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Manta Sleep Mask / Eye Mask / Best Sleeping Mask - 100% Blackout
I also notice that if you search for Manta Sleep Mask on Amazon, it gives you a bunch of cheaper copycats. Not sure how well they copied it, but the prices range from $10-21, so it's worth comparing.

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december 2018 by daguti
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"1-3% of people are equipped with a mutated gene called hDEC2 which allows their body to get the rest of requires from just a few hours of sleep."
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march 2018 by daguti
Lack Of Deep Sleep May Set The Stage For Alzheimer's : Shots - Health News : NPR
entrepreneurship = a warning because many who embark on the journey, shun sleep and consider it to be for the weak
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january 2016 by daguti
Awakening several times throughout the night is more detrimental to mood than getting the same amount of sleep uninterrupted : science
Wow, sounds like my favorite thing it's not good for me. I always like the idea of waking up in the middle of the night and "realizing" I'm asleep and then being able to go back to sleep.
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november 2015 by daguti
This New Study Questions What We Thought We Knew About Sleep
"Sleep onset occurred as it began to get colder, and wake times tightly coincided with the coldest point in a 24-hour period, just as temperatures began to rise. By following this cycle, tribe members maintained fairly consistent wake-up times. Modern society, with its temperature controlled bedrooms, doesn't preserve this nightly pattern. "Humans are unique in having removed that cycle from their lives," says Siegel, and he speculates that this lack of temperature variation could be just as big as an insomnia-driver as artificial light."
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october 2015 by daguti
Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More | Minds
Naps can help restore productivity lost throughout the day. The infographic shows the different lengths of naps and what each one does for you.
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april 2014 by daguti
SLEEP MUSIC RELAX Delta binaural waves [Meditation & Relaxation] - YouTube
Jessica Graham on Facebook said this made Amelia (her newborn) sleep after 9 minutes, despite 1 hour of struggling beforehand.
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march 2014 by daguti
Every Night You Lose More Than A Pound While You're Asleep (For The Oddest Reason) : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
Every morning you wake up lighter than you were the night before, because you are exhaling carbon atoms. Whoa!
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june 2013 by daguti
5 Big Discoveries About Personal Effectiveness in 2012 | Psychology Today
books-to-buy = Strangers To Ourselves 1) You dont' know yourself as well as you think. Ask someone else's advice on how you'd react. 2) Solve your problems by distracting yourself from them with mildly cognitively engaging tasks, such as a video game, dish washing, etc. 3) Solve your problems by thinking of them in the third person (as yourself trying to solve the same problem for someone else) 4) Take a nap to increase brainpower. 5)
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february 2013 by daguti
I've Been Napping The Wrong Way My Entire Life! Thank You, Science!
Naps of 10-30 minutes are best. Longer and you will be too groggy. Less and you will feel like you didn't sleep.
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december 2012 by daguti
Smart people SLEEP LATE - Winnipeg Free Press
facts = Sleep parameters vary among animals. Cows sleep open-eyed. Horses sleep standing up. Some birds can sleep in flight, others while standing. Dolphins sleep in one-half of their brain while the other half remains awake. Bats need 19.9 hours of sleep every 24 hours, lions need 13.5, rats 13, cats 12.5, whales 5.3, deer 3.1, giraffes 1.9, most birds 3 to 8 and donkeys three.
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november 2010 by daguti
How to Naturally Reset Your Sleep Cycle In One Night | Wise Bread
16 hours is enough to engage this new clock," says Saper.

"So, in this case, simply avoiding any food on the plane, and then eating as soon as you land, should help you to adjust — and avoid some of the uncomfortable feelings of jet lag." CBC (quoting study published in the May 22 issue of Science).
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august 2009 by daguti
Why Sleeping is (Almost) More Important Than Breathing on Yahoo! Health
Dont' talk on the cell phone before you go to bed - the slight radiation will cause you to take longer to fall asleep and you will spend less time in the deep stages of sleep.
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november 2008 by daguti
More options available to help stop snoring - Los Angeles Times
If simple lifestyle changes and over-the-counter remedies can't control chronic snoring, more sophisticated surgical and nonsurgical treatments are another option.
YOU'RE ON the verge of falling asleep, and then it starts. The snorting. The choking sounds. Sometimes there's even a little whistle to it. A family member or roommate sleeping nearby has launched into an all-night bout of snoring, and you're the one who is going to lie awake all night listening to it.
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august 2008 by daguti
Cool Tool: 2-Quart Hot Water Bottle
The British and Chinese long-ago figured out that cold feet make for restless sleep. A hot water bottle is the solution. If you can get past the grandfatherly grandmotherly image, putting one at your feet (wrap in an old t-shirt to avoid the feel of rubbe
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december 2007 by daguti
Dymaxion Sleep - TIME
Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Sleep Method
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july 2007 by daguti
MJ PEAK PERFORMANCE: Snooze, You Win - Improve your mental and physical performance by power napping
According to new studies, nothing tunes up mind and body like a good nap. But there's an art to catching the right kind of Z's.
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may 2007 by daguti
The British and Chinese long-ago figured out that cold feet make for restless sleep. A hot water bottle is the solution. If you can get past the grandfatherly grandmotherly image, putting one at your feet (wrap in an old t-shirt to avoid the feel of rub
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january 2007 by daguti

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