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Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For - Bloomberg
They externalize all risk (tax breaks from municipalities, sucking water away from the local residents while paying nearly nothing, putting tons of plastic out into the world) and they privatize all profit. It's disgusting.
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february 2018 by daguti
Why Plumbers Used Lead, And Why Getting Rid Of It Won’t Be Easy | Here & Now
This segment from 2016-03-17 talks about why plumbers used lead and a few minutes into the story, how once people started catching on to the health effects of lead, the lead pipe industry launched disinformation campaigns and so forth. ...... this is an audio link, but the page leads to this site where you can read more (not sure if it's the same content in text form or it's just an additional resource: http://wesa.fm/post/how-we-ended-lead-piping-and-why-removing-it-will-be-hard)
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march 2016 by daguti
Christie signs law greenlighting fast track sale of N.J. public water systems | NJ.com
This is the third thing I can document that this fat douchebag has sold out the state of NJ for: 1) Forgiving Exxon's $1+ billion fine and letting them pay a few hundred million instead. 2) Letting Verizon get away with failing to live up to their promise to wire the whole state with fiber even though they cashed in on several billion in tax breaks 3) Now selling the public water systems...... This asshole is a true asshole.

The Exxon deal:

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february 2016 by daguti
See what researchers found when they tested a bottle of Fiji Water against a glass of tap water.
"Beverage companies have turned bottled water into a multibillion-dollar industry through a concept known as manufactured demand. Bottled water advertisements used a combination of scare tactics (Tap water bad!) and seduction (From the purest mountain streams EVER!) to reel us in. Well, we now know their claims about the superior quality of bottled water are mostly bogus. And research shows that anywhere from a quarter to 45% of all bottled water comes from the exact same place as your tap water (which, to reiterate, is so cheap it's almost free)."
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may 2015 by daguti
John Wesley Powell 19th Century Maps of the American West | New Republic
These maps of the then-developing American West, based on watersheds instead of arbitrary boundaries, could have changed the drought problems we are experiencing now.
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june 2014 by daguti

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