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Mr. Trololo original upload - YouTube
Not a parody, as it is not made for comedic effect, nor is it referencing something else, but it's the kind of thing that has become like a parody of itself.
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december 2014 by daguti
It's been 10 years today since this video hit the internet. Let's take a moment to remember our roots. : videos
The Numa Numa video hit the internet 10 years ago (Dec 2004) - Holy cow! Also, note that the guy has a band called The Backroom Deal and he's still based out of NJ.
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december 2014 by daguti
'60-Year-Old-Girl' Meme Is Funny Enough to Give You Hot Flashes
memes-related-or-analysis = Read the story of how this became a meme... and always remember, when you delete something off the internet, it doesn't disappear.
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december 2013 by daguti
Best Recent Vine Compilation - Funny Videos at Videobash
That Mickey Mouse one is just brilliant. - Watch Funny Videos,Clips,Jokes and Pranks from around the world at Videobash.com. Stream a huge selection of viral videos and browse through funny pictures for free!
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august 2013 by daguti
The Manti Te'o Saga Is Even Weirder Than We Thought
memes = catfishing; the act of impersonating someone (or creating a fake persona) online to trick someone into a non-existent relationship
january 2013 by daguti
The Nintendo 64 Kids Are All Grown Up
viral = "Most (organic) viral moments attract attention from online communities like Reddit, then spread to other larger social platforms. Brandon and Rachel's Nintendo freak-out went through a similar process."
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december 2012 by daguti
PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V - YouTube
memes = This blew up starting July 15 and has gotten tons of views. More info here: http://mashable.com/2012/09/04/gangnam-style-infographic/

filmmaking-technique = Notice the quick cuts and when there are not quick cuts, the camera is moving (smoothly). Only very rarely is everything stationary, although it does happen I guess to change things up.

At 1:05 or so notice the consecutive almost single frame cuts to emphasize the quick "machine gun" effect of the music.

Also look at 2:38 to 2:40 - it's essentially the same shot, but it's a little at the start (during the word "Gangnam"), the shot is tighter on his face and then at the word "Style" it quickly cuts to a slightly zoomed out version of the same shot, evoking a certain feel.


on SNL 9/15/2012:
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september 2012 by daguti
Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen - YouTube
Current meme going around is people singing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"- I think it started with the Harvard Baseball team.
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june 2012 by daguti
Mashable Staff Goes Stocking [PICS]
First planking, then owling, now stocking.
memes  news  2011 
september 2011 by daguti
Owling: The new planking? - BlogPost - The Washington Post
First there was planking, then there was owling, then there's "Stocking" (see next bookmark)
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september 2011 by daguti
Giant Angry Birds Game Invades Real Life [VIDEO]
Similar to the T-mobile video bookmarked with the same tags exactly 6 weeks ago.
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july 2011 by daguti
YouTube - Rebecca Black - Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
This Rebecca Black video was tweeted by some small time comedian, as a sort of backhanded compliment. It caught on and she's got 53MM hits. I don't really get it. It's not good and it's not even "so bad it's good" -- but oh well. It's a meme.
memes  filmmaking-technique 
march 2011 by daguti
Jokes - Motivators
Jokes - Motivators - hilarious "motivator"-type images
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february 2008 by daguti

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