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RM Copywriting wiki | Trello
A Trello board with copywriting-related swipe files.

Has lists and links to a bunch of headline formulas, subject lines and courses.
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1 hour ago by daguti
How to get an .edu email address without being in college? : Piracy
"Just use Scihub to download papers:

Search the paper/journal (IEEE, sciencedirect, researchgate, or anywhere)

Look for the DOI, copy that

Go to sci-hub

Paste the DOI


Done. You can save as pdf the paper."
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yesterday by daguti
Open Payments Data - CMS
Find payments your doctor has received from industry.
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7 days ago by daguti
inheritance problem : financialindependence
books-to-buy = "A Simple Path to Wealth" JL Collins

A lot of other great advice: "If you can" by William Bernstein, also "The Four Pillars of Investing" by the same author

Read all the comments, especially this one below:

Reference = A great set of tips for dealing with an investment advisor in the top comment by ExtraneousQuestion:

"Hi, licensed financial advisor here at a wealth management firm. I will give you no securities advice due to regulations on public forum.

But I will give you some tips at dealing with advisors, and what to look for.

1 ask how they are compensated.
You can do this on the phone even. Any advisor worth their salt will be comfortable explaining this, and a good one will bring up possible conflicts of interest ahead of time. I don’t personally think you need to limit yourself to fee only, but I understand the rationale behind that sentiment.

2 if an advisor tells you what to do or not do with your money, like it’s theirs - fire them on the spot.
A good advisor does not remove your agency in decision making. I started in the industry seeing a lot of these types of guys and I have no idea why anybody would do business with them. A good advisor should be able to challenge you without being aggressive or confrontational, for the purpose of understanding and strengthening your investment philosophy, not to belittle you. Beware the short tempered advisor, this guy is entitled and will be a pain in the ass.

3 if you tell the advisor what you need help with, and they start talking about products, just leave. Especially if they say bring up a “variable annuity” anytime at all within the first meeting.
A good advisor should have a process in place involving asking plentiful questions about your preferences, past experiences, concerns, objectives, risk tolerance, family, etc - it should feel like it’s not JUST about money but about YOU as a person., and what YOU want.

They should also create some personalized analysis based on this information, that they show you and interpret. And they should get through the themes, issues, opportunities in your plan at a high level BEFORE ever mentioning a specific product. Product early means product pusher. Don’t bother.

4 if the advisor gets annoyed when you ask questions, leave. As advisors it is our privilege to serve you, and present you insights to improve your situation. If you feel talked down upon, intimidated, shamed, or god forbid you are yelled at. Give them the finger. Mind you a good advisor may also have some hard questions for you, but a difficult question and a surly attitude are not the same thing.
5 it should feel like working with your estate planner. To solve a problem, and walk you through their rationale. Professional. Transparent. And they should advocate for you and recognize discomfort before you have to voice yourself - and pause to check in with you.
You should feel like a human interviewing someone for a partnership, not a piece of prey.

I know advisors are not popular on this sub, but I get upset listening to your story. You deserve better than what it seems you’ve received. I’m sorry."
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9 days ago by daguti
Video Blocks | YouTube has flagged my video with your m...
Use these tips if Agora / SFP gets flagged on Facebook for posting copyrighted music. All the music from our videos is licensed through Lumen5, who gets it from Audioblocks.
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13 days ago by daguti
Regex Tutorial - Alternation with The Vertical Bar
A lot of good info here. This is where I figured out that the pipe symbol can't have spaces on either side of it.
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17 days ago by daguti
Compare Top CD Rates - NerdWallet
2019-02-25: 2.7% to 2.8% from Discover, Marcus, Capital One, and PurePoint
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27 days ago by daguti
STOCK ALERT: Time to Slash-and-Burn - Seven Figure Publishing
"Stochastics are a time-tested technical indicator used by chartists since the 1950s to gauge how overbought or oversold stocks are. They are simply a measure of price momentum, comparing the current price with a range of prices in the recent past.

The indicator oscillates between zero and 100. When the indicator crosses up from below 20, it’s a buy signal, which was flashed at the bottom in late December. And when stochastics cross down from above 80, it’s a sell signal."
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4 weeks ago by daguti
Regex Tutorial - Non-Printable Characters
\t = tab
\r = newline
\n = line feed (what is the difference between this and \r ?)

Remember that Windows text files use \r\n to terminate lines, while UNIX text files use \n.
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6 weeks ago by daguti
2 Reasons To Love the Way the U.S. Economy Is Performing - Seven Figure Publishing
For me, the jobless claims are useless as an indicator. If you look closely at that chart, the jobless claims spike DURING the recession. I can't see any way this chart is useful for predicting a recession, rather, it only seems to be useful for retrospectively saying "Yep, there was just a recession."

HOWEVER, the other chart, "Real Gross Domestic Product", DOES seem to be useful as a predictor - albeit a predictor with a lot of false positives. Might have to use it in conjunction with some other things -- remember Ray Dalio's video "The Economic Machine" (https://www.facebook.com/raydalio/videos/608897499531929/)

I uploaded a high resolution version of this image to my Imgur: https://imgur.com/WevG6ig

and it is also available (without the red and green highlighting) here:
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10 weeks ago by daguti
Bank Of America Adds New 24 Month Credit Card Rule - One Mile at a Time
American Express has a “once in a lifetime” rule, where you can typically receive the welcome bonus on each card at most one time

Chase has the “5/24 rule,” where you typically won’t be approved for their cards if you’ve opened five or more new card accounts in the past 24 months

Citi has a rule whereby they typically won’t approve you for a card if you’ve opened or closed a card in that “family” of cards in the past 24 months

Capital One typically won’t approve you for more than one card every six months
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11 weeks ago by daguti
How to Calculate a Holding Period
Very interesting how it's not as simple as counting 365 days. On the basic end, you start counting the day after you acquire a stock and you stop counting on the day you sell it.

On the more complicated end, you have DRIPs, in which you receive new shares of a stock that you already own. The new shares are considered to have been owned since the time you held the old shares... and other fun tricks, like stocks earned through inheritance: no matter how short the dead person held the stocks, you are considered to have held them more than a year once you inherit them.
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11 weeks ago by daguti
Gene Pimentel - One of the easiest ways to sell domains is to...
"One of the easiest ways to sell domains is to simply choose a good local business niche, register a domain that appeals to that segment, and list it for sale on Sedo or Afternic.

Easy, and effective. There is no reason you can't turn $10 domain registrations into hundreds each, like clockwork.

That's the passive approach that takes very little of your time, but because it's passive, it can take many months before your domain for sale gets noticed.

Of course, there are many proactive methods to get your domains sold quickly. I teach these in Master Domaining.

There are thousands of local niches you can market to. I put together a list of a few hundred of the niches I like to select from for your convenience. Enjoy :-)

[Free Download - No opt-in]

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december 2018 by daguti
Badass Marketers & Founders (BAMF) - Josh Fechter
"Too many CMOs are changing their title to Chief Growth Officer for job security.

I don't trust you to understand growth if you can't -

-Implement a growth framework for testing experiments
-Implement attribution on short sales cycles
-Set up Tag Manager
-Run a Facebook ad
-Install Wordpress

Today, even a 17-year-old intern can learn to do these things in a month.

If you want to change your title -

Don't do it for job security because that never works in the long run.

Instead, learn the skillset."
Reference  marketing  marketing-tactics--growth-hacking  people-josh-fechter 
december 2018 by daguti
Are Those Health Care Alliance Cards You Got in the Mail a Scam? - Pacific Standard
I have two of these cards in my wallet.

Another way to save is to look up "in-store generics" at various places:
-Sam's Club
-Ask at other stores (Walgreens does not seem to have this)

See this list from Target:

https://www.thehealthcarealliance.com/ -- Their website says they have an app that will search all the local pharmacies and tell you which one has your medication at the cheapest price.

More reviews:

-- This one is particularly in-depth and based on fact and anecdotal experience rather than opinion.


I've also heard that if you cannot afford your medication, you can appeal directly to the manufacturer. Some of these have forms directly on their website, so you will need to search and ask around. I think it's called something like "Prescription drug assistance" or something.


Also ask about discounts through memberships: AAA, AARP, Medco, NeedyMeds, and RxAssist

- AAA and AARP you already know about - you need to be a paying member.
- Medco costs $25/invidivual or $40/family.
- The other two are free.
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december 2018 by daguti
Share Class
Wow, I remember when Alex told me that Bob @ BOA/Merrill Lynch was not managing my money for free, I did not believe him. He said to look it up. I never got around to it - or maybe I did, but what I found was information on Stock Share Classes, which has nothing to do with fees charged by your broker.

He should have clarified that what he was talking about was Mutual Fund Share Classes, which means:

- Class A: Up front charge of 2- 5.75&

- Class C: Yearly charge of 1% for as long as you hold it, with most having a stipulation that you must hold it for a year or it triggers some other kind of charge. (in other words, no way of getting out of it by trying to exit before the year is up)
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december 2018 by daguti
Employer Based Coverage Or Obamacare Plan? Which Is Better?
Keep in mind this was written before 2013 with some corrections after 2015 sounds like? Not sure, but just be aware of dates and the potential for this to be out of date.
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november 2018 by daguti
How This Company—and Mike Huckabee—Cashed In by Scaring Conservatives – Mother Jones
Holy shit... Scroll to the bottom and read Bill Bonner's response letter (to a previously written smear piece.) What a fucking amazing letter. *THIS* is how you respond to a smear campaign.

history-business = "These disingenuous endorsements for dubious products epitomize what historian Rick Perlstein has dubbed “mail-order conservatism,” the monetization of right-wing paranoia that started in the 1970s and has flowered ever since a secret Muslim socialist won the White House. Glenn Beck, like many of his talk-radio colleagues, has warned of the collapse of the global financial system while shilling for gold companies. Conservative operatives have created a booming field of “scam PACs,” political action committees that ostensibly raise money to help popular candidates but don’t produce much more than big checks for direct-mail firms. Confronted by Politico, Erick Erickson, RedState‘s editor-in-chief, said, “It horrifies me that the list sometimes get[s] rented to some of these guys.” And Agora has played the game of stirring up and cashing in on the conservative psyche longer and better than most of its competitors."
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november 2018 by daguti
Em dash -- The Punctuation Guide
Be careful with this guide. They don't use a space before and after the em-dash, so it's questionable how correct the rest of their advice is.
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november 2018 by daguti
Dow Jones - 100 Year Historical Chart | MacroTrends
Interactive chart that lets you choose your date range and it shows you the DJIA for that time period. Amazing that it went from 7500+ in 1966 to ~700 in 1982. WTF happened during that period!?
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october 2018 by daguti
Usage of the "—" or the Em dash. - English Grammar - English - The Free Dictionary Language Forums
Most answers are wrong. See the reply by Luftmarque for detailed notes on FOUR different dash lengths and their use.
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october 2018 by daguti
Set a reminder – Slack Help Center
Increments of time: in 10 seconds, in 17 minutes, in 1 hour, or in 2.5 hours
E.g. /remind me "Call Rieko" in 25 minutes

Specific time: at 8:55pm (12-hour clock), at 16:00 (24-hour clock), at midnight
E.g. /remind @lima "Lunch time!" at 12:30pm

Specific date: on January 1, on 8 Feb, on 11/30/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
E.g. /remind #management "Send annual salary review report" on July 15

Specific days: every weekday, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
E.g. /remind #design "Design critique meeting" every Thursday

Specific days, alternating weeks: every other Tuesday
E.g. /remind me "Physiotherapy after work" every other Wednesday
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october 2018 by daguti
How to fix your own consumer problem
Stellar reference on how to fix your own customer service issues.
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october 2018 by daguti
Money Order Prices and Locations - frugalhack.me
List of places to get a money order and their cost. Surprisingly, the post office is not the cheapest.

NOTE: A bank check is $10 at Bank of America unless you have one of those high roller accounts, so avoid that if you can.
Reference  frugality  money 
september 2018 by daguti
Investment Calculator
How much will $x be worth, given y% return, z years? (you can even add annual deposits along the way)

Alex shared this tool with me when I asked him what I should do with the offers I keep getting for 3113.com.
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september 2018 by daguti
ErroneousFunk comments on What's a product or service you should NEVER cheap out on?
"I had never hired a contractor before I bought my house, but before we moved in we wanted to remove some vermiculite insulation that contained asbestos from the attic. I interviewed three different contractors. I had considered just doing the job myself -- it was a week's worth of classes to get the license, and maybe $1200 worth of training and equipment, but in the end I chickened out and decided to hire someone. Because of my research though, I knew the state guidelines backwards and forwards, which came in handy for hiring.

The first guy I talked to said that his crew used paint fume (not particulate) respirators because "fume particles are smaller than asbestos." (Not how that works) After more questioning about it, "Particulate respirators are stuffy and the forced air ones are expensive" ("expensive" meaning $400... You know, when you're doing jobs that are $5,000+) Well, good luck with the cancer down the road. Next.

I asked the second guy what he did to clean and contain trace amounts of particulate asbestos after hauling out the vermiculite. "We spray paint the cracks with orange paint so you know not to go there. Get in and get out fast to limit your exposure." I asked what level of negative pressure they'd maintain in the attic while working "We close the windows so nothing gets out, but you don't need any fans or anything like that" Next.

The last guy answered every question correctly, went above and beyond state safety requirements, his crew had great equipment and he knew the specs, he looked at the space carefully and laid out a detailed plan for containing and removing potential contamination. He was about 10% more expensive than the next highest estimate, but damn he did a fantastic job. Incredibly professional, friendly, everything checked out and the job was exactly like they said it would be. No detectable asbestos anywhere in the house.

Anyway, my number one rule for contractors: Ask questions! Don't be an asshole, but know what you're talking about. If you don't, find a friend in the industry who does and ask them for their advice or to be there when you meet with the contractor. I was shocked how many boneheaded things licensed contractors thought and did, and how upfront they were about being total morons. It's saved me a few times since then as well. My husband always wants to hire the cheapest person or the first person he talks to (which led to two disasters...). I don't let him do hiring anymore."
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september 2018 by daguti
How do I share audiences for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network ads? | Facebook Help Center
"You can't use a shared audience to create a Lookalike Audience"

But you can share the source audience and then wait a minute and it will let you share the lookalike audience.
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september 2018 by daguti
Chat with our Support Team for Facebook Advertising | Facebook for Business
Facebook ads live chat support.

The bookmarked link does not always work. Sometimes it's disabled for specific accounts. You could be sitting next to someone with an unbanned account and the link will work for them, but it won't work for you.

Also try:
marketing-tactics--ppc-facebook  Reference  marketing-tactics--ppc-facebook-disabled-accounts 
august 2018 by daguti
Create a Facebook split test in Ads Manager | Facebook Help Center
This is what Maximus couldn't figure out how to do with creating split tests on ad sets for the audience.

Note that it shows how to do split test on audience, placements and delivery optimization (all one tutorial) as well as creative (a separate tutorial)
marketing-tactics--ppc-facebook  Reference  marketing-tactics--split-testing 
august 2018 by daguti
Yesterday I used the McDonald’s app to get 32 oz... - Charles Kirkland
"I don’t think I have ever shared my process for creating landing pages and Facebook ads that convert above 62% to cold traffic.

After you read it, make sure you print it out and hang it on your wall or save it as a PDF because it's that good."
people-charles-kirlkand  Reference  marketing-tactics--landing-pages 
august 2018 by daguti
Text Overlay Tool
This is the tool that will analyze your graphic to tell you if it's under the required 20% text to maintain proper reach.
marketing-tactics--ppc-facebook  Reference  marketing-tools 
august 2018 by daguti
Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing — Krebs on Security
A huge step to recommend to parents, Fiama and everyone else for keeping safe on the internet.

Universal 2nd Factor - U2F are physical keys that replace passwords. They are currently only supported by a handful of sites, but will continue to reach wider adoption with time.
security-computer  techsupport  google  Reference  passwords 
august 2018 by daguti
How to Write About Big Ideas - Early To Rise
The rational mind is willing to listen to reason only after the emotional mind has said “Okay.”

IMPORTANT -----> “For example, you might have said, ‘There are companies — I call them bully companies — that outperform the market by three to one.’
marketing-tactics--writing-copy  Reference  !agora-bootcamp 
august 2018 by daguti
CrashPlan Alternatives - I'm Changing My Online Backup
Great framework for backup:

"Why was I Using CrashPlan?
Online backup plays an important role in my data security setup. My backup system consists of 3 key components:

Local backup: I have an external hard drive connected to my computer, and do an automatic backup to that every hour. It’s just fastest and easiest to have this data locally if I need it.
Clone backup: I also have a backup drive connected to my computer that takes an exact copy of my drive. That way if my drive bites it, I don’t have to lose any time. I can boot from my clone and be up and running in minutes, and then I can worry about getting my drive repaired/replaced and copy my clone back to it.
Offsite backup: I want to have my data backed up to somewhere far away from my physical location. If I have a fire or a flood at home, chances are whatever happens to my computer will also happen to my local backups. This is especially important living where I do (Vancouver) which is due for a “big one” earthquake someday. I have found online backup the easiest and most convenient way to accomplish this, and this is what CrashPlan did for me."
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july 2018 by daguti
How to Wash a Dress Shirt | Proper Cloth Reference
It's best (and cheapest) to wash a cotton dress shirt in the laundry - you can do this yourself (more time) or at the dry cleaner's (more expensive and they might not treat it great)

Dry cleaning a cotton dress shirt is not recommended, as dry cleaning does not remove water based stains like perspiration and it's pretty expensive ($4-$5 per shirt)
clothing  Reference  fashion 
july 2018 by daguti
How to Make Perfect Soft, Medium & Hard Boiled Eggs | Cooking Tips
I already know that if I let the water boil and then put the eggs in, it takes 6 minutes. Their method of putting the eggs in and letting them warm up with the eggs states the 5 minutes is the right time, but today I did that and the yolk was not soft. Maybe I started timing 5 minutes too late?

The whole reason I bookmarked this is because it talks about the greenish-grey yolk being a result of overcooking:

"Setting your timer before a rolling boil will result in overcooked eggs with a greenish-gray ring around the center of the yolk. Ideally, it should only take 10 minutes to get the water hot enough to start timing."
cooking  Reference 
july 2018 by daguti
[Discussion] Collagen supplements/drink mixes : Paleo
Need to come back and read this. Things of note:

The comment where they said collagen is just gelatin, so get a box of unflavored gelatin (Jello) and call it a day.

Or the one that said there's practically zero scientific backing for ingested collagen.

Really interesting stuff, although I stand by my comment that I've seen changes in my body after starting taking Primal BC Multi-Collagen.
nutrition  meetup-movnat  Reference 
july 2018 by daguti
How helpful would a economics minor be in Marketing? : marketing
"Learn how to measure marketing performance. Learn Tableau. Be great at excel. A marketer who can set up KPIs, analyze the results, draw conclusions and refine strategy/tactics based on those conclusions is a valuable marketer."
marketing  Reference  me-stuff 
july 2018 by daguti
Find social media influencers for free on these platforms : marketing
"How to choose the right people that will attract not just somebody but your target audience? We at Ning prepare some useful names below! Explore them now to start cooperating with the most influential web professionals!

• FollowerWonk: this platform helps you find users with the highest authority in Twitter and the highest reach of their posts.

• DeepSocial: an influencer ranking, discovery and analytics platform providing with in- depth insights into demographic and psychographic data of Instagram influencers.

• When talking about influencer marketing, this channel also may be in your mind. Visit Podbay.fm to find the most influential feeds in social networks.

• Find emails of the famous journalists on Hunter.io! [NOTE: This originally said "Huner.io", it was a typo.] Just put in a necessary domain of web resource, and find all emails related to it.

• Who are they - your ideal influencers? Personapp will tell WHO you should to be your brand ambassadors!

• Traackr: the instrument for premium influencer marketing! Check it to find out if it is true:)

• With Grouphigh, you will be able to find numerous bloggers for any your purpose! Look for ideal ones:) https://www.grouphigh.com/

• Klear: a platform including more than 500 millions profiles of influencers in Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, blogs. Maybe, one of them is THAT ideal brand advocate?

• Pitchbox: And this platform is for you - if you are enthusiastic SEO guru. Try it now!"
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june 2018 by daguti
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