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A recent study finds that young people who get financial support from their parents have greater professional success, highlighting one way social inequality is transmitted from one generation to the next : science
counterintuitive = Not exactly counterintuitive, but runs contrary to the myth of the "self made man."

Reminds me of the meme I saw of Jeff Bezos showing him in a garage working to build Amazon in the early days. Then below it listed all his advantages:
- went to one of the best schools in the world
- had a top Wall Street job
- parents provided financial support, etc
success  wealth  counterintuitive  research-studies 
may 2018 by daguti
Can drugmakers buy doctor loyalty with free meals? - UPI.com

When you're looking to show that something as small as a meal can influence the behavior of a doctor.

However, note FTA:
"However, the study did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. It may be that doctors attend industry events where information is provided on drugs they already prefer, the authors noted.

Dr. David Grande, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, thinks that's unlikely.

"These findings provide even more support to do away with gifts altogether," he said."
medicine-doctors-or-hospitals  corruption  money-as-a-corrupting-influence  medicine-pharmaceuticals-drugs-prescriptions  statistics  research-studies 
june 2016 by daguti
Detecting Bullshit | The Skeptilogicon
Make sure to read the comments by Lola and Vasu, along with Jason Hehir's replies. He's a geneticist and does not believe in trans-generational changes as explained by epgentics.
conspiracy-related-to  hoaxes-or-urban-legends  crime-fraud  crime-scams-or-ripoffs  research-studies  psychology-skepticism-detecting-bullshit-and-new-age-fluff  people-deepak-chopra 
december 2015 by daguti
Magazines in waiting rooms are old because new ones disappear, not lack of supply. : science
Hah! A freaking research study on why magazines in waiting rooms are old! Who the hell comes up with this?
research-studies  funny 
december 2014 by daguti
8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science
Helping others can make you healthier. ========= Acupuncture can restore balance to your body. ========= We need the support of a community in order to thrive. ========= Tai chi can help alleviate a variety of health conditions. ========= Meditation can help you reduce stress and discover inner peace. ========= Compassion is the key to a meaningful life. ========= Accepting what you can’t change is key to reducing suffering. ========= All you need is love.
religion-buddhism  health  research-studies  ancient-world 
march 2014 by daguti
New study shows people with vegetarian diets are less likely to be healthy, with higher rates of cancer, mental disorders, require greater medical care, and have a poorer quality of life. : science
note this comment: "I'm not a vegetarian, but I truly hope you guys at least read this part: "Potential limitations of our results are due to the fact that the survey was based on cross-sectional data. Therefore, no statements can be made whether the poorer health in vegetarians in our study is caused by their dietary habit or if they consume this form of diet due to their poorer health status. We cannot state whether a causal relationship exists, but describe ascertained associations.""
anti-something  research-studies  diet-vegetarian-vegan 
march 2014 by daguti
Bad News for Paleos: Study Finds High-Protein Diets Are as Risky as Smoking | TakePart
UPDATE: See the boommark I made 3/8/2014 of the Ancestral Health Symposium Facebook page, which refutes these findings.
diet-paleo  anti-something  research-studies  research-studies-conflicting 
march 2014 by daguti
Which Are The Most, And Least, 'Bible-Minded' Cities In The U.S.? : The Two-Way : NPR
population = A new tag, as I've noticed that population or population density has a lot to do with many things, such as the scalability of cash, the need for loose or stringent gun laws and religious affiliation. ..................... "Several trends emerged from the study, the American Bible Society says. For instance, it "found that an inverse relationship exists between population size and Bible friendliness.""
religion  research-studies  news  2014  population 
january 2014 by daguti
Research Proves Wheat Can Cause Harm To Everyone's Intestines
Make sure to get to page 2, which has the following as well as 2 other links after it: "GreenMedInfo.com has indexed research from the National Library of Medicine on over 300 adverse health effects associated with wheat and/or wheat components. You can view the first-hand research here: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/toxic-ingredient/wheat"
research-studies  diet-paleo  diet-gluten-free  meetup-movnat 
november 2013 by daguti
Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas
"When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority," said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. "Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.""
research-studies  communities  groups  communication  viral  marketing 
september 2012 by daguti
Hawthorne effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Incentives are only effective to the degree (or completely ineffective) that they mesh with the ingrained company culture.

"The cliques served to control group members and to manage bosses; when bosses asked questions, clique members gave the same responses, even if they were untrue. These results show that workers were more responsive to the social force of their peer groups than to the control and incentives of management."
psychology-rewarding  research-studies  management  employees  psychology 
june 2012 by daguti
What Vietnam Taught Us About Breaking Bad Habits : Shots - Health Blog : NPR
"To battle bad behaviors then, one answer, Neal and Wood say, is to disrupt the environment in some way. Even small change can help — like eating the ice cream with your non-dominant hand. What this does is alter the action sequence and disrupts the learned body sequence that's driving the behavior, which allows your conscious mind to come back online and reassert control."
personal-development  disease-addiction  research-studies  crime-drugs  habit 
january 2012 by daguti
Futurity.org – Gorillas get svelte on low-sugar diet
I bookmarked this long before I knew of Dr Catherine Shanahan or Deep Nutrition, but 2018-03-26, I'm adding her tag and the Four Pillars tag, because this is exactly that.
food  health  diet-paleo  animals  research-studies  books-4hbody  food-sugar  people-catherine-shanahan  diet-four-pillars 
february 2011 by daguti
A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR
personal-development = Perfect metaphor for life. If you don't have "guide posts" you'll walk in circles forever.

survival = On a more practical note, never try to move anywhere in a survival situation if you don't have some stationary object to guide you. You'll just end up walking in circles and wasting time and resources.
psychology  personal-development  video  research-studies  disease-blind-or-vision-impaired  survival  eyes-vision 
february 2011 by daguti
Futurity.org – Losers get punished for trying to lead
Yet another article disproves John's stupid theories. When we would come to him asking for help in creating or doing something, he'd get mad and tell us to go do it ourselves. "Poof, you're empowered!" he would say. We would try and no one would follow along. This shows why.
leadership  research-studies  management  business  social-engineering  groups 
january 2011 by daguti
Year In Dieting: Distraction, Noise Cause Overeating : NPR
Beegah says he usually does not eat this way. At home he wouldn't think of loading up on triple portions of fatty foods for breakfast. But traveling, being on the go, it turns out Beegah's brain isn't processing food the same way as it would if he were having a quiet meal in his own kitchen. The sensory overload can really throw off judgment or inure us to the sensation of feeling full. Scientists are just beginning to understand how this disruption works.
diet  research-studies  food  fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material  brain  brainhack  sales  restaurants 
january 2011 by daguti
Smart people SLEEP LATE - Winnipeg Free Press
facts = Sleep parameters vary among animals. Cows sleep open-eyed. Horses sleep standing up. Some birds can sleep in flight, others while standing. Dolphins sleep in one-half of their brain while the other half remains awake. Bats need 19.9 hours of sleep every 24 hours, lions need 13.5, rats 13, cats 12.5, whales 5.3, deer 3.1, giraffes 1.9, most birds 3 to 8 and donkeys three.
facts  sleep  research-studies  intelligence-iq 
november 2010 by daguti
U.S. infected Guatemalans for STD tests
conspiracy / facts = sounds like a conspiracy, but it's proven
conspiracy  facts  government  corruption  health  research-studies  medicine 
october 2010 by daguti
The Latest Research On Digital Audio Use : NPR
On the whole, the findings reflect the Internet's growing influence in the lives of Americans. One result: radio as a medium seems to be losing a bit of primacy in terms of how people think of it as fitting into their lives.
video  audio-related  news  interesting  2010  statistics  music-industry  research-studies 
april 2010 by daguti
Why Making Healthful Foods Cheaper Isn't Enough : NPR
To create successful incentives, says Yale behavioral economist Dean Karlan, a policy needs to specifically target the people whose behavior its trying to change. "So in the case of broccoli you'd want to find out who's not eating broccoli and then pay them to eat it," he says. You don't want to necessarily make broccoli cheaper for those who are already buying plenty of it, you want to target those who don't buy enough fruits or vegetables. It could be very tricky to structure such an incentive.
psychology  psychology-choice  prices-or-cost  food  health  public-policy  research-studies 
march 2010 by daguti
Loud Music At Bars: Explained! - Gothamist
ORIGINAL AT: http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2010/02/why-is-the-music-so-load-at-bars.html
"Ever try to have a conversation with a friend at a bar but find it difficult to talk or even hear yourself think because that Ke$ha song is on and the establishment has turned it up to 11? Well, there may be a reason the bartenders are aurally assaulting you, even when their bar is pretty much empty and there is no reason for this to be sonically drilled into your skull when you are just trying to have a happy hour beer."
music  audio  research-studies  hearing  society  culture  business  bars-n-clubs 
february 2010 by daguti
Do streetlights mysteriously turn off around other people too -- or am I "Powder"? : reddit.com
In 1948, Skinner tried a variation on a standard experiment where pigeons enclosed in a box were able to get food by pecking a switch. He set up the box to reward the pigeon with food no matter what the bird did.

The results were fascinating.

Instead of just sitting back and waiting for food, the pigeons developed what Skinner termed "superstitious'' behaviour. One bird spun itself round and round; another repeatedly thrust its head towards a particular corner of the box; a third swung its body from side to side like a pendulum. All of them continued these actions until the food appeared; it was as though the pigeons had made some causal connection in their bird-brains between these gestures and getting food.
people-bf-skinner  psychology  research-studies  animals 
november 2009 by daguti
Skinner Pigeons
In 1948, Skinner tried a variation on a standard experiment where pigeons enclosed in a box were able to get food by pecking a switch. He set up the box to reward the pigeon with food no matter what the bird did. The results were fascinating. Instead of just sitting back and waiting for food, the pigeons developed what Skinner termed "superstitious'' behaviour. One bird spun itself round and round; another repeatedly thrust its head towards a particular corner of the box. All of them continued these actions until the food appeared; ...the pigeons had made a connection between these gestures and getting food.

Accidental reinforcement of a response can lead to superstitious behaviour. Skinner demonstrated the conditioning of such behaviour using pigeons. He set the dispenser to deliver food to animals in a chamber at fixed time intervals. The pigeons associated whatever behaviour they were engaging in at the time of the food being dispensed with the delivery of the food.
gamification  religion  faith  psychology  research-studies  animals  games  people-bf-skinner 
november 2009 by daguti
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