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The Invisible Problem Wrecking Your Productivity And How To Stop It - Trello Blog
This is precisely my problem. I have long said that I love long, uninterrupted stretches of thinking (or doing) time. Now I know I'm not just a weirdo.
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may 2016 by daguti
Coffitivity - ambient coffee shop sounds to boost your productivity
ambient coffee shop sounds to boost your productivity. Also see this reddit thread on "Free things everyone should be using on the internet", which mentions a lot more resources like this one: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2yw771/what_free_things_on_the_internet_should_everyone/
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march 2015 by daguti
MRW avoiding to-do lists - Imgur
"My reaction when trying to avoid doing TODO lists." - Cat with PostIt Notes stuck to paws tries to back away and get them off, but can't.
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september 2014 by daguti
6 Totally Strange But Effective Productivity Hacks
1. Have plants in the office. 2. Introduce the color yellow. 3. Pictures of baby animals. 4. Work from a communal space. 5. Set the right temperature. (77F) 6. Take a nap.
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april 2014 by daguti
▶ The Science of Productivity - YouTube
Lots of great tips. Not fluff. Specifically discusses the fact that willpower is exhaustible, so don't rely on it.
psychology  productivity  me-stuff  video  videos-to-watch  personal-development  discipline-or-willpower 
march 2014 by daguti
Seth's Blog: A productivity gap
"Isaac Asimov wrote more than 400 books, on a manual typewriter, with no access to modern productivity tools. I find it hard to imagine they would have helped him write 400 more."
productivity  people-seth-godin  personal-development 
january 2014 by daguti
Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes and Get Lost in Procrastination?
- Your TO DO list might be a mile long, but make your daily TO DO only 2-3 items and only work on those. - Break projects up into 5 minute tasks. - Work at the beginning of your day, use up your focus, discipline, attention on work. Then at the end of your day, clean up browser tabs, email, Facebook, etc
tips-n-tricks  procrastination  productivity 
june 2013 by daguti
9 ways that sound affects our health, wellbeing and productivity | TED Blog
"If you can hear someone talking while you’re reading or writing, your productivity dips by up to 66%. Open floor-plan offices distract workers without them even noticing it." Also See #9: 33% drop in assaults when classical music was played in a London station.
hearing  visualization  sound  health  productivity 
may 2013 by daguti
Steve Jobs’ advice to Larry Page | Edible Apple
obsolete, etc = At the end of the article, it lists products that Google killed off in/around 2011.
google  people-steve-jobs  people-larry-page  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  productivity 
march 2013 by daguti
7 ways to change your relationship to distractions - The Next Web
habit, cognitive-load = "Leo Babauta writes about living an intentional life. “Many of us go through our days awake, but following patterns we’ve developed over the years,” he says, “Contrast this with the idea of an Intentional Life: everything you do is done with consciousness, fulfilling one of your core values (compassion, for example). Everything is done with a conscious intent.”"
productivity  personal-development  cognitive-load  habit  discipline-or-willpower 
december 2012 by daguti
The Secret Weapon animation - YouTube
This is the video that Chip sent me on how to combine Getting Things Done with Evernote to create a productivity system. ................... startups-going-above-and-beyond = Just when you thought Evernote was just another note-taking app... (although, this doesn't exactly match this tag, as is not something that Evernote created) - backed up to \media\video\youtube & internet backups
startups-going-above-and-beyond  evernote  video  organization  productivity  videos-to-watch  productivity-gtd 
december 2012 by daguti
Surprising Productivity Tips for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs
I like 2: - The Pomodoro Technique (take 5 minute breaks at 20 minutes, then longer 15-20 minute breaks every 4th break) - Organize your workspace. Let the energy flow, don't clutter your desk or surroundings.
december 2011 by daguti
Delegate or die: the self-employed trap. | Derek Sivers
I answered the question, but more importantly, I explained the thought process and philosophy behind my answer.
“Yes refund his money in full. We'll take a little loss. It's important to always do whatever would make the customer happiest, as long as it's not outrageous. A little gesture like this goes a long way to him telling his friends we're a great company. Everyone always remember that helping musicians is our first goal, and profit is second. You have my full permission to use that guideline to make these decisions yourself in the future.”
1.Gather everybody around.
2.Answer the question, and explain the philosophy.
3.Make sure everyone understands the thought process.
4.Ask one person to write it in the manual.
5.Let them know they can decide this without me next time.
As part of learning it, they had to document it in the manual, and show it to someone else, too. (Learn by teaching.)
stress  entrepreneurship  delegation  leadership  management  productivity  employees  training  frameworks 
january 2011 by daguti
Freedom - Windows and Mac Internet Blocking Software
Seth Godin recommended this in 1/10/2011 blog post.
productivity  tools 
january 2011 by daguti
Why Google can’t build Instagram — Scobleizer
business, oracle = Larry Ellison actually got efficiencies from teams. If a team wasn’t productive, he’d come every couple of weeks and say “let me help you out.” What did he do? He took away another person until the team started shipping and stopped having unproductive meetings.
productivity  business  management  leadership  startups  google  oracle 
november 2010 by daguti
ydnar: Inbox Unicorns With Gmail & IMAP
It’s possible to bend Gmail, IMAP and Apple Mail to your will. The following steps describe how to configure things so that Delete acts like Archive: one click (or keypress) archives messages in Apple mail on the desktop and the iPhone.
google-gmail  tips-n-tricks  google-apps  productivity  apple 
april 2010 by daguti
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