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Just a repost... - Album on Imgur

SuperCook.Com – Search Recipes By Ingredients

Privnote.Com – Write Notes To Someone That Will Destroy Itself Once He Reads It.

Coffitivity.Com – Feeling Alone At Home, Free Murmur Sounds

Gifyoutube.Com – Convert Youtube Videos To GIF

Ninite.Com – Install All Required Softwares At Once

Install and update all selected useful programs at once on your PC.

CopyPasteCharacter.Com – Copy Paste Special Character

Duolingo.Com – Learn New Languages For Free And In An Interesting Way

Squirt.Io – Discover A New Way Of Reading

Shouldiremoveit.Com – Choose Which Software You Should Remove From Your PC

OldVersion.Com – Find Out Older Version Of Any Software

Deadmansswitch.net – Send Emails When You Are Dead

PrintFriendly – Print Any Web Page In A Print Friendly Format

PrintWhatYouLike.Com – Print Exactly What You Like In A Page

FreeCycle.Org – Find Free Things In Your Town Which People Are

Willing To Give Away

CouchSurfing – The Name Explains It

Wolframalpha.Com – Computational Search For Your Keywords

SimplyNoise.Com – Just Plain Sounds To Help You Sleep

You can also set Sleep timer to stop it after you sleep.

CamelCamelCamel.Com – Price Drop Alert For Big ECommerce Websites

Ptable.Com – Periodic Table Made Easy

Scribblemaps.Com – Just Draw And Mark On Google Maps And Share Them

Mailvu.Com – Send Video Emails

Rhymer.Com – Find Rhyme For Any Word ! Cool Tool For Poets

WeTransfer.Com – Send Large Files Up To 2 GB For Free

Wakerupper.Com – Schedule Your Friend Or Son A Wake Up Call

Unfurlr.Com – Find Out Which Url Is Behind Any Short Url

QClock – Find Local Time Of A Place

PdfEditor – Edit PDF Online

Projectnaptha.Com – Delete Text From Images

Namechk.Com – Simultaneously Search Username Availability At All Websites

MailDrop – Quick Disposable Email Address To Let You Sign Up At Not So Useful Websites

JustDelete.Me – Collection Of Direct Links To Delete Your Profile At Websites

Sleepyti.Me – Find Out When You Should Go To Bed For Sleeping

HaveIBeenPwned.Com – Find Out Whether Your Email Is Leaked In Past Hack Attacks

Sumopaint.Com – Use Microsoft Paint Like Software Online

Magastack.Com – Read Magazines For Free

FatFingers.Com – Find Ebay Items With Typing Errors And Thus Low Bid

JoinHoney.Com – Automatically Applies Best Coupons When You Check Out Of Any Shopping Website

WornONtv.Net – Find Outfits And Fashion Same As Worn By Stars On TV Shows

HotelWiFiTest.Com – Find Hotels And Rank Them According To Wi Fi Speed. Good For Internet Loving Travelers.

SkiPlagged.Com – Find Cheapest Flights In Nearest Date Range

PushBullet.Com – Phone Notification On Your Desktop

Corrupt-A-File – Missing Deadline ? Now Corrupt The File From This Website And Send To Your Boss Or Teacher.

Wtfsigte.Com – Find Out Your Eating Location Mingled With The F Word

Documentaryheaven.Com – A Heaven For Docu Lovers

Archive Movies – Watch Free Films And Documentaries

Pastebin.Com – Paste Any Text Instantly

WobZIP.Org – Uncompress Files Online For Various Formats

VirusTotal.Com – Scan Files Before Installing. For Suspicious Files

Mixlr.Com – Create Live Audio Broadcast

Minutes.Io -Quick And Effective Minutes Of A Meeting

Youtube.Com/Tv – Watch Youtube In A TV Mode

Studio.Stupeflix.Com – Make Cool Videos By Just Dragging Pics, Videos Etc. With Pre Made Themes Available

Urbandictionary.Com – Find Meanings Of Slang And Modern Used Words

Draw.Io – Draw Useful Diagrams Online And Save To Your PC

Boxoh.Com – Track Your Shipment On Google Maps

Mondrian.Io – Create And Save Vector Graphics Online

Strangermeetup.Com – Random Chat With Strangers Anonymously

Ge.Tt – Easily Share And Send Files With Your Friend

Faxzero.Com – Send Free Fax Online

Google.Com/History – See Your Search History

Midomi.Com – Remember The Name Of The Song
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march 2018 by daguti
List of things that are actually worth getting - Album on Imgur
Things that are actually worth getting from the standpoint of frugality (like DE safety razors which cost $10 for 100 blades vs normal cartridge razors which cost $45 for 20 blades) or
frugality  shopping  gadgets  lists 
july 2016 by daguti
Top Ranked Films (2003 - 2013) -- imgur: the simple image sharer
Only 17 Non-animated feature narratives have received an 8.0 or higher on IMDB and at least a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
movies-to-watch  world-records  lists 
may 2014 by daguti
The List: Top 10 Hitchcock blondes - Washington Times
Priscilla Lane --- Madeline Carroll --- Joan Fontaine --- Doris Day --- Eva Marie Saint --- Kim Novak --- Tippi Hedren --- Janet Leigh --- Ingrid Bergman --- Grace Kelly
lists  people-alfred-hitchcock 
september 2013 by daguti
onPoint Tactical • Dodo Survival Strategies: How not to get clubbed by reality
Lists out the important things to plan for when facing shelter-in-place urban survival situations. Food, water, protection, healthcare, etc
survival-urban  lists 
july 2013 by daguti
I'm a 90's kid - give me those songs I can remember, but not recall :) : Music
Thank you, fine sir. Because of this list, I have restored faith in my fellow 90s kids, and so here is my list. Please note I try to add as many varieties of music as I can:
music  music-90s  lists  retro-nostalgia-modern 
january 2013 by daguti
Dating Site POF Launches Racy Subscription Box Service Luvmybox
PlentyOfFish gets into the subscription box service for sex toys. Also included are a list of other "subscription box" services.
business-models--pricing-models  business-models  lists 
august 2012 by daguti
The Top 30 Reasons to Be an Online Entrepreneur
List of 30 positives for being an online entrepreneur.
lists  entrepreneurship 
march 2012 by daguti
NJ Beekeepers Association - Honey and Hive Products
food-organic = Might not be certified organic, but it's organic enough for me.
nj  lists  food-organic 
august 2011 by daguti
21 Free Business Web Apps That Can Make Your Lives Easier @ SmashingApps
Visualization = TimeGlider is a data-driven interactive timeline application built on the (Adobe) Flash platform. You can “grab” the timeline and drag it left and right, and zoom in and out to view centuries at a time or just hours.
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august 2009 by daguti
In choosing a CMS: 40+ Great CMS Theming Tutorials | Noupe
In choosing a CMS, one thing you should consider is the theming or templating process. While some CMSs have very simple and easy-to-use theming systems, others can be a real bear to use.
cms  lists  templates 
july 2009 by daguti
100 Items to Disappear First
A list of the 100 Items to Disappear First in a war or other urgent emergency / survival setting.
Also remember a copy of the book "Survival, Evasion and Escape"
survival  emergency  supplies  tools  war  survival-urban  lists  tips-n-tricks 
january 2008 by daguti

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