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Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world | Video on TED.com
artificial-intelligence = Leading up to 6:00 he talks about how the stock market is all algorithms and how we've started down the road of building things that we no longer understand how they work. Reminds me of that evolvable hardware article I read a while back.
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july 2011 by daguti
Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations | Video on TED.com
"All companies die"
evolvify-topics = Not 100% true, but tied to the fact that human constructions (cities, buildings, companies, etc) grow in the same predictable ways that nature does.

At 8:05, "Economies of scale" - tied to Charlie Munger's "mental models" - the fact that an elephant 1million times larger than a mouse doesn't need a million times more energy (economy of scale) FTA: "The bigger you are, the less needed per 'capita'" (at ~8:15)

VERY IMPORTANT: at 9:00, he lists 5 rules of biological life, which (I believe) are easily transposed to business and the universe at large.. especially rules b, c and d:
b) bigger u are,  less needed per capita
c) pace of life slows w/ increasing size
d) growth is sigmoidal, reaching stable size @maturity

At 15:00 (or before), discussion regarding the "built-in" collapse for companies/societies and the need for faster and faster "innovation" or "changing of gears" to avoid collapse.

people-geoffrey-west = Seen him on PBS. strting tag
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july 2011 by daguti

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