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BBC - Earth - We have the wrong idea about males, females and sex
medicine-science-catches-up-to-folk-wisdom = Not medicine related, but this is where I nested the tag when I first came up with it. I've read that Native American populations recognized and honored trans people within their cultures, this is an example of science (i.e. "modern man") finally catching up to what ancient cultures knew all along.
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june 2016 by daguti
How To Spot A Spiritual Sexual Predator
This talks about sexual abusers in the spiritual guru / new age communities, but it could apply to any kind of relationship. Read the comments Diana Young posted about this. "power imbalance" --- https://www.facebook.com/diana.young.161446/posts/526192487561773
sex  sex-and-society  warnings  crime-rape  relationships  relationships-marriage  crime-abuse-physical-emotional-or-sexual 
january 2016 by daguti
Colorado Debates Whether IUDs Are Contraception Or Abortion : Shots - Health News : NPR
So, religion, tell me more about this abstinence training? (also see bookmark from a few days ago about the failure of abstinence training in Africa) ... oh, and FUCK YOU KEVIN LUNDBERG! Idiot. Program that works BEAUTIFULLY, you have to destroy because you're a fucking know-nothing dogmatic dipshit.
sex  society  sex-and-society  culture  religion  politics-philosophies-republicans 
march 2015 by daguti
Reminder: There is a DIRECT correlation between a woman's sexual past and divorce rates. : TheRedPill
This is wrong in so many ways. A) Monogamy is an unnatural state B) Repression is an issue C) Party girls end up with party guys, so who is the one at fault for the failure of the relationship?
relationships  women  sexuality  sex  society  culture  relationships-monogamy  relationships-divorce 
december 2014 by daguti
Fur Seal Sex With Penguin: Why Does It Happen? : Discovery News
So let's see, homosexuality in the animal kingdom: check; warfare in the animal kingdom: check; rape in the animal kingdom: check; kidnapping in the animal kingdom: check; and now cross species deviant sexual behavior: check.
sexuality  sex  animals  sex-and-society  evolvify-topics  crime-rape 
november 2014 by daguti
I Took a Christian Virginity Pledge As a Child And It Nearly Destroyed My Life | Alternet
hypocricy = I see so often, in situations like this, adults projecting their own feelings of guilt and shame on children or others. As a matter of fact, I feel that most of the Right Wing crusade against homosexuals, pre-marital sex, drugs, abortion, etc stems from their own abuse of those things. They have strayed so far in one direction that when the rubber band finally pulls them back, they go in completely the other direction. .............. It's as if what defines them is not so much sex drugs & rock and roll, nor ultra-conservative values... No, instead, their defining trait is that they are just extreme people - when they were wild, they were really, really wild. When they turn conservative, they have to be really, really, conservative, not just abstaining from those activities, but forcing (legislating) everyone else into abstaining as well. I've seen it happen to so many friends and acquaintances over the years... extreme partiers become Right wind zealots & religious nutjobs.
religion  sex-and-society  sexuality  hypocricy  sex 
august 2014 by daguti
If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk : Shots - Health News : NPR
"Young women are often the targets of aggression when they're out in bars, but the problem isn't that guys are too drunk to know better. Instead, men are preying on women who have had too much to drink."
drink-alcohol  sex  society  sex-and-society  culture  men-boys  women  evolvify-topics 
march 2014 by daguti
The Love That Dared Not Speak Its Name, Of A Beetle For A Beer Bottle : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
Animals are sometimes tricked by human inventions. The hummingbird that tries to pollinate a red electric fence, the sea turtles who are confused by hotel beach lights, and the beetles who try to mate with beer bottles.
animals  sex  nature 
june 2013 by daguti
Judge orders women in sexual harassment case to hand over Facebook logins | Naked Security
Female employees suing their employer for sexual harassment are asked by Federal judge to hand over passwords to their Facebook, email and other social media accounts.
sex-and-society  sex  crime  facebook  legal-or-law 
december 2012 by daguti
Women’s Sexual Fantasies: "It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah"! | Psychology Today
books-to-buy = The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature
marketing-tactics--hacks  marketing  me-stuff  books-to-buy  evolvify-topics  sexuality  sex  women 
august 2012 by daguti
Triplewart seadevil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The species displays extreme sexual dimorphism. Females are more typical in appearance to other anglerfish, whereas the males are tiny rudimentary creatures with stunted digestive systems. A male must find a female and attach to her near the vent; he then lives on her parasitically, becoming little more than a sperm-producing appendage."
animals  sex  amazing 
august 2011 by daguti
YouTube - Roof Sex by PES
We saw "Roof Sex" at the Union County Performing Arts Center "Film Shorts" festival.
film  funny  video  sex 
april 2010 by daguti
A curvy body's like a drug to men, study reveals - Skin and beauty- msnbc.com
Watching a curvaceous woman can feel like a reward in the brain of men, much as drinking alcohol or taking drugs might, research now reveals.
pornography  sex  evolvify-topics  beauty  sexuality  women  relationships 
february 2010 by daguti
Charged with faking AIDS test for sex - faked aids test - fake aids test
for all of you who dont know. it can take hiv anywhere from 5-10 yrs to show up in your system and even then you may still be asymptomatic. so unless your absolutely positively sure of the person. I ADVISE YOU TO ATTEND THE TESTING WITH YOUR PARTNER AND GO RIGHT THERE TO SEE THE RESULTS THE SAME DAY. IF HE/SHE IS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH THEY WILL HAVE NO ISSUE WITH YOU READING OR HEARING THE RESULTS AT THE SAME TIME THEY DO
sex  disease-std  medicine 
december 2008 by daguti
Surviving Infidelity: What Wives Do When Men Cheat | LiveScience
The Spitzers are far from alone when it comes to fidelity issues. A 1994 study by sociologist Edward Lauman found that 10 percent to 11 percent of spouses had cheated in the prior year. Over a lifetime, that study revealed about 18 percent of women and 24
sex  relationships-marriage  relationships  crime-prostitution 
march 2008 by daguti
plaisir partager
Awesome AIDS prevention commercial from France.
commercials  video  film  health  fitness  sex  filmmaking-technique 
january 2008 by daguti
Laud Humphreys and the Tearoom Sex Study
Laud Humphreys, a sociologist, recognized that the public and the law-enforcement authorities hold highly simplistic stereotyped beliefs about men who commit impersonal sexual acts with one another in public restrooms. "Tearoom sex," as fellatio in public
sex  research  society  culture  sexuality 
november 2007 by daguti
Psychology Today: Teens and Sex
The good news is that while teen sex may not be wholly preventable, the health risks it involves can be reduced through communication within the family. More research presented at the APHA meeting showed that frequent parent-child discussions about sex and its dangers may prevent teenagers from engaging in risky sexual behavior.
psychology  sex  childrearing  children-teens 
september 2007 by daguti
Beauty is in the eye of your friends - being-human - 17 January 2007 - New Scientist
Beauty is in the eye of your friends - being-human - 17 January 2007 - New Scientist
psychology  social-skills  sex  women  health  beauty 
january 2007 by daguti

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