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Email Marketers: Competitors Adding Spam Traps?
On second look, this looks like more an ad for a company that "scrubs" your email list than a real advisory, but it couldn't hurt to at least have this on the radar.
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september 2012 by daguti
The Spam-Stopping App Trusted by 5 Million Android Users
disposable = Not really, but it will help me find it when I go looking for it along with the other similar anti-phone-spam tools I've bookmarked in the past.
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september 2012 by daguti
866-887-8317 / 8668878317 - Getting off robo-caller spam lists
"Record the out of service tone at the beginning of you answering machine message. The pause 3 seconds before your regular message. The robo-dialer will then note that your number is not in service and delete it from it's database. It will take a few weeks to allow all the robo-dialers to check in. 
So any call from a number that you don't recognize, just let it go to voice mail. The following is a .wav file for an invalid number SIT tone: errorbeeps1.wav (15k), from www.thisisarecording.com"  <---- NOTE: This website no longer works, but just look for a SIT tone and the rest of the tip will work.
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september 2011 by daguti
Kevin Schmidt's Blog
I got spammed by this service (Anyshell.net) to my sunsolve.sun.com@krimsen.org address. This bookmark is just for the record.
january 2010 by daguti
How to Obscure Any URL
similar to that X42 site - how to write an IP address in octal notation
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march 2009 by daguti
TrendSecure | Trend Micro™ RUBotted (Beta)
Malicious software called Bots can secretly take control of computers and make them participate in networks called “Botnets.” These networks can harness massive computing power and Internet bandwidth to relay spam, attack web servers, infect more comp
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june 2008 by daguti
10 Extremely Useful Websites to Stop Big Brother From Snooping on You
If you are tired of receiving junk mail, spam and annoying telemarketing phone calls, then this list is for you. If you desire to take steps to stop the snooping from the government, hackers and marketing agencies, then this list will show you the way t
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december 2007 by daguti
Test an Email Address
Use the link above to check if an e-mail address is valid or not.
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september 2007 by daguti
SPF: Project Overview
An introduction to what SPF is, or about how SPF fits into the bigger picture of e-mail authentication. Includes a "wizard' which allows you to create an SPF record for your own domain.
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february 2007 by daguti
Forged and bounced e-mail from Ask Jack
Forged and bounced e-mail from Ask Jack -- details of how to set up SPF are published on the Open SPF website
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january 2007 by daguti

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