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Meritocracy is a myth invented by the rich: The elite college admissions scandal in the US is a reminder that being born into wealth, not talent, is what determines the opportunities you have in life : TrueReddit
See these comments:

"one of my favorite books from college was "malign neglect." it was a long term sociological study of a two groups of kids living in a struggling/impoverished neighborhood.

they broke the kids into two groups -- those who were rule followers and worked hard, and those who felt like it didn't matter how hard they tried since the system was rigged against them. i'm sure i'm forgetting key details, but that was the general idea.

they studied these kids over the course of decades, to try to measure their life outcomes. there was absolutely no difference between the two groups. being black and poor was too powerful of a deterrent to success. hard work didn't really matter. rule following didn't really help. believing in the american dream didn't matter either.

and if my memory is anywhere close to correct, i think in the end a couple of the kids in the "give up, don't try" group ended up doing better with their lives than most of the "rule followers" did.

EDIT: the book was actually called "ain't no makin it" . also read malign neglect in the same course."


-> 'Americans get caught up in their own success'

defined as "cult of the self" and it dominates our cultural landscape.

This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity, and self-importance; a need for constant stimulation, a penchant for lying, deception, and manipulation, and the inability to feel remorse or guilt. This is, of course, the ethic promoted by corporations. It is the ethic of unfettered capitalism. It is the misguided belief that personal style and personal advancement, mistaken for individualism, are the same as democratic equality. In fact, personal style, defined by the commodities we buy or consume, has become a compensation for our loss of democratic equality. We have a right, in the cult of the self, to get whatever we desire. We can do anything, even belittle and destroy those around us, including our friends, to make money, to be happy, and to become famous. Once fame and wealth are achieved, they become their own justification, their own morality. How one gets there is irrelevant. Once you get there, those questions are no longer asked.”
text linked to: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7442191-the-cult-of-self-dominates-our-cultural-landscape-this-cult
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Doximity | The Mindset of the Wealthy
Steve sent me this; It reads like a disinterested high school student read a Tony Robbins pamphlet and regurgitated it to get extra points after slacking off all year. There's nothing in there about educational opportunity, families, community, or anything else. If one were to read and believe this, the wealthy simply made up their mind to be wealthy and POOF. It happened. This is what makes people hate the rich. They think that if they had been born in Ethiopia, their own willpower and grit would have propelled them to the same heights as they were able to attain with all the advantages of being born in the US at this particular point in history. Idiots.
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High economic inequality leads higher-income individuals to be less generous : science
resources-scarcity = See the comment by B0NERSTORM " I wonder if this applies to other resources like time. Do people with more time on their hands become less generous with it?
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People in Power Are Quick To Call Out Injustice When They Are Harmed : Shots - Health News : NPR
This reminds me of the NPR article about how lack of a certain resource will cause you to make bad decisions in relation to that resource... creating a downward spiral, for example, of finances.... Very similar psychological thing going on here.
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