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Olive Garden's big turnaround: Better wine, fewer breadsticks - CNN
"The management shakeup worked. Darden's stock has surged 140% in the past five years -- better than the broader market and restaurant chains McDonald's (MCD), KFC and Taco Bell parent Yum! Brands (YUM), Chipotle (CMG) and Outback owner Bloomin' Brands (BLMN).
Darden, which generates more than half its revenue from Olive Garden, is set to report its latest earnings before the opening bell Thursday. Analysts are forecasting a solid 5% jump in sales."
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3 days ago by daguti
Cards Against Humanity buys a piece of the U.S. border - CBS News
They could have just sat there, but Cards Against Humanity is great at keeping their brand relevant and in the news.

Wow - they had their day in the sun 7 years ago and they're still keeping it going. I didn't realize they came out that long ago! "Cards Against Humanity was born out of a 2010 Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly 400 percent of its goal. Players try to outwit the others by playing a card with a word or phrase that pairs humorously with another card."
startups-going-above-and-beyond  marketing-tactics--newsjacking 
november 2017 by daguti
Dollar Shave Club and The Disruption of Everything – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
obsolete, etc = "the tech community is celebrating the massive return for Dollar Shave Club’s investors, but $1 billion for a 16% unit share of a market dominated by a brand that cost $57 billion is startlingly small. Indeed, that’s why buying Dollar Shave Club was never an option for P&G: even if their model is superior P&G’s shareholders would never permit the abandonment of what made the company so successful for so long; a company so intently focused on growing revenue is incapable of slicing one of their most profitable lines by half or more."

keywords: proctor & gamble , p&g , unilever
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july 2016 by daguti
Study: Ads Help Keep Installed Apps Active | Performance Marketing Insider | With Pace Lattin
Just like in sales: Don't neglect the users you already won over. Just because they installed your app doesn't mean they're using it. You need to devote a whole section of your business to creating content that keeps installed users active. The same holds true for any kind of relationship. Just because you've "gotten the girl" doesn't mean you can neglect that relationship or put it on autopilot. You need to tend it like a garden, lest you risk losing what you worked so hard to gain.
business  startups-going-above-and-beyond  user-experience  mobile  cellphone 
january 2016 by daguti
Facebook native videos perform up to 4X better than all other video formats | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Stewart Rogers
"Interaction rates were markedly higher for Facebook videos. In fact, they were almost 4 times higher than for YouTube, which performed slightly better than Vimeo and “other” platforms. Those others included Twitch, Vevo, and Red Bull’s own media player." ................ "The underlying message here? When it comes to promoting video content — organically paid - it is better for marketers to upload different versions of their content to each platform, and match the form of the video to the way users like..." strategy, above-and-beyond = Facebook, faced with YouTube's dominance pulled a brilliant move by asking the question "How could we make our native videos more popular that YouTube videos?" or perhaps starting even further back on the interaction chain, "What could we give our users to incentivize them to upload videos to Facebook rather than YouTube?" ... the natural answer is "Make Facebook videos autoplay and Make YouTube videos require a click." .... Brilliant!
video-related-to  marketing  facebook  youtube  startups-going-above-and-beyond  strategy 
december 2015 by daguti
Facebook takes the high road, will now let users hide exes from their timeline instead of blocking
When Mark Zuckerberg turned down $1B for Facebook back in 2008/9 people figured he was an idiot. he could have lived the rest of his life on a private island and never had to lift a finger again. But he had other plans. Everyone before him who had created a social network was just interested in an exit. He saw the potential that Facebook had. I am constantly amazed at all the new features that are coming out with Facebook. Never stop improving is a way of life for Facebook Contrast that with MySpace or Friendster or any other social network it is now dead.
news  new-features  startups-going-above-and-beyond  2015  standing-out-or-differentiating 
november 2015 by daguti
Beyond BPA: Court Battle Reveals A Shift In Debate Over Plastic Safety : Shots - Health News : NPR
I knew this BPA stuff was a mistake. It's the inherent reactivity or instability of plastic that makes it unhealthy. We could remove BPA and EA (or whatever the next acronym is) and we'll continue finding problems. What we need is a product like glass or metal that is non-reactive, but soft, pliable or non-breakable like plastic. ............... marketing, analysis, above-and-beyond = The last few paragraphs talk about how they were blocked from marketing materials mentioning their competitor, Tritan - so instead of putting out marketing materials, they are publishing scientific papers mentioning the competitor, since those can't be shut down by a court order if the science behind them is rigorous.
health  toxic  plastics  science-materials  marketing  analysis  startups-going-above-and-beyond 
february 2015 by daguti
Pottermore Christmas special: JK Rowling announces NEW Harry Potter stories - 3am & Mirror Online
above-and-beyond = She could have just rested on her laurels and lived merrily on what she's already made, but she has put a lot of effort into expanding the universe in new and interesting ways.
december 2014 by daguti
Watch the Phoenix Suns get a Halloween dino-scare - The Washington Post
"Walking With Dinosaurs" - a show that has been around for a long time came up with this marketing stunt. Great example of reaching new fans on other platforms. Pretty awesome.
marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  video  startups-going-above-and-beyond  animals-dinosaurs 
november 2014 by daguti
Facebook is now accessible through the Deep Web
video, explanation-simplification = See the video at the bottom (which I think I've bookmarked in the past anyway...)
facebook  new-features  startups-going-above-and-beyond  news  2014  security-computer  hiddeninfo  explanation-simplification  video 
october 2014 by daguti
Amtrak Writer's Residency is a Dream Made True by Social Media
going-above-and-beyond = You wouldn't think something like Amtrak needs exposure, but they do. ------------------------------ Also, this is a good example of a marketing tactic that doesn't directly promote your business, but promotes the things "around" your business.
writing  travel  to-do-before-you-die  transportation-train  startups-going-above-and-beyond  marketing-social-media-campaigns 
march 2014 by daguti
Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It - Digits - WSJ
Between this and delivery by drone back in Oct/Nov, they are definitely not resting on their laurels.
amazon.com  startups-going-above-and-beyond  news  2014 
january 2014 by daguti
How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
These micro-genres are very similar to how we see music with the MusicTag project. ................................... above-and-beyond = "That distinguishes it from Netflix's old way of recommending movies to you, too. The company used to trumpet the fact that it could kind of predict how many stars you might give a movie. And so, the company encouraged its users to rate movie after movie, so that it could take those numeric values and develop a taste profile for you. "
projects-music-discovery  analysis  startups-going-above-and-beyond  companies-netflix 
january 2014 by daguti
Lesbian dating app Dattch introduces ‘Would You Rather’ feature in a twist on Hot or Not - The Next Web
startups-going-above-and-beyond = Not talking about a specific startup, but this company is advancing the online dating industry by doing something different from the rest.
dating-online  standing-out-or-differentiating  standing-out-or-differentiating-by-content  startups-going-above-and-beyond 
december 2013 by daguti
Chipotle - The Scarecrow
Chipotle commercial with the dystopian-sounding version of Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka, performed by Fiona Apple.
filmmaking-technique  music  startups-going-above-and-beyond  commercials  music-depressing  music-covers  video 
september 2013 by daguti
Facebook Updates News Feed to Feature More 'High Quality' Content
I am constantly amazed at how Facebook never stops innovating. Love them or hate them, they are never resting on their laurels.
startups-going-above-and-beyond  facebook  new-features 
august 2013 by daguti
Google Fiber broadcast television impact analysis | BGR
going-above-and-beyond = "Google is well-positioned to turn Google Fiber into the core technology enabling instant VOD access; Netflix is pioneering the new production/distribution logic; Amazon is sneakily exploiting its Prime service to slip video consumption to its customer base."
television  startups-going-above-and-beyond  google-fiber  paradigm-shifts-new-or-emerging-things  analysis  paradigm-shifts 
may 2013 by daguti
Zuckerberg's Big Mistake: Launching Facebook Home in the U.S.
With so much opportunity for Facebook overseas, launching Facebook Home in the U.S. is a perplexing choice.
startups-going-above-and-beyond  2013  news  cellphone  facebook  strategy  new-features  mobile 
april 2013 by daguti
Staplers, the Attachment That’s Still Making Noise - NYTimes.com
marketing = After the first few paragraphs, they mention the old ads that went into creating the stapler industry. startups-going-above-and-beyond = But Mr. Keller knows full well that computers will continue to eat into the business; that’s why Acco is aggressively expanding into global markets where technology is not as entrenched.
history-business  tools  startups-going-above-and-beyond  marketing  retro-nostalgia 
march 2013 by daguti
United Airlines holds plane so passenger can say goodbye to his dying mother
This isn't a social media marketing campaign, but you bet the story got out there without United having to do anything about it.
startups-going-above-and-beyond  marketing-social-media-campaigns  airlines  customer-service 
march 2013 by daguti
How Google Plans to Find the UnGoogleable
The future of search... providing you with answers to things you never thought of Googling, such as the current length of the grocery store line... or things you still haven't thought of asking for, such as when you're arriving at the airport and need to know how to get to your gate.
startups-going-above-and-beyond  future  google  search 
december 2012 by daguti
How A Middle-School Principal Persuaded Students To Come To School : Planet Money : NPR
I wonder if he knows how powerful this random element is:
"And he threw in an element of randomness: The first kids in line when the doors opened might get 20 tickets."
motivation-psychological  startups-going-above-and-beyond  leadership  teaching 
december 2012 by daguti
Apple Is Quietly Working To Destroy The iPhone - Business Insider
"They fit into an obvious pattern, where computers have been getting smaller and closer to our faces since their very beginning."
computers-wearable  analysis  strategy  startups-going-above-and-beyond  apple 
december 2012 by daguti
Why Legos Are So Expensive — And So Popular : Planet Money : NPR
It's always possible to win. You just have to be creative.


"The company tried to argue in court that no other company had the legal right to make stacking blocks that look like Legos.

"That didn't fly," Robertson says. "Every single country that Lego tried to make that argument in decided against Lego."

But Lego did find a successful way to do something Mega Bloks could not copy: It bought the exclusive rights to Star Wars. If you want to build a Death Star out of plastic blocks, Lego is now your only option.

The Star Wars blocks were wildly successful. So Lego kept going — it licensed Indiana Jones, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and Harry Potter.

Sales of these products have been huge for Lego. More important, the experience has taught the company that what kids wanted to do with the blocks was tell stories. Lego makes or licenses the stories they want to tell."
business  toys  children  startups-going-above-and-beyond  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  creativity  business-models 
december 2012 by daguti
Burrito battle: Taco Bell vs. Chipotle - 1 - - MSN Money
While I hate Taco Bell and, in general, companies that "copy" (i.e. Blockbuster and Redbox to Netflix's original model) this story shows me that it's possible to make changes that can affect the market in a big way.
food  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  startups-going-above-and-beyond 
december 2012 by daguti
The Secret Weapon animation - YouTube
This is the video that Chip sent me on how to combine Getting Things Done with Evernote to create a productivity system. ................... startups-going-above-and-beyond = Just when you thought Evernote was just another note-taking app... (although, this doesn't exactly match this tag, as is not something that Evernote created) - backed up to \media\video\youtube & internet backups
startups-going-above-and-beyond  evernote  video  organization  productivity  videos-to-watch  productivity-gtd 
december 2012 by daguti
Gotham Gal: Etsy Pop-up Shop in Soho
startups-going-above-and-beyond = A new tag for startups that have become "standards", yet took it to a new level with a new offering or something to make even a more compelling offering. So often I think "if only I could get to Twitter status" or whatever, but if I were there would I rest on my laurels?
This tag is to basically showcase those who got to Twitter level, but then continue to innovate and get into the public eye.

More links:

https://www.etsy.com/blog/news/2012/notes-from-chad-9/ (the last 3 paragraphs)

etsy  startups-going-above-and-beyond 
december 2012 by daguti
12 Lessons Learned While Marketing “The 4-Hour Body” (Plus: SXSW)
startups-going-above-and-beyond = "This is a step-by-step explanation of everything behind the launch of The 4-Hour Body, which ended up hitting #1 New York Times and ***outselling The 4-Hour Workweek 5-to-1.***"
frameworks-for-marketing  buzz  startups-going-above-and-beyond  people-tim-ferriss  marketing  tips-n-tricks  communication-negotiation 
march 2011 by daguti

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