likely to be made?

Dan Kennedy makes $3000 an HOUR and Jay Abraham makes 3 times that.
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april 2018 by daguti
Ross Christifulli
Exposing your competitor's weaknesses. - Really great analysis.
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april 2018 by daguti
Public Thinks Tax Bill Was Payoff to GOP Donors : politics

strategy = "It’s an old Karl Rove trick to attack your opponent’s greatest strength, and in this case the tax bill isn’t turning out to be a strength at all. The GOP is going to try to turn that around, but it won’t be easy with a distracted president and the Democrats’ hammering them for doing the bidding of their mega-donors."
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april 2018 by daguti
Facebook - Josh Fechter
He's either writing in a disjointed manner or I'm not mentally mature enough to understand what he's writing. Still, the following sticks out as the most relevant. Maybe come back to this in the future.

"That's what happens when your work is to tell other peoples' stories. You have conversations with the best in the world.

Your three jobs?
1. Ask questions
2. Listen
3. Implement

How do you get these conversations?
Do your homework on them.

Then lock down these skills:
1. Sell better on the phone
2. Write more convincing emails
3. Tell them the mission is bigger than yourself

Those are the cheat codes to life."

strategy business personal-development frameworks-for-business
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march 2018 by daguti
Seth's Blog: Clark Kent's shoes
"Consider ConEdison, which is completely failing here in NY during the recent storms (and of course, it's nothing compared to what people in Puerto Rico or other parts of the world have gone through).

On one hand, most of the time, they're invisible. They're a boring bureaucracy, optimized for stable jobs, predictable if not low-cost processes, mediocre customer service and average (or below average) user interface design. They're a monopoly and they act like one.

But then, when things break, they're expected to act like heroes, like people who truly care. They are expected to hustle, to find the edge of the performance curve, to really step up.


Small businesses sometimes wrestle with the opposite. They get their accounts by acting like heroes, performing miracles on an emergency basis. But when it comes time to regularly do the work, to show up and show up and show up, they don't have the resources or the patience to do so.

The opportunity is to choose. To truly embrace one and buy precisely the right kind of shoes.

The alternative is to invest the resources to have two teams that can do one or the other. And to tolerate the fact that when the other team is working, you're not at maximum efficiency."
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march 2018 by daguti
(19) ClickFunnels (Official) - "The other day I commented on “leaning into” the objections from clients."
I always thought (and did) this - when something seems too hard, run TOWARDS IT, not away. When the masses are running away and you figure out how to do it, you become the only person doing it and you win by default! Even if you're not the only one who figured it out, you have a smaller pool of competitors.

"The other day I commented on “leaning into” the objections from clients.

But the principal applies to everything.

I was speaking with someone who wants to run ads in their country for Chiros but the compliance laws are strict so they were going to avoid that niche.

Many are doing the same in Australia.

I told them, the other option is to lean into the challenge. Be the best at running compliant ads, learn everything possible about the health care marketing laws. Then you will be in a blue ocean.

When you see people running. Their might be an opportunity.

That’s how the wealthy view stocks, bitcoin, real estate prices...

They view them as an opportunity. Food for thought."
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march 2018 by daguti
Here’s Why ‘Hooked’ Changed The Way I Approach Communications
books-to-buy = Nir Eyal's "Hook"

I *LOVE* the examples of various types of "jabs" that don't sell anything, followed by a "sales" post. Reminds me of the "standard rule" that you should have 1 sales message for every 10-12 non-sales posts. Also similar to Gary V's "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" framework, which he refers to in the post. --- But don't rush away yet. That's just Step 1 (Trigger) in the 4 step "Hook" model, which includes Trigger, Action, Variable Reward, Investment.
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february 2018 by daguti
(52) DigitalMarketer - Understanding "sequence in a relationship" is...
I've literally said this same exact thing. I might have a half-written blog post in my "Blog post / writing ideas" Google Doc.

keywords: sequencing
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december 2017 by daguti
André Staltz - The Web began dying in 2014, here's how
predictions, obsolete-discontinued-abandoned = "The Web may die like most other technologies do: simply by becoming less attractive than newer technologies. And like most obsolete technologies, they don’t suddenly disappear, neither do they disappear completely. You can still buy a Walkman and listen to a tape with it, but the technology has nevertheless lost its collective relevance. The Web’s death will come as a gradual decay of its necessity, not as a dramatic loss."
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december 2017 by daguti
Seth's Blog: The real law of averages
This is so, so, so relevant:
"If you care about health and a culture of performance, it's tempting to push Olympic athletes to go just a tenth of a second faster. It's far more effective, though, if you can get 3,000,000 kids to each spend five more minutes a day walking instead of sitting.

Organizations pamper and challenge the few in the executive suite, imagining that one more good decision in the biz dev group could pay off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[me: AND NOW FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT SENTENCE] The thing is, if every one of the 10,000 customer-facing employees was more engaged and kind, it would have a far bigger impact on the company and those it serves."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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november 2017 by daguti
Netflix knows the exact episode of a TV show that gets you hooked | The Verge
"Netflix's point, of course, is that its method of releasing an entire season of a TV show all at once is a much better way to win over fans. Whereas a pilot may get some people to come back the next week, letting viewers watch through a few episodes in a row appears to be a smarter way of ensuring that they'll return. "We found that no one was ever hooked on the pilot," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's content chief, says in a statement. "This gives us confidence that giving our members all episodes at once is more aligned with how fans are made.""
strategy  viral  psychology  companies-netflix 
august 2016 by daguti
Dollar Shave Club and The Disruption of Everything – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
obsolete, etc = "the tech community is celebrating the massive return for Dollar Shave Club’s investors, but $1 billion for a 16% unit share of a market dominated by a brand that cost $57 billion is startlingly small. Indeed, that’s why buying Dollar Shave Club was never an option for P&G: even if their model is superior P&G’s shareholders would never permit the abandonment of what made the company so successful for so long; a company so intently focused on growing revenue is incapable of slicing one of their most profitable lines by half or more."

keywords: proctor & gamble , p&g , unilever
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july 2016 by daguti
Bash on Windows is incredibly exciting – but we should be wary
strategy = See the part about "embrace, extend, extinguish" - I've read about it before, but didn't realize it was a possibility in this case until it was pointed out.
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march 2016 by daguti
Now even your streaming TV and music will come in bundles like cable TV
"“There’s only two ways I know of to make money: Bundling and unbundling." That quote was uttered by Jim Barksdale, then CEO of Netscape just before the company launched one of the most successful IPOs of all time and ushered in the first dot com boom. SEE ALSO: What's coming to (and expiring from) Netflix in March It's a quote that remains part of Silicon Valley lore, as relevant now as it was then.  In the 1980s and 1990s, cable television built a bundle that would become a dominant force in the U.S. media industry, at its peak drawing more than $100 billion of revenue per quarter in North America. Three decades and hundreds of unwatched channels later, that clunky television bundle is falling apart, frayed by standalone streaming services including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Even old-line broadcasters like CBS and NBC began offering streaming services to keep up. A Pew Research report from December found that one in seven Americans is now a cord cutter. "
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march 2016 by daguti
Yosemite Contractor Leaves — And Takes The Landmark Names With It : NPR
The contractor who ran the Ahwahnee and Wawona hotels in Yosemite National Park trademarked those names, so when they lost the contract, they took the names with them.
business  history-business  strategy  copyright-trademark 
march 2016 by daguti
Learning from Twitter's Decline - ReadWrite
Dean Collins called this back in 2010-11 or so. He hated that Twitter kept screwing with the developers who were building around their ecosystem. Most people on the NY Tech list told him to deal with it, but now the chickens have come home to roost. ............... "An analysis of Twitter so far can provide something of a cautionary tales for those working in new media, wearables, IoT or any of the new technologies that are currently being developed. It demonstrates the importance of nurturing not only your product but also the ecosystem that surrounds it."
twitter  business-declining-or-going-out-of-business  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  analysis  strategy 
february 2016 by daguti
How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars
strategy = "  Lifestyle COVER STORYBox Office Billionaire Most Popular New Posts on How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars Please log in or sign up to comment. POST COMMENT Commenting Guidelines  + FOLLOW THE CONVERSATION Trending Now JAN 30, 2016 @ 08:51 AM4,724 VIEWS How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars  Eustacia Huen CONTRIBUTOR I cover food, style, and occasionally tennis (when Nadal is playing). If you don’t need a separate dishwasher from a dish dryer, why do you need one for laundry? This is the question that consumed Glenn Reid of Marathon Laundry—a former Apple employee who worked with Steve Jobs for six years. Five years and seven prototypes later, the tech visionary launched his startup’s first product—an internet-connected combination washer and dryer at the CES this month. While the idea of having a single washing and drying device is by no means new, a ventless dryer combined with a washer with the performance of separate dryers is first of its kind. Priced at $1,200, which is the standard pricing for combination washer and dryer, Reid seeks to change electrical appliances with Marathon Laundry the way Tesla has changed cars.  Photo Credit: Marathon Laundry Like Tesla, Marathon chose an approach that leverages existing manufacturing for the core components of washers and dryers, adding value in specific components that are unique to Marathon, such as the electronic controller and dryer interface, according to Reid. Although the approach is rooted from the challenge of manufacturing large appliances, but by using standard components and manufacturing paths for the rest of the machines, Marathon effectively leverages both the existing vendors and manufacturers as well as the parts, maintenance, and service infrastructures already in place for existing machines."
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february 2016 by daguti
This is why Tesla is so insistent on selling direct to customers
strategy = "To engage with potential buyers, it needs small stores in high-traffic areas, not sprawling dealerships on the outskirts of town with hundreds of cars worth of inventory." I would never have realize this. It speaks to the power of rethinking something from the ground up.
strategy  business  cars-electric  cars  companies-tesla-cars 
january 2016 by daguti
Rebranding the Koch Brothers - The New Yorker
absolutely brilliant (and nefarious) strategic advice in this article. listen to the part about third-party endorsements and what the guy says about publicizing unlikely partnerships. lots more gems in there but almost too much to list
people-koch-brothers  branding-personal  politics  politics-philosophies-republicans  politics-money-in  strategy 
january 2016 by daguti
Free Basics by Facebook is a Nightmare on the Internet : technology
very, very well explained narrative on Facebook's internet.org / Free Basics initiative
facebook  people-mark-zuckerberg  strategy  countries-india 
january 2016 by daguti
Facebook native videos perform up to 4X better than all other video formats | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Stewart Rogers
"Interaction rates were markedly higher for Facebook videos. In fact, they were almost 4 times higher than for YouTube, which performed slightly better than Vimeo and “other” platforms. Those others included Twitch, Vevo, and Red Bull’s own media player." ................ "The underlying message here? When it comes to promoting video content — organically paid - it is better for marketers to upload different versions of their content to each platform, and match the form of the video to the way users like..." strategy, above-and-beyond = Facebook, faced with YouTube's dominance pulled a brilliant move by asking the question "How could we make our native videos more popular that YouTube videos?" or perhaps starting even further back on the interaction chain, "What could we give our users to incentivize them to upload videos to Facebook rather than YouTube?" ... the natural answer is "Make Facebook videos autoplay and Make YouTube videos require a click." .... Brilliant!
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december 2015 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
"(Experiment Results) How to Book 8 Strategy Sessions in 15 Minutes with Zero Ad Cost on a Winter’s Sunday when Most of your Prospects are Probably Not Even Online! (Part 1 of 2):"
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december 2015 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
Rob Terrio brilliantly comments on what it takes to get to $100MM - and recommends a few books in this Google Doc (backed up to \media\text...\marketing...\Rob Terrio-recommended books (see 2015-12-25 bookmark, search 'Rob Terrio').pdf) ....... His live Google Doc (in case it ever gets updated) ---> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzPg92PHqo5kSV9qdGx5eDZmLU0/view
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december 2015 by daguti
Dan Bricklin invented the spreadsheet—but don’t hold that against him - Quartz
"What advice do you have for developers trying to come up with the next killer app? We need both general-purpose and specific tools. I’m a little concerned with Apple’s message of “there’s an app for that,” which implies that everything is vertical. This is how Steve Jobs thought about a lot of things—computers should be able to figure out things for you, rather than providing you with a general-purpose tool that you could figure out how to use on your own. But by restricting what apps can do, and how they coordinate, they are slowly stripping [the general-purpose idea] away."
history-computer  spreadsheets  strategy 
december 2015 by daguti
Squatty Potty - This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop
business-executing, ideas-stolen = The reason I'm bookmarking this is that this is a perfect example of flawless execution. Others that could go in this category of flawless execution are simple ideas like 5 Hour Energy, Monster Energy Drinks, bottled water (Poland Spring), Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Goya, McDonald's... or just about any "regular" non-high-tech business. .......... strategy = Important to note on a strategic level that they started in the caveman/paleo crowd, but eventually branched out to the mass market. Same with 5 Hour Energy. I noticed how their commercials evolved from targeting people who need a morning wakeup to people who need an afternoon pep-me-up to ... I forgot the other market segments, but they definitely changed the messaging over time. ..... GODDAM! I just watched the whole ad and noticed that it explains why it works and they use testimonials, too. It's like they incorporated every best practice into a single ad. BRAVO SQUATTY POTTY!
marketing-social-media-campaigns  video  funny  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  ideas-stolen  business-executing  business-executing-its-not-the-idea-its-the-execution  strategy  explanation-simplification  sales-testimonials 
november 2015 by daguti
(2) Jeremiah Owyang - Twitter continues to sink due to slowed growth,...
"Soon, top-line influence won't be measured by number of Twitter followers --but instead by number of Facebook followers and fans." .................. publishing-self = Not related to books, but to how Facebook is trying to become the place where people publish all their thoughts. Trying to replace blogs, Twitter... even Medium.
twitter  facebook  strategy  analysis  history-computer  publishing-self 
october 2015 by daguti
Remember Your Old Graphing Calculator? It Still Costs a Fortune — Here's Why
In the story, there's a link to download TI-8x emulator for PC. However, I still think Steve's neighbors' Mathway.com website is faster/easier/freer and probably better in terms of user interface and displaying how the work got done. Also see the app called Desmos, which the story mentions. ................ strategy = TI got so deeply embedded in the textbook market that in an age where they should have been replaced by apps, they are still holding their marketshare, as well as their pricing from 20+years ago. ....................... status-quo-fights-back = Not really, but in a way, their relationships they forged long ago with Pearson and other book/testing companies probably is the (proactive) flip side of trying to fight/legislate competition out of existence. ........... obsolete-etc = This is something that should be obsolete, but because of massive focus, they never went out of style to begin with.
calculator  strategy  business-models  bureaucracy-status-quo-fights-back  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned 
october 2015 by daguti
Playboy to stop publishing images of nude women as it seeks greater audience
strategy = Wow, by removing nudity from the site (therefore going from NSFW to SFW), they went from 4MM to 16MM pageviews a month! But some people will look at that and say "they should have just started with being SFW"... but they never would have made a wave back in the 50s when they started if they hadn't been nude. The point is that there is no definite "right thing" to do. It's all about the world around you and doing something that is going to stand out in the current culture and climate.
news  2015  paradigm-shifts-new-or-emerging-things  publishing  media-newspapers  strategy  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned--comeback  startups-going-turnaround 
october 2015 by daguti
strategy (i.e. learn when you're pushing for too much), seeds-of-its-own-destruction = Read the whole thing (it has several images) - the interesting part to me is that it claims that previous to the anti-abortion movement, fetuses were removed intact and families were allowed to take pictures with them and grieve. Then the anti-abortion movement came in and decided that people who get abortions shouldn't be allowed to do that, so they came up with this procedure which destroys the fetus. Now the anti-abortion movement says this reprehensible procedure is how abortions are done and why they should be stopped... I don't know if they've evil geniuses or if they are retarded, but two things are clear: 1) If you push against something too hard, something worse could come to take its place. (destroying fetuses instead of just killing them) 2) Maybe the way to stop something is to push too much, get the worse thing and claim that EVERYTHING should be banned because it's too "horrible."
abortion  anti-something  counterintuitive  me-stuff-seeds-of-its-own-descruction  strategy  counterproductive 
october 2015 by daguti
The phone wars are over and smartphones are just boring slabs
Talks about how cellphones used to be very varied and markedly different from one another. Now that the market has matured, phones have converged to the point that phones are nearly indistinguishable from one another, aside from minor differences like RAM or storage space. Draws parallels to the computer hardware industry and points to a time when companies announced new laptops at huge PR events. Now, everyone cranks out a new laptop per week and there's no fanfare. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT it makes is that Apple is the only one that's markedly different because they own and have married the hardware and software ecosystems, so they are able to innovate by having the two play off each other. Android is different since, to compare it to the PC days, the OS is like Windows and it runs on commodity hardware produced by a wide variety of manufacturers.
cellphone  strategy  business 
september 2015 by daguti
Did Trump's rivals figure out how to hit back, or is he wearing down?
I knew this would happen. I didn't know how, but I knew he could not make it through the run up to the nomination, never mind getting elected. ........ strategy = ""I think that if Trump is to fall off, it has less to do with other candidates attacking him and more to do with him showing his own lack of depth on some of these issues," Kondik said. "To me, the moderators were doing Trump a tremendous service by making the debate a series of food fights between the candidates. Those kinds of questions are great for Trump, I think.""
people-donald-trump  news  2015  strategy 
september 2015 by daguti
Amazon Fire tablets are now so cheap you can get them in a $250 six-pack
strategy = "For a limited time, Amazon is offering a "buy five, get one free" deal on the Fire tablet for $249. This seems like mostly a gimmick to drum up publicity, but it might not be a bad deal for families. Or, it could be perfect for those who want to buy holiday gifts for their young nieces and nephews in one fell swoop. This is a classic Amazon move: Selling a device at or below cost in an effort to bring more customers to Amazon. Those who buy this tablet will be more inclined to get a Prime subscription, which in turn, will lead them to spend more money at Amazon's store."
amazon-kindle  computers-tablets  news  2015  world-records  strategy 
september 2015 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
Pyramid infographic showing the different steps needed to achieve an 8-9 figure exit. Posted by Rob Terrio
strategy  business  visualization 
september 2015 by daguti
From 'Worst to First': As Z100 Turns 30, the New York Station Still Serves the Pop Universe - The Hollywood Reporter
Wow, I never knew Z100 (100.3FM) started from such humble beginnings. .... building-personas = Aside from the "hacks" that Scott Shannon put together (which were visionary and very much predicted the crazy things that would happen in social media 30+ years later), I find it interesting that at that time, no one had yet realized that you could put together a radio station that had multiple genres. People like Blondie, but they also like Michael Jackson, etc. But programmers were blinded by the fact that genres is how you section off radio stations. They didn't yet look at psychographics and realize that even though "energetic music" might not have existed as a genre, a large segment of the population was just looking for that -- not necessarily rock or disco or pop or whatever. .................. Also see this audio "Z100's First Day Sign On" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lck_uPrTVoA
motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  history-music  strategy  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  marketing-tactics--hacks  marketing-tactics--ideas  marketing-tactics--building-personas 
april 2015 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
Question on IMSF about funnels. I like Luke Jaten's answer, which include "I've bought A LOT of shoes over the years from Nike - they never once had to sell me a thousand dollar widget to make their business model work."
marketing-tactics--funnels  strategy  frameworks-for-marketing 
april 2015 by daguti
This is T-Mobile’s plan to tear down the Verizon/AT&T duopoly brick by brick : technology
strategy = "Beyond these basics, what makes this a really smart move for T-Mobile is that it’s yet another way the “Un-carrier” is attacking its bigger rivals from the side instead of head on. As Sun Tzu once correctly wrote in The Art of War, the worst war strategy is to lay siege to an enemy’s walled cities. AT&T and Verizon’s hold on the large enterprise market are their walled cities. Attacking them would mean wasting countless resources in an effort that would drain T-Mobile’s strength at the expense of other, more lucrative opportunities."
strategy  verizon  at&t  cellphone 
march 2015 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
"Would love some of your brilliant creative input. I have a client who, for the past 25 years, has been doing 500k-$2Mm corporate transformation programs that last 6 months to a year...fortune 500 companies, mostly. Fabulous technology. Corporate climate has changed. We've decided to create a men's transformation product that is targeted towards professional men, 40-60 ish. We've done customer discovery. Created funnel components. But... he is 60 days from out of cash. We need to launch something that can generate 100K in cash flow in the next 45 days. We are using his change technology, but he has very little in the way of repurposable video, etc. content, thus everything has to be re-done. In the 25 years of doing this, he has very little in the way of a list. Around 2000 people, I believe who are past clients. He does not believe they will buy again, since they have already bought. Has no contact with end-end users (just has good relationships with the HR of his clients.)..."
marketing  startups-going-turnaround  strategy  frameworks-meta  frameworks 
march 2015 by daguti
▶ Steve Jobs Foretold the Downfall of Apple! - YouTube
fail = The only appropriate tag about failure and why companies might fail. I might have to come up with a better tag. ... UPDATE: predictions-of-downfall and 'obsolete-discontinued-abandoned'
video  people-steve-jobs  quotes  predictions  fail  strategy  design-product  predictions-of-downfall  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned 
december 2014 by daguti
SAUDI OIL MINISTER: I Don't Care If Prices Crash To $20 — We're Not Budging : worldnews
long-term-thinking, counterintuitive = Comments all seem to agree that although on the surface, it seems they are hurting themselves, they are doing it to drive US shale oil boom out of business, because prices have to be at $80/barrel for shale oil to be profitable. So this is a long term play to drive competitors out of the market.
energy  energy-oil  energy-gasoline  counterintuitive  news  2014  long-term-thinking  business  strategy  countries-saudi-arabia 
december 2014 by daguti
Silicon Valley's Power Over The Free Press: Why It Matters : All Tech Considered : NPR
strategy, short-term-thinking, innovation = "And as the Innovator's Dilemma has highlighted, it's exceedingly difficult for businesses to turn away from their main source of revenue right now to consider the revenue they'll need five or 10 years from now."
paradigm-shifts  paradigm-shifts-new-or-emerging-things  media-newspapers  media-newspapers  history-computer  technology  internet  innovation  fail-lost-opportunities  short-term-thinking  business  strategy 
november 2014 by daguti
Google Starts Ranking ISPs Based on YouTube Performance | DSLReports, ISP Information
Great strategy employed by Netflix/Google. With the ISP's recent victory in the net neutrality battle, Netflix and Google have preemptively (before ISPs have used their newfound power) started grading them so the public can see what performance will be like before they decide on an ISP. Excellent strategy.
motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  strategy  netneutrality  bandwidth 
january 2014 by daguti
onPoint Tactical • STRATEGY: The Art of Creating Power
"Successful teams are always outcome focused. The end is fixed, the means are flexible."
strategy  books-to-buy 
december 2013 by daguti
The Cable Industry is Imploding: What Providers Must Do to Stay Alive
Notice how Google useS their strategic entering of various markets to push (or some would say manipulate or force) cable providers to do what they should be doing, if only they had competition.)
bandwidth  strategy  google-fiber  capitalism 
november 2013 by daguti
Tab Clear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Post-discontinuation section, mentions a book "Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath in Your Industry" by Stephen Denny
history-business  books-to-buy  strategy 
november 2013 by daguti
Seth's Blog: Understanding marginal cost
The last 1-2 paragraphs are strategy-based, especially for the Computech Project.
business-models--pricing-models  people-seth-godin  strategy 
october 2013 by daguti
Steve Jobs Emails Show How to Win a Hard-Nosed Negotiation
Steve Jobs negotiates with HarperCollins on ebook pricing: "Jobs wasn’t willing to compromise. He sent this reply to Murdoch the same day, arguing that Amazon’s pricing wasn’t sustainable and would train people to think that ebooks were cheap. Jobs also reminded Murdoch of Apple’s vast reach — "over 120 million customers with credit cards on file." You need us more than we need you, he seemed to be saying."
business-models--pricing-models  people-steve-jobs  strategy  communication-negotiation  books-e-books-related-to 
september 2013 by daguti
True To Its Roots: Why Kickstarter Won't Sell | Fast Company
everything-old-is-new-again = "Kickstarter has only been around since 2009, but the concept behind the site is centuries old, dating at least to the days of the House of Medici." ................................................... strategy = "This forced scarcity created buzz, as early users brought in their artist friends and early backers returned to support other artists."
strategy  crowdfunding-kickstarter  paradigm-shifts-everything-old-is-new-again 
june 2013 by daguti
Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator's Dilemma - James Allworth - Harvard Business Review
Passion before profitability. Only the CFO is in charge of profit/loss. Paring down the company's offerings to focus on important things. When "business school logic" didn't work, he did the opposite. Remember that when accepted knowledge isn't working, it's not "taking time to work" (i.e. veganism) it's just flawed. Do an opposite and see the flourish. "To disrupt yourself, for example, Professor Christensen's research would typically prescribe setting up a separate company that eventually goes on to defeat the parent. It's incredibly hard to do this successfully; Dayton Dry Goods pulled it off with Target. IBM managed to do it with the transition from mainframes to PCs, by firewalling the businesses in entirely different geographies."
people-steve-jobs  strategy  business  innovation  paradigm-shifts 
may 2013 by daguti
Netbook Shipments to Disappear Completely by 2015, says iSuppli
Also see this "tablets will die off" prediction: http://mashable.com/2013/04/30/blackberry-ceo-tablets/ --------------------------------------------------- Seeing how netbooks took off, an innovative company (rather than just jumping on the netbook bandwagon) might have drawn a line from "Full fledged computers" to "laptops" to "netbooks" and seen the trend that was pointing to something that hadn't yet been invented, but was relatively obvious: "tablets". In other words, PCs have gotten smaller and with less features with each successive "iteration". The next logical conclusion would have been a tablet-like device that had no network connection, no keyboard, just a screen for input and output, allowing for easy consumption of media.
history-computer  computers  computers-tablets  strategy  paradigm-shifts  statistics 
april 2013 by daguti
Michael Scheuer - "Just Who is Osama Bin Laden ?" - YouTube
Bin Laden's War goals "How to defeat the Americans" - Lead the United States to bankruptcy - Spread their forces worldwide to the point of ineffectiveness - Destroy their domestic political unity
terrorism  strategy  analysis  video  people-osama-bin-laden 
april 2013 by daguti
Netflix On House of Cards, Streaming Growth, Viacom Deal Ending - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD
Seth Godin criticized this strategy a few weeks ago in his blog (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/02/dripping-and-syncing-the-buzz.html) But it seems to have paid off for Netflix. See Reed Hastings' justification “reinforcing our brand attribute...” at the end of this paragraph: "As predicted, Hastings doesn’t offer any real numbers for “House of Cards,” the company’s much-hyped foray into original productions. But he does take credit for building big buzz with “House of Cards” via its decision to release all 13 episodes at once. If Netflix had followed a standard release schedule, you’d be watching the last episode of the series this week, and presumably more people you know would be talking about the show right now. But Hastings says the big bang worked just fine: It ended up “reinforcing our brand attribute of giving consumers complete control over how and when they enjoy their entertainment.”
2013  news  strategy  companies-netflix 
april 2013 by daguti
How the NRA got what it wanted - Salon.com
"If an idea is considered politically and publicly acceptable, it’s in the Overton Window. If it isn’t, one can make the statement or policy no longer seem controversial, by shifting the window closer to that given policy. But how to move the goalposts so your position seems more mainstream? By proposing something even further to the extreme, the initial desired policy appears more like a “compromise.”"
guns  strategy  communication-negotiation 
april 2013 by daguti
How GoPro Created a Billion Dollar Empire
In a decade of its existence, the GoPro doubled in sales every year to become the number one best-selling camera in the world.
startups-going-legit  startups-i-would-have-bet-against  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  strategy  frameworks-for-business  business 
april 2013 by daguti
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