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'You didn't vote for me': Senator Dianne Feinstein responds to young green activists | US news | The Guardian
Wow, the tone-deafness. Really shows what a cunt she is. It's always funny to me how A) some people have no idea how to even fake it and B) how the old guard never realizes when its wrong until they bring about their own death.
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Redditor explains why moving up a tax bracket will never result in you being less wealthy than staying in the same one : bestof
And this is conservatism in a nutshell (The relevant part starts where I changed it to ALL CAPS):

"Its willful ignorance in service of political ideology. Pointing out that someone is wrong about something often only reinforces their belief that they are in fact right. It is a form of confirmation bias. The person has invested emotionally in their belief, so you are not correcting a misapprehension on their part but instead personally challenging their belief system.

In 2006, Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler at The University of Michigan and Georgia State University created fake newspaper articles about polarizing political issues. The articles were written in a way which would confirm a widespread misconception about certain ideas in American politics. As soon as a person read a fake article, researchers then handed over a true article which corrected the first. For instance, one article suggested the United States found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The next said the U.S. never found them, which was the truth. Those opposed to the war or who had strong liberal leanings tended to disagree with the original article and accept the second.

THOSE WHO SUPPORTED THE WAR AND LEANED MORE TOWARD THE CONSERVATIVE CAMP tended to agree with the first article and strongly disagree with the second. These reactions shouldn’t surprise you. What should give you pause though is how conservatives felt about the correction. After reading that there were no WMDs, they reported being even more certain than before there actually were WMDs and their original beliefs were correct."

and the link is broken, but should point to:
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Paris under siege: At least 120 dead in terror attacks
The following article states: "'The Paris attackers hit the city's young, progressive core' ... They targeted neighborhoods where people are more inclined to be tolerant, liberal and progressive." ... Jeff Jarvis states: "With every tragedy, new uses of social media emerge. The open-door hashtag in Paris gave real help to people. Facebook's safety check is brilliant."
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november 2015 by daguti
The biggest scam bankrupting business and the middle class - Nick Hanauer
Just a LITTLE more money they need, then it'll all start trickling down. "Our crisis of income inequality wasn’t principally caused by the rich not paying enough tax, even though we don’t. it's largely the product of the $1T/yr that once went to wages, but now goes to corporate profits. And this demand and investment-killing trillion-dollar-a-year transfer of wealth from the bottom 80 percent of households to the top 1 percent is the direct result of the economic and regulatory policies both Republicans and Democrats have imposed since the dawn of the trickle down era. As policy shifted economic power from workers to owners over the past 40 years, corporate profits’ take of the U.S. economy has doubled — from an average of 6 percent of GDP during America’s post-war economic heyday to more than 12 percent today. despite this extra $1 trillion a year in corporate profits, job growth remains anemic, wages are flat, and our nation no longer seems able to afford even its most basic needs."
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Liberals And Conservatives Are Both Biased Against Science, But In Different Ways
"The conservatives' negative reactions to the scientific pages that challenged their views were four times greater than those of the liberals. Both groups showed resistance to the facts that challenged their beliefs, and (rather dishearteningly), the politicized issues made both sides lose trust in science.'"
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Democrats Organizing For America -- An Open Letter To American Secessionists
Original/mirror: http://meisky.com/soapbox/2012/11/17/an-open-letter-regarding-american-secessionists/ .......................... It started as a few muttered complaints the day after the election, but the foot-stomping tantrum chorus of folks threatening to take their ball and go home if we don't agree to play by their rules is growiing. "This is not my America" you lament! "This is no longer the same country I know and love!" Huh. You may be right. Because frankly, if you believe that America in the 21st century should function under the same assumptions and with the same values as America did in the 18th century- then no, this actually isn't your America any more. If you believe that "Freedom of religion" means that you have the right to make decisions about health care, family planning, equal rights, evolution and education for people who do not share your religion- you're in the wrong place.
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