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8 IKEA Shopping Tips From A Former Employee
"A former IKEA worker tells us how some tips for making your jaunt through furniture Legoland more enjoyable and efficient.

1. IKEA lives on add-on sales, and where they make their money. The stores are designed to get you though every department, but there are shortcuts. Use them liberally; ask for the fastest way to where you need to go. There’s a ton of cheap stuff along the way for you to grab, and it adds up fast. Before you check out, evaluate what’s in your cart and if you really need/ want it and you’ll save a good chunk of cash. Also, in the first showroom area, avoid what’s called the ‘open the wallet’ area- tons of small, cool, cheap stuff you can grab- it gets you in the buying mood, and ‘opens your wallet’. Everything there is duplicated later on, so if you see something really cool, write it down and look for it later.

2. The 30-day return policy is (sort of) a lie. IKEA will generally return stuff like wal-mart (but should not be confused with that evil place), so keep receipts if at all possible. And if anything is wrong with the product, take it apart and bring it backw. Be sure to check the boxes for damage before you check out.

3. Go midweek, even in the evening. Particularly if you’re buying a lot of stuff. It’s slower, and coworkers are going to be more available and willing to help.

4. IKEA sells tons of cheap crap, but the higher priced stuff is well worth the money, lasts for a long time and usually carries a warranty.

5. Just because something isn’t on the shelf doesn’t mean it’s not in stock. Note the article number shown on the tag, and find someone at an info station (or walking around) and have them look it up. If it’s out of stock, there is usually info on when it’s coming in. Note: most peons won’t know all of this, so if they don’t know or are confused, seek the almighty duty manager. They can find out (and might give you free stuff. Ask). If the item is truly out of stock, and there is no delivery info (which means it’s 4-6 weeks out, minimum), they can sell you the floor model, BUT at full retail price. At this point, be on your best behavior, and ask if there’s any way at all it can be discounted, because of that scratch or whatever (remember: be nice. If you’re a dick, they won’t help you after this). What can be done if you play your cards right is this: They’ll send you, item on flat cart, to the as-is department. While you’re on your way down, they’ll call and tell them Jane Doe is on her way with article 503.243.22 from the sales floor, and can you give them an as-is price on it? Once there, they’ll mark it down some for you and you’re good to go. NOTE: Once something becomes as-is, it’s just that- you can’t return it, no matter what, so make sure you want it.

6. If you’re buying lots of stuff (e.g., kitchens, home office, furnishing whole house): buy in stages. This way you can use your (friend’s) truck, instead of delivery (which is by the piece). Also, when pieces come up with missing parts or damaged, you’re already going back, so you don’t have to get all upset about making another trip. Also, when doing this, talk to a few people in (workIKEA, kitchens, whichever department) to get to know them and their knowledge of the product, so when you come back, you know who to talk to (when I worked in kitchens, a few customers asked my schedule for the next week so they’d come in when I was there. Not that I’m so great, it just meant I knew their order, what they were doing, and they wouldn’t explain every time they came in. It always turned out well for them).

7. Missing parts are the bane of everyone’s IKEA experience. The following steps are the best way to resolve this: A) Know what you need. Each screw, peg, etc, has a part number. This is found on the first page of the instructions. Also, each item has an 8 article number, printed right next to the bar code. Knowing these two numbers will save you tons of time.
B) call your local store. Do NOT speak with the operator; they usually won’t do you any good. Ask for either the department it’s from (Living rooms, kitchens, etc) or the recovery department.
C) Tell them the article number and they’ll look up the product, and can pull up its instructions (if you’re missing the instructions, they can also print them out and mail them to you), and the part number you need. They can then mail it to you.

8. If you’re having problems with a CSR (‘coworker’) politely ask to speak with the duty manager. They have to call them. Managers at IKEA usually live and breathe IKEA and will do anything to keep you happy. So get the manager, explain your situation, and they’ll bend over backwards for you.

(Photo: Ben Popken)

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist."
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23 days ago by daguti
The Mysterious Company Behind the Best-Selling TV in America -- The Motley Fool
This is the oCosmo / Scepter TV that both I and dad bought. I've had it since 2012 with no issues whatsoever and Dad has had it for 1-2 years, with no issues.

For some reason, searching directly on Amazon for oCosmo or Scepter does not bring up the good deals, but if you generically search for "40-inch tv" and pick some other brands (like TCL), the Scepter will be shown as a comparison product near the bottom.
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june 2018 by daguti
Buy Discount Gift Cards & Earn Free Gift Cards | Gift Card Granny®
You can buy gift cards here at a discount (i.e. a $200 gift card at $180) and use the gift card instead of paying cash.
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march 2018 by daguti
Results for Rutgers University, NJ - GovDeals.com
Rutgers University Surplus - Just to keep track of what kind of stuff they typically have:
- 3x 5-year old iMacs for about $200-$300 (one outlier at $71)
- a 1080p projector for $176
- various sets of 8-15 stacking chairs for $40-$70
- 2 portable stages (like at RNJ) for $50/ea
- a single-station rolling computer desk at $16
- various types of 4 & 5 drawer filing cabinets for $15
- various 4-level metal bookshelves for $10
- a round folding table for $10

Not sure if this pulls from the same supply of stuff, but this video features the Rutgers Surplus Store on Livingston Campus:

Livingston Campus
31 Postal Plaza
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
more info incl. directions: http://www.material.rutgers.edu/directions.shtml
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february 2018 by daguti
Buy or lease the smart way with our new car buying and leasing guide.
$39.95 for the first car, $15 for each additional car. It gives you a bunch of inside info to be informed before buying a new car.

also see this page on how the auto industry redesigned the invoice for the internet age:
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september 2016 by daguti
List of things that are actually worth getting - Album on Imgur
Things that are actually worth getting from the standpoint of frugality (like DE safety razors which cost $10 for 100 blades vs normal cartridge razors which cost $45 for 20 blades) or
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july 2016 by daguti
How to Get Amazon 7-Day Price Protection on Everything They Sell
"I was always under the impression that the item had to be sold directly by “Amazon.com LLC” to qualify for price protection. I recently discovered this is NOT the case and the only requirement is “order fulfillment” by Amazon. Pretty much every product that qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping is fulfilled by Amazon these days. Many of which are sold be 3rd party sellers, but have order fulfillment by Amazon."
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march 2016 by daguti
Mens Jackets & Outerwear - Cheap Leather Jackets For Men & Mens Winter Coats With Wholesale Prices on Sale | Sammydress.com
Seems to be really cheap men's clothing. If you buy from here, be sure to use a disposable credit card and double check as you carefully read everything. This smells like it might be one of those sneaky subscription service things.
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november 2015 by daguti
Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe Guide | Barefoot and Paleo
Paleo / minimalist shoe guide. .......... shoes-vibram, anti-something = Read the section on FiveFingers. Matthew's not a fan.
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april 2015 by daguti
Men Custom Suits & Custom Shirts | Tailor4Less
I like how they have taken the complicated process of measuring a suit and simplified it. We could use this as a model for doing other products, including "What is a cappucino?" Or "What is a latte?" and other such things.
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april 2015 by daguti
What to buy every month of the year - Imgur
Cindy said "Other big things to remember in food store are buy fruits when in season and freeze for other times of the year. Also right now around thanksgiving is best time for canned goods, broth, etc. Also so many places offer free shipping right now so it's a good time to stock up on basics like socks, underwear, etc."
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december 2014 by daguti
This place has games like Police Quest (the whole series for $15!) and lots of other classics.
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october 2014 by daguti
Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa LS Castle Rock/Navy/Grey - 6pm.com
Seems to be one of the places with the cheapest Vibram FiveFingers. $36.41 for size 41 of this model. The inexpensive ones seem to go out of stock fairly quickly, so move fast if you see something you like.
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march 2014 by daguti
The World's Best Blenders, Mixers & Grain Mills | Blendtec.com
Refurbished Blentecs. $279.95 refurb with Four Side Jar vs $399.99 new with WildSide Jar on Amazon. After having had both jars, I much prefer/recommend the WildSide, so unless you are seriously strapped for cash, I recommend the new with WildSide. However, for $499, you can get a package with both jars from Amazon. A savings of some $25 or maybe $35 ------------ NOTE: The purchase on the BlendTec website (even refurbished) includes 7 year warranty. Not sure what the warranty is when purchased from Amazon.
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december 2013 by daguti
Best Buy Open Box and Clearance Laptop price list
Ravish showed me this tool for looking up bargains at Best Buy, though they are mostly for "in store pickup only"

UPDATE 2018-11-19: This no longer works, but I am leaving it here because it's a good reminder that maybe someone has created a replacement for this or maybe there's a website that aggregates open box specials from a bunch of sites.
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october 2013 by daguti
Cool Tools – Tool Shopping Strategies
projects-computech = It would be good to come up with something like this for Computech & pretty much any e-commerce venture.
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october 2012 by daguti
Sortable: A Sweet Gadget-Buying Decision Engine
This is similar to what I would need to allow people to compare two servers, for example. data-amalgamation = A new tag for tools or sites that gather unsorted data and help make it intelligible. Two other sites that remind me of this: -- Gary's Guide - for tech events... I have to ask how they gather events. Do they crawl and use AI or do they have event promoters submit? -- The "side-by-side" camera "buying guide feature on DPReview.com (http://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/cameras)
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october 2012 by daguti
Where Does the Car Dealer Make Money? - Edmunds.com
See "Dealer Cash"
"Dealer cash is even more significant. When a car isn't selling well, the manufacturer will sometimes offer an incentive — often as much as $2,000 — but only let the dealer know about it. This is like a wild card in negotiating, and it lets the dealer claim he's taking a loss while still actually making a nice profit. Dealer cash is listed on Edmunds.com under Latest Incentives."
NOTE: That link might not work, so I think this is where it is supposed to lead: http://www.edmunds.com/car-incentives/
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september 2011 by daguti
Sell Gift Cards and Buy Gift Cards «
Alex recommended this as a way to save money. If you have a large purchase planned, purchase the gift cards for an up to 35% discount.
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may 2011 by daguti
Gift Card Exchange - Buy, Sell, Swap - Free Shipping - Plastic Jungle
Alex recommended this as a way to save money. If you have a large purchase planned, purchase the gift cards for an up to 35% discount.
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may 2011 by daguti
Gift Card Castle
Alex recommended this as a way to save money. If you have a large purchase planned, purchase the gift cards for an up to 35% discount.
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may 2011 by daguti
Gift Card Exchange - Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards Online | Cardpool
Alex recommended this as a way to save money. If you have a large purchase planned, purchase the gift cards for an up to 35% discount.
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may 2011 by daguti
Nancy Boy, Inc.
Skin care line, including lotions recommended by Seth Godin in one of his "odds and ends" blog posts. website-examples = Idea: See the "why buy from us?" link? You have to click on it to go to that page. What if our "Why buy from us?" link had a small blurb that popped up as soon as you moused over it. We could then start off the blurb by saying "See how this bubble proactively popped up before you even clicked it? That's how we are with everything. We do everything for you to make your experience with us as seamless as possible. When your order goes smoothly and it seems as if no one's broken a sweat, it's from years of putting all the right systems in place to make buying IT hardware the stress-free experience it should be."
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march 2011 by daguti
Printable Coupons
Recommended in an email by Cindy, Jan 2011.
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january 2011 by daguti
Welcome to Walk Well Shoes & Mastro Shoes - Professional Shoe Fitters
They are professional shoe fitters committed to whole body health.
shoes feet nj shopping
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november 2010 by daguti
They also sell plastic cuff keys, perfect for rubber banding around an ankle.
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november 2010 by daguti
Used Car Buyer Advocate Service Releases Pricing Study
USED-CAR PRICING STUDY SUMMARY Online Car Buying Negotiations Service Compares Prices from Used Car Retail Giant CarMax and non-CarMax Dealers to Uncover Best Deals A new used-car pricing study released today by Carsala, an online car buying negotiations service for value-conscious car buyers, suggests consumers can pay 25% less if they use a negotiations service like Carsala instead of paying no-haggle prices at CarMax. The Carsala study compared prices at CarMax to prices at competing dealers with similar cars. The average asking price at all dealers (both CarMax and non-CarMax) was slightly below Kelley Blue Book (about 1% below). However, CarMax prices are non-negotiable, whereas prices at competing dealers are just starting points for negotiations. The top 50% of non-CarMax dealers’ prices were 8% lower than CarMax prices (or 9% below Kelley Blue Book). After Carsala negotiations, the prices were 25% lower than the prices at...
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april 2010 by daguti
TRUECAR - good site for finding the true market price on new and used cars in your area
Compare Local Dealer New Car Prices to invoice price and MSRP. Get the best deals on new 2012/2013 cars w/ a No-obligation Quote Today!
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june 2009 by daguti
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