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Growth Hack World
How could you apply growth hacking to a restaurant?
Answered By Vincent Dignan
Go on LinkedIn and scrape the email of every local business/office in your area. Offer them free drinks for every after work meal they book with you. People love free alcohol and forget about how much the food will fill them up and make them drink less.
2. Create a food challenge and give away free food/ t-shirts to all challengers who succeed (if they fail still charge them for the food). Take pictures & videos, edit them to make awesome content. Use this to promote paid Facebook ads in your area. Get people to email you to book a slot, add them to your email list for future discounts etc.
3.Offer free stuff, as a surprise, to first time customers. The response you’ll get will be immense and they’ll remember you for it. The lifetime value of a customer in the food industry is insane.
4. If you deliver, honestly flyering your local area Friday morning is still massively underated. Make the flyer look awesome and up to the standards of Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc.
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october 2017 by daguti
ClickFunnels (Official)
Use this to sell Tshirts and other products for RNJ:
"Thomas Bell, of ViralStyle, shared a great formula with me.
It goes:
Identity (Entrepreneur, Mother, Sports Fan) + Title (Founder, Manager, Page Admin, Event Coordinator) + 2 interests (who love reading and love startups) + location (NYC)
This formula has made Thomas millions of dollars through viral print on demand campaigns."
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september 2017 by daguti
Starbucks changed its rewards program and customers aren't taking it well
We were caught flat footed on this one, but we should have immediately pounced on this to target customers in the Union area via Twitter and invite them to come in to our store. ....................................... "customers who usually purchase a $2 cup of coffee per day — like a regular or decaf Pike — will go from earning a free drink for every $24.00 they spend to earning one with every $62.50."
starbucks  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe-marketing-material  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe-competitors 
february 2016 by daguti
WebHelp - RM POS 17
This is the web manual. Haven't compared it to make sure it's the same as the PDF, but I assume it is.
i-own-this-for-clients  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
february 2016 by daguti
This new drinking buddy will pay for himself in no time - GIF on Imgur
we should use something like this so people don't spill coffee in the garbage
january 2016 by daguti
UV Window Film - SkinCancer.org
projects-w-ted-rocknjoe = We could get a film like this to conserve heat for the shop.
cars-hyundai-veloster-uv-window-film  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
january 2016 by daguti
Uses for UV flashlight? - The Garage Journal Board
UV Flashlight has many uses in many different situations: making sure your hotel room/bed is free of urine or sperm [TRAVEL], finding rodent pee [FOOD INDUSTRY], counterfeit bill detection [RETAIL] ..............
travel  tools  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
december 2015 by daguti
(5) Chipotle Mexican Grill - Facebook Search
Great idea. This is just so simple. It reminds me that the art of marketing is all about remaining top of mind. The thing you use to bring your name into the collective consciousness/conversation is almost irrelevant. It's just the act of being able to "hack attention" away from all the myriad distractions that people encounter every day that makes it a marketing success. ..... Link to Chipotle's actual post: https://www.facebook.com/chipotle/videos/10153668198489253/
marketing-tactics--hacks  restaurants  marketing-promotion  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  marketing-social-media-campaigns  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  marketing-tactics--attention-hacking 
october 2015 by daguti
know your eggs - Imgur
Not a set of recipes, per se, but a list of the different ways you can prepare eggs.
cooking  food-eggs  reference  recipes  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe-easy-brunch-ideas  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
october 2015 by daguti
Cold Brew Coffee
Instead of the piece of felt mentioned in the main instructions, the comments has a link to another article that shows you how to use cheesecloth and a microfine coffee strainer: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/perfect-iced-coffee/
projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  drink-coffee  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe-marketing-material  recipes-homemade-accessories 
october 2015 by daguti
Kids secretly control a fitness class - YouTube
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats commercial. - We should do something like this for RNJ. Perhaps where kids secretly order drinks and people can get them for free if they agree to drink whatever the kids dream up.
marketing-tactics--surprise-man-on-the-street  meetup-movnat  video  exercise-movnat  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
september 2015 by daguti
Use Drive Mirroring for Instant Backup in Windows 7
rocknjoe = Use this to mirror the two internal drives on the Restaurant Manager server. ..................... Windows 7 mirroring
backup  recover-files-or-hard-drives  windows  sysadmin  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
june 2015 by daguti
Vessel - The Most Powerful Drink for Mornings (Better than Coffee)
Similar to Bulletproof coffee (stimulant / fat combination) ........... Perhaps we could create something like this for the morning crowd at Rock'n' Joe.
video  drink-tea  recipes-breakfast  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe-marketing-material  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
may 2015 by daguti
Men Custom Suits & Custom Shirts | Tailor4Less
I like how they have taken the complicated process of measuring a suit and simplified it. We could use this as a model for doing other products, including "What is a cappucino?" Or "What is a latte?" and other such things.
clothing  fashion  explanation-simplification  website-examples  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  shopping 
april 2015 by daguti
Amazon Dash Button: Finally, an Internet of Things device that is actually useful
I've been thinking of this for the cafe. Would be great to build something like t his for ourselves. Perhaps keep tabs on who ordered something by having the button be a thumbprint scanner, so we not only know when something was put on the list to be order, but also who ordered it.
projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  ideas-stolen  anysystem-warehouse 
april 2015 by daguti
NJ Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control --- Guide to becoming an outlet for an NJ winery
nj  drink-alcohol-wine  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe 
april 2015 by daguti
Smart pizza button is the best invention ever
Can we do this at the shop? I've thought about an app or even a website for vetted, regular customers.
projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird 
march 2015 by daguti

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