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Gilles Frydman, Founder of ACOR.org: How Self-Advocacy Saves Lives | Living Well | Patient Power
The story is just amazing and reiterates the point that I've always said: NEVER TRUST YOUR DOCTOR. Do your own research. Ask questions. Get a second opinion. Doctors are not God. They only know what they've been taught and - to start with - who knows if they are "followers" or "real thinkers" ?

And on top of that, the post-medical school education is all on the doctor. They have to have an interest in reading and keeping up to date.

I am not going to trust that someone I just met is in the 20% minority of people who are passionate about their job, ravenous about continuing education and a real hardcore thinker about problems, rather than a follower.
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The Rise of the Machine: How Hospital/Practice Administrators Have Assumed Control Over Healthcare | Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD
Health care costs are astronomical because in 197x Nixon deregulated the healthcare and allowed it to be a for-profit venture as a favor to his campaign contributor, the president of Kaiser Permanente.

Steve claims George HW Bush continued this trend with Medicare in the 90s. (I haven't verified.)

Today, the biggest problem with medicine is that the bean-counters have taken over and medicine is now run like a business, instead of as a compassionate service that is a human right.
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Open Payments Data - CMS
Find payments your doctor has received from industry.
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Can drugmakers buy doctor loyalty with free meals? - UPI.com

When you're looking to show that something as small as a meal can influence the behavior of a doctor.

However, note FTA:
"However, the study did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. It may be that doctors attend industry events where information is provided on drugs they already prefer, the authors noted.

Dr. David Grande, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, thinks that's unlikely.

"These findings provide even more support to do away with gifts altogether," he said."
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Amir Solsky - Timeline Photos
Rafe shared this 2015-05-06. Never give up on yourself: "A few years ago while doing a gymnastics round off (cartwheel type move), I got an injury to my lower back ( L3, L4, L5), doing an X ray exam I was told I have a narrowing in two joints, and was send to do an MRI. At the MRI they discovered I had DDD, That is Degenerative Disc Desease. These tests came after about two years of having pain come and go on and off, where It would take me some half an hour in the morning o be able to stand straight. The doctors told me that the injury wasn't a result of one move, but a damage fom a consistant wrong type of use of the back. and that it was impossible to recover from it since the disc is dry, and it has no capilaries, so liquid and nutrients supposadly can't get in. I was told I need to live with it and that it can only get worst. With my usual approach of never believing to western doctors advice, I took my time to study the real science of my case, I had implemented a few "
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The Doctor Who Championed Hand-Washing And Briefly Saved Lives : Shots - Health News : NPR
inventions-that-killed-their-inventors = Doesn't exactly fit, but it is in the same vein of irony. ........... fighting-big-money-lobbyists = Not an entrenched monetary interest that he was fighting, but rather an entrenched mentality.
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TIL an identity thief stole the identity of a surgeon and while aboard a Navy destroyer was tasked with performing several life saving surgeries. He proceeded to memorize a medical textbook just before hand and all the patients survived. : todayilearned
Make sure to read his philosophy about power vacuums and how to fill them.


power vacuum

Original article:

This Reddit comment (https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/2ma511/til_an_identity_thief_stole_the_identity_of_a/cm2coft/) quotes two important things from the article:

1) "He had come to two beliefs. One was that in any organization there is always a lot of loose, unused power lying about which can be picked up without alienating anyone."

2) "The second rule is, if you want power and want to expand, never encroach on anyone else's domain; open up new ones.
"I call it 'Expanding into the power vacuum'" Demara proudly explains. "It works this way. If you come into a new situation (there's a nice word for it) don't join some other professor's committee and try to make your mark by moving up in that committee. You'll, one, have a long haul and two, make an enemy."
Demara's technique is to found your own committee.
"That way there's no competition, no past standards to measure you by. How can anyone tell you aren't running a top outfit? And then there's no past laws or rules or precedents to hold you down or limit you. Make your own rules and interpretations. Nothing like it. Remember it, expand into the power vacuum!""
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▶ PPE: Biological Level C - Doffing - YouTube
How to get out of a cleansuit. .............................................. africa = Ground zero for the outbreak.
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Xenex: Robot cleaner blasts life-threatening superbugs - Jan. 26, 2012
Saw this thing on Netflix "Brink: Aquapods, Volkswager & Palomar Medical Center" - it's a device that flashes high intensity light in a hospital room and disinfects the room in 5-10 minutes.
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Advances are Easy from Horrible Statistics : funny
"In 1847, a doctor performed an amputation in 25 seconds, operating so quickly that he accidentally amputated his assistant's fingers as well. Bot later died of sepsis, and a spectator reportedly died of shock, resulting in the only known procedure with a 300% mortality rate."
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Erwin Rommel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
original Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/1dkbtn/til_general_erwin_rommel_found_himself_several/ "German general Erwin Rommel found himself several times behind Allied lines. On one occasion, he stumbled across an allied field hospital. They were low on supplies and he promised to bring medical supplies, after which he drove off unhindered. Later he returned with the promised medical supplies"
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American doctors go overseas to medical tourism desinations
Seattle based THE ICON GROUP Group has added to its domestic U.S. board certified physicians and surgeons recruiting business, to include sending them to medical tourism countries. This new business activity is branded “ESCAPE FROM AMERICA.” Philip Slaton of Icon suggests that many doctors are, for various reasons, dissatisfied with the U.S. healthcare system. From his experience in producing business-to-consumer medical tourism exhibitions in the United States, he believes that medical tourism hospitals and hospital development companies can reduce their doctor shortfall by recruiting American doctors.
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