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Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism Read more: http://www.trueactivist.com/courts-quietly-confirm-mmr-vaccine-causes-autism/
this shit is getting ridiculous. Articles and how being written praising Andrew Wakefield? What a fucking crock. And to think that people are saying the courts have decided vaccines cause autism? What the hell? Courts don't know anything about science.
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march 2016 by daguti
(2) Diana Young - I had a really horrific insight Vaccine talk...
I'm surprised by Diana's stance on this. She's usually well-reasoned, informed and highly intelligent. The only reason I'm bookmarking this is because I respect her so highly in every other thing she's ever posted that I hope to re-read it one day. Perhaps there's something I'm missing.
october 2015 by daguti
Weirdest Lies That Everyone Believed - Imgur
medicine-vaccines = The first one about the girl who walked backward after a flu vaccine turned out to be a hoax. She was trailed by reporters who found her walking and talking normally and then when they approached her, she went back to her weird walk.
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october 2015 by daguti
Scientists Crack A 50-Year-Old Mystery About The Measles Vaccine : Goats and Soda : NPR
"After a measles infection, says one of the study's authors, "the immune system kind of comes back. The only problem is that it has forgotten what it once knew." This can spell problems on a whole new level, erasing immune protection to other diseases too — and it also means the vaccine might be effective on a much wider scope than once thought."
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may 2015 by daguti
Free Viewing of Bought Movie
Not sure where I stand on this documentary. Stephanie from the Dokumenta group recommended it as an excellent documentary, but in the trailer I see questions raised about vaccines, which I think is ludicrous. However, I do believe other drugs are way too loosely bandied about.
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february 2015 by daguti
Parents Who Shun Vaccines Tend To Cluster, Boosting Children's Risk : Shots - Health News : NPR
"If these parents were distributed randomly, their decisions would be less likely to harm others, especially babies too young for vaccination. But parents who use personal belief exemptions to avoid school vaccination requirements often live in the same communities, studies have found."
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january 2015 by daguti
Thanks To L.A.'s Anti-Vaxxer Parents, Whooping Cough Cases Explode To 70-Year High : atheism
food-factory-farming = "Between anti-vaxxers and the fact that we're entering an era of post-antibiotic effectiveness thanks to factory farming (and then doing the stupidest thing imaginable - depending on the free market to produce more antibiotics), I'm beginning to think that we're asking for it."
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december 2014 by daguti
Anti-vaccine movement is giving diseases a 2nd life
A 10 year old boy loses his limbs after getting infected with meningitis.
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april 2014 by daguti
Light-of-Aiur explains the stupidity of anti-vaccination crowd ... on I would rage if this was handed to me...
Vaccine myths: Debunking the conspiracies and talking points of the anti-vaccine crowd. ....... vaccines - vaccination
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april 2014 by daguti
U.S. researchers reported a breakthrough Thursday in the search for a vaccine for malaria, the mosquito-borne disease that sickens millions worldwide.
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august 2013 by daguti
Infowars Guru Alex Jones A Fraud – Let’s Go Over His Failed Predictions (VIDEO) | Addicting Info
Failed theories: Worldwide shortage of rare earth metals – Didn’t happen Food supply disruptions hit western nations – Didn’t happen Deadly superbug mutation goes wild – Didn’t happen New evidence links vaccines and neurological disorders – The opposite happened U.S. power grid suffers catastrophic failure – Didn’t happen Satellite breakdown – Didn’t happen GM crop contamination leads to crisis – Didn’t happen Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species – Didn’t happen Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized – Debatable Nuclear power sees global resurgence – The Fukushima incident discredited this Nuclear weapons unleashed in the Middle East – Didn’t happen New exotic superfood from South America emerges in western markets – Didn’t happen A high-tech, portable vitamin D sensor device is invented – Didn’t happen U.S. debt gets downgraded while world investors slash purchases of U.S. debt instruments – The debt
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april 2013 by daguti

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