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Why Waiting in Line Is Torture - NYTimes.com
books-to-buy = “Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks and the Hidden Powers of the Mind.” ................... Mirrors next to elevators so people have something to do (check themselves out) while they wait for the elevators. Same thing with with the baggage claim being a 20 minute walk away from the airplane (people who walk 20 minutes instead of wait 20 minutes, report being happier about the experience even though it was more work.) ...which is the same reason doctor's offices (McDoctors, like Summit Medical) schedule you for 3:30pm and call you in from the waiting room at 3:30pm, but leave you waiting in the examination room for another 15-20 minutes.
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september 2012 by daguti
Effects: Hawthorne, scarcity and showroom - The Domino Project
"The Hawthorne effect describes how people react to changes in their environment–particularly to the knowledge that they are being paid attention to... the Hawthorne effect works at retail too. Tell the buyer at the store that you have a new edition, or a new format, or a new cover or a new pricing strategy and you have a new chance at shelf space.

The scarcity effect is surprisingly powerful in a world that’s suddenly filled with abundance... The interesting takeaway for me is that the book has been available for over a year, so it’s not like it was hiding. Only when it became scarce did the rush happen.

The showroom effect is something we’re seeing again and again online. Having your product in a store makes your online sales go up, sometimes significantly. It certainly has a huge impact on ebooks, because...ebooks are seen as a shadow of the real book–so if the “real” book is right there, before your eyes, it prompts you to go online and get the digital replacement."
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february 2012 by daguti
trendwatching.com's September 2011 Trend Briefing "RETAIL RENAISSANCE" on the latest in retail trends and shopping for consumers
Awesome "blog" (not really a daily) on the intersection of retail and online shopping. See Sept 2011 edition.
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september 2011 by daguti
Are you a bad customer? - MSN Money
Are you a bad customer? It depends on your definition. But too many returns or a history of staff harassment may get you locked out of good deals or better service.
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june 2006 by daguti
Wired News: Make Vendors Liable for Bugs
Interesting. Don't let the title fool you. "There is a general rule in security to align interest with capability. The customer has the capability of watching the employee; the sign gives him the interest." First page is interesting at least. Haven't read
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june 2006 by daguti

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