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(6) Diana Young - Security asked a group of drunken men to leave a bar...
"Security asked a group of drunken men to leave a bar in IL

One of the men returned with a gun, shooting

Jemel Roberson quickly apprehended the gunman and held him on the ground

police arrived and

shot Jemel Roberson, and killed him

even with people in the bar screaming "he's security, don't shoot, no!"

Jemel Roberson was someone my friends knew

He was twenty six years old

he wanted to be a policeman

".... we’re all just broken because we have no answers," the Rev. Patricia Hill of Purposed Church said. "He was getting ready to train and do all that stuff, so the very people he wanted to be family with, took his life.""
race  race-racism  police  police-abuses 
november 2018 by daguti
Proof why you should never talk to the police without a lawyer. - "A professor tricked his law students into lying, and it exposed a huge weakness in our justice system."
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january 2016 by daguti
Linden police 'deficient' in disciplining wrong-way cop, prosecutor says | NJ.com
police-abuses = Linden never took action after he was drunk and in multiple accidents. Union County took proper action by overseeing not only Linden's Internal Affairs Division until further notice, but requiring all Union County police forces to report when their officers are involved in certain kinds of crimes, such a drunk driving.
projects-save-linden-news  police  police-abuses  police-abuses-proper-responses 
january 2016 by daguti
police cadet turns cop in for turning off body camera before pummeling victim
The fact that this cadet turned in a superior is cause for celebration, but why our body cameras able to be turned off? This should be a no brainer. They should never turn off
police-abuses  police  police-body-cameras 
november 2015 by daguti
be sure to read the top comment with the bullet points that adds a little more details in. For example, the cop was not texting or eating and he has been fired.
police  police-abuses 
october 2015 by daguti
You are listening to Los Angeles
keywords: chill music with police radio over it - great for studying
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may 2015 by daguti
What to Say When the Police Tell You to Stop Filming Them : TrueReddit
Summary: Stay completely out of the officers' way, calmly respond "I’m just exercising my constitutionally protected right to document police activity," and if asked to back up do so slightly. Note: This article is for public spaces in the USA. In some countries you do not have an automatic legal right to record police.
police  howto  legal-or-law 
april 2015 by daguti
Google's Waze Is A 'Stalking App,' Claim US Police
Oh, the irony. ........... More from NPR. I like the last few paragraphs, which basically state all the reasons they should shut up: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2015/01/28/382013185/officers-ask-map-app-to-remove-police-tracking
police  hypocricy  google  gps 
january 2015 by daguti
Catherine Crump: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track about you | Talk Video | TED.com
License plate readers are everywhere, tracking & more importantly storing license plate information of average citizens. Even worse, individual police department data is aggregated and stored by the federal government, creating a huge big-brother database of the movement & interactions of citizens.
police  police-abuses  tedtalks  video  big-brother 
january 2015 by daguti
Addicting Info – Watch This NYPD Officer Speak Out On The Cops Who Turned Against de Blasio And Why People Of Color Fear Police (Video)
Tribalism is one of the biggest threats to the advancement of humanity. From teachers unions protecting shitty teachers to officers protecting bad cops to trade unions demanding everyone travel at the speed of the slowest ship (the worst worker), it is holding everyone back. Imagine if people gave a shit rather than trying to protect their own interests. What an amazing would it would be.
police  work-unions  police-abuses  corruption 
december 2014 by daguti
St. Louis Police quick to release security tape in Antonio Martin shooting : news
Funny how when there's unmistakable evidence, they'll release the tape right quick - but when there's something to hide, there's always issues with privacy and rights and blah blah blah.
police  police-abuses 
december 2014 by daguti
De Blasio ‘thinks he’s running a f–king revolution’: PBA chief | New York Post
"The message I got was do the job right, do the job according to the rules, which is good advice anytime" - Um, yeah.... ok.
police  corruption  police-abuses 
december 2014 by daguti
In Wisconsin, A Decade-Old Police Shooting Leads To New Law : NPR
POWERFUL: "Bell bought every available billboard in Milwaukee with slogans like: "When Police Kill, Should They Judge Themselves?" "After we created enough ruckus, the unions ended up sitting down with us and talking with us," Bell says. They told him that if he wanted to take the billboards down, they would work with him in crafting some the legislation he sought." ......................... Unrelated to this link, but I just remembered that before police-abuses, I used to tag police abuses with police,corruption.
police-abuses  corruption-oversight  police 
december 2014 by daguti
Drug raid in rural Georgia ends in a homeowner dead, no drugs found, and no police punished. : news
"I agree wholeheartedly. This article is also leaving out that Hooks was a vetted military contractor....meaning the Government investigated him thoroughly and he did lots of contracted work. The cops were told by a meth head whom they arrested while breaking into the victims house, that he had bought drugs from the Hooks home before and thats why he was breaking in. So here's a legit business man who had security clearance to enter military bases who got murdered by police because a meth head broke into his house,and the police believe the meth head over the victims own squeeky clean record."
police  police-abuses  police-swat-or-militarization 
december 2014 by daguti
Illinois General Assembly passes bill to ban citizens from recording police : news
What the FUCKING FUCK?! It's blatant now. When will be line these fuckers up against the wall and blow their fucking brains out?
corruption  police-abuses  politics  police 
december 2014 by daguti
Frank Serpico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wow, just wow. "When Pacino asked why he had stepped forward, Serpico replied, "Well, Al, I don't know. I guess I would have to say it would be because... if I didn't, who would I be when I listened to a piece of music?""
corruption  police  police-abuses  corruption-exposed-by-whistleblowers 
december 2014 by daguti
Police shut down mysterious 'Oath Keepers' guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson : News
frameworks = The framework for this organization is something to look at for Able Man. Although the organizations have nearly nothing in common, it's interesting that this guy was able to start a movement of like-minded people.
police  government  news  2014  frameworks 
november 2014 by daguti
Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize - NYTimes.com
This ties in with the story from 2014-09-13 about police seizing money before any conviction and then "bargaining" to only return some of it when the people are found innocent.... Like a fucking cancer. Can't help propagating itself.
police  police-abuses  crime-theft  corruption 
november 2014 by daguti
Dont Talk to Police - YouTube
"An law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police."
videos-to-watch  video  police  police-abuses  legal-or-law  warnings 
october 2014 by daguti
Seek Thermal's New Smartphone Camera-App Combo Lets You 'See' the Heat
Cops use the cover of night to catch speeders, but their engines are on so they can chase you as soon as you speed by them. This means the car would be hot as compared to the surrounding area. Would be good to write an add-on app for this thermal camera that lets you spot cop cars lying in wait at night. ......................... "Next year, the company will release an SDK for third-party developers to create their own apps that leverage Seek Thermal’s technology."
business-ideas  police  light 
september 2014 by daguti
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