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Diana Young - Diana Young
When people don't understand white privilege:

"Once upon a time in America, in order to become a lawyer all you had to do was pass the bar.

Somewhere around 1896, a black man did just that and became the first person of color to practice law legally in the United States. The response of the academic community was to mandate that a bachelor’s degree was required before anyone could pass the bar.

The few people of color who could afford higher education took their new BAs to the their bar exams. When they passed, a new mandate was set forth that only people who’d acquired a law degree could apply to the bar exam.

If you've ever wondered why certain professions are stereotypically dominated by certain people, it's not by accident, it's by design. Deliberate economic prohibitions were placed as obstacles in the path of those seeking lawful, gainful employment. This is colloquially referred to as: moving the goal posts.

Meritocracy is a myth."
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7 days ago by daguti
“How come all mass shooters turnout to be right-wing?!” : SelfAwarewolves
Not sure the source, but it's a screnshot of a forum. For context, this came out shortly after the New Zealand mosque shooting where 50 people were killed. The text reads:

"We're so fucked. Every single right-of-centre opinion will be associated with mass murder now. He name-dropped EVERY right wing talking point in his autistic manifesto and video. Support for Antifa has already gone up on social media. White identity, Trump, even fucking Pewdiepie all = murder now. This isn't even the first time, why do people keep fucking doing this, giving the left so much ammo?? The left has wone, we are fucking done. I'm going to rope. Fuck this absolute prick cunt double agent faggot for his utter stupidity."
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21 days ago by daguti
Trump Treats Immigrant Crime Differently
When an undocumented person commits a murder, Trump talks about it incessantly. When, in 2017, a white guy like Stephen Paddock kills 58 people in Las Vegas and wounds 851, Trump has very little to say. See Less
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4 weeks ago by daguti
A Database Showed Far-Right Terror on the Rise. Then Trump Defunded It: Is the administration trying to thwart efforts to combat white supremacy? : TrueReddit
Interesting discussion on Libertarianism. I always thought it was out of touch with the reality of the human condition, but that it was rooted in some sound (albeit wrong) thinking. But then this:

"I grew up libertarian and felt that way into college (until Bush really opened my eyes), but now I seriously wonder if all their values boil down to are money in their pockets. Like, Paul Ryan could personally demand we rescind freedom of the press, while pissing on the American flag on camera, but as long as there are tax cuts on the way the libertarians would be like 'Welp, they're all corrupt!'"

and this:

"Libertarianism is fucking cancer. It's a short sighted, simpleton's, sociopathic ideology pushed by the very wealthy (Prager, Koch) and it needs to fucking die."

and this:

"In my experience libertarians are white, male, usually from wealthy backgrounds and tend to be under 25. PRRI did a demographic breakdown and found my speculation to be off a bit. In 2013, only 94% were white, only 68% were male, and only 62% were under 50.

In 5 minutes of google searching, I don't have direct evidence they are born wealthy, but my experience suggests that's the case for most of them. They didn't always go to private schools, but they often did. They certainly never needed student loans to get through college, like to smoke weed and don't want to be lectured about it, spend lots of time with porn, objectifying women, and don't want to hear about their responsibilities to others.

Libertarians are what happens when white boys are born on third base, but have been convinced by every adult in their lives they hit a triple. And boy do they get upset when they're told they're not as special and talented as they think they are.

I don't have a lot of evidence to back this up. My only personal experience is I've been teaching in academic research settings for about 15 years. I see "really smart and talented" libertarians come by all the time. They tend to be good at telling me what they know and bad at actually doing things.

Most of them will eventually grow out of it."
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january 2019 by daguti
(6) Diana Young - Security asked a group of drunken men to leave a bar...
"Security asked a group of drunken men to leave a bar in IL

One of the men returned with a gun, shooting

Jemel Roberson quickly apprehended the gunman and held him on the ground

police arrived and

shot Jemel Roberson, and killed him

even with people in the bar screaming "he's security, don't shoot, no!"

Jemel Roberson was someone my friends knew

He was twenty six years old

he wanted to be a policeman

".... we’re all just broken because we have no answers," the Rev. Patricia Hill of Purposed Church said. "He was getting ready to train and do all that stuff, so the very people he wanted to be family with, took his life.""
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november 2018 by daguti
This is the face of a terrorist: White people must understand the damage done by group blame that follows other terror attacks : TrueReddit
Talking about the Austin bomber, who turned out to be a 28 year old

Holy cow. The police chief said "“He does not at all mention anything about terrorism nor does he mention anything about hate, but instead it is the outcry of a very challenged young man, talking about challenges in his personal life,”" - un-fucking-believable. If he was brown, that fucker would never have been considered "challenged"

more of a traditional news story on the bombings:
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march 2018 by daguti
Suspect In Would-Be Airport Bombing Nabbed With Help From REI : The Two-Way : NPR
"King pointed out the particulars of the story — an improvised weapon, planted at an airport, by a man who said he was declaring war. King asked what would happen if the attacker were "an immigrant, or a Muslim, or a Mexican ... Mainstream American outlets would be covering the heroic bravery of those who thwarted the terrorist plot. ... in this case, though? Crickets.""
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october 2017 by daguti
Civil-Rights Protests Have Never Been Popular - The Atlantic
"If young people attempting to board a bus are unacceptable, if gathering on the National Mall is verboten, if preaching nonviolence gets you harassed by your own government and then killed, if a protest founded in consultation with military veterans is offensive, then what specific manner of protest is white America willing to endure?"

reddit comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueReddit/comments/758j8y/civilrights_protests_have_never_been_popular/
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october 2017 by daguti
AJ+ - As white nationalists protest across the country, we wanted...
The Right keeps talking about George Soros funding radical liberals... but The Right has it's own billionaire patrons.
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september 2017 by daguti
5 Sworn Enemies Who Formed Inspiring Friendships
race-racism = #3 about the black civil rights worker and the KKK leader
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september 2016 by daguti
5 Things You Need to Know About Oregon's Patriot Movement
racism = I always had this sense. Glad to see it in writing. It also makes sense that a lot of my white friends lean (if not totally fall) right. "#3: The Patriot Movement is a child of the White Power movement." ............................... guns-anti = #4 For all those people who say that the government will bulldoze you when they take away your guns, look here. The government could kill these assholes easier than they could swat a fly, but they are giving them a pass. I always wondered, what is the endgame these right wingers envision? So everyone ends up in prisons. What then? There's no economy, no nothing. Do you really think these rich assholes want to put everyone in prison so the whole economic system collapses?
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january 2016 by daguti
Donald Trump's Campaign Takes a Darker Turn - The Atlantic
psychology-mass-hysteria-hitler-like = This is a new tag for links which demonstrate how evil things start as small and seemingly friendly, but then the populace ends up putting a dictator into power. Obviously, there are people who can see through Trump's veneer, but the masses gathered and cherring him on remind me of the sheep-like German people of the 30s who propeller Hitler in his rise to power. .............. I'm also tagging this with psychology-mass-hysteria and cults since that's what they appear like to me.
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november 2015 by daguti

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