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(3) Diana Young - It's October, which means it's pinkwashing season....
strategy = I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed this: "“the evidence to this point does not establish a connection between fracking and breast cancer.” ........... why, that is the Monsanto defense: it takes science so darn long to prove anything, so let us harm harm harm and offload profit till we are forced to stop, because it will cost a lot and take a while, and we can fog the works with fake paid studies, and incomplete studies, and misleading studies!"
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october 2015 by daguti
Don't Let Monsanto Kill the Humble but Wholesome Dandelion
The whole dandelion is edible: Greens you already know, but the roots can be boiled for a coffee substitute and the golden flower detoxifies the liver.
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april 2013 by daguti
YouTube - Reporters Blow Whistle on FOX News
Former Fox News reporters blow the whistle on Fox news coverups of Monsanto's RDHT Bovine Growth Hormone
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april 2008 by daguti

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