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Badass Marketers & Founders (BAMF) - tool to hide negative comments on social media posts
Hey guys,

Love to highlight our member, Troy Osinoff, for creating Sour Grapes, a set-and-forget tool to monitor your Facebook posts/ads to automatically hide negative comments.

⚡️ Simply connect it to your Facebook and let it do its magic

🤖 Every comment is analyzed through our sentiment analysis technology to determine if it's positive or negative.

📈 Improve your RoAS and remove the haters from ruining your ads

And of course, for this group I made a 10% OFF coupon. Use code "BAMF" (I'm not an affiliate)

Much love :)
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august 2018 by daguti
FineBros have now lost nearly 500k subs since their PR disaster. : dataisbeautiful
The Fine Bros are the ones who created those "React" videos, where they tape children, seniors, etc reacting to different pieces of content. They never had to show the copyrighted content, just the faces of the reactees. So they made gobs of money off their YouTube channel and then they built a strategy called "React World" where they were going to trademark the word "React"... and, well, the internet got ahold of this...
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february 2016 by daguti
How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life - NYTimes.com
history-repeating = See paragraph starting with "A few days after meeting Sacco, I took a trip up to the Massachusetts Archives in Boston. I wanted to learn about the last era of American history when public shaming was a common form of punishment"
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february 2015 by daguti
Think Tank Apologizes For 'Unconscionable' Tweet To Amnesty : The Two-Way : NPR
Commenter Anna Clark may say it best: "This happens when organizations enlist the free labor of youths without proper guidance or compensation and expect them all to bring diplomacy and wisdom (something obtained with experience) with their formidable knowledge of technology."
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august 2014 by daguti
5 Ways Social-Media Marketers Get Their Message Heard | Entrepreneur.com
marketing-social-media-campaigns-realtime = #1 is pretty cool with the KitKat/Oreo example. ------------------------- marketing-social-media-campaigns-disasters = #3 various exampes
marketing-social-media-campaigns-realtime  marketing-social-media-campaigns-disasters 
march 2014 by daguti
Home Depot Blames Agency for Deleted Tweet - PRNewser
I came late to this, so all the links lead to nothing, but still an example of poor social media handling and even worse response to the initial incident.
march 2014 by daguti
Nasty LinkedIn rejection goes viral - CNN.com
Not a social media campaign, but a 21st century update to the old rule "Always be ok with what you are saying/writing appearing on the front page of the NY Times."
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march 2014 by daguti
Fast-Food Advertising: Subway's Jared Has Helped the Brand, but is Subway Actually Healthy?
Subway has been using Jared as a spokesperson for 15 years (as of 2013) - I guess a bland, consistent, everyman character can actually change minds and hearts, as long as it's consistent. marketing-social-media-campaigns = Not a social media campaign, but it's had the impact of one long before it was a word. It's definitely worth a study. UPDATE 09-2015: A few months ago, Jared was charged with child porn and having sex with minors. Not necessarily related to the above point I made, but it is interesting to see how the brand handles the aftermath. Although, there were reports that Subway knew about these allegations before any charges were filed, but they failed to do anything until charges were imminent.
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november 2013 by daguti
Instagram Updates Its Terms of Service Based on User Feedback
Not sure how much of a proper response this is, but at least they course corrected after massive bad publicity. Still, all's well that ends well.
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december 2012 by daguti
The Top 5 Corporate Twitter Disasters of 2012 | LinkedIn
Francesca’s, a clothing retailer with stores in 44 states, started the year on the wrong foot when its CFO sent out this tweet after a confidential meeting on March 7. The problem is that Francesca’s is a publicly traded company. The CFO disclosed company info to his followers before it went public, thus sharing inside information - a violation of long-held SEC regulations. He was promptly fired.
marketing-social-media-campaigns-proper-responses  analysis  marketing-social-media-campaigns-disasters 
november 2012 by daguti
How Not to Respond to a Viral YouTube Video
marketing-social-media-campaigns-disasters is really just a single that that encompasses marketing-social-media-campaigns+warnings

Basically, any social media faux pas that deals with business fuckups (not personal accounts.)
marketing-social-media-campaigns-disasters  anti-something  security-national  airport  marketing-social-media-campaigns  warnings 
march 2012 by daguti
PR Guy Fired Over Duke Nukem Tweet Hits Back
“I personally have sent first person shooter games to one editor knowing that he likes FPS games, but then not sent him a copy of a game based on our national pastime because I know he finds baseball boring,” he says. “That’s not blacklisting. It’s a selection process.”
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june 2011 by daguti

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