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"Researchers have created a font that can boost your memory⠀

Ironically named "Sans Forgetica", the font is a handy type-tool for stressed-out students who are struggling to remember their notes.⠀

The font is more difficult to read than most typefaces – and that’s by design. It prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing.⠀

To make your brain work harder to retain information, the font is legible yet evidently broken and disconnected. Since chunks of words are removed, the brain is required to put more effort into reading.⠀

Sans Forgetica has promising statistics but comes with limitations. It’s not for every day reading and you wouldn’t want novels printed in it - this would probably just cause a headache⠀

Want to try it out? Download Sans Forgetica for free via the link in our bio."
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october 2018 by daguti
This Is How Elon Musk Can Learn and Master Anything Quickly
First principles thinking

""It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i.e. the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang onto.""

"What he describes here is called "first principles thinking." "I think it's important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy," Musk said in an interview. "The normal way we conduct our lives is we reason by analogy. [...] we are doing this because it's like something else that was done, or it is like what other people are doing. [With first principles] you boil things down to the most fundamental truths ... and then reason up from there."

More than 2,300 years ago, Aristotle mirrored this same mode of thinking. The philosopher said that the first principle is the "first basis from which a thing is known.""
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march 2018 by daguti
Essay: Why research for the pure sake of knowing is enough
"The nature of discovery is that it's impossible to anticipate what you'll find. That is discovery. Discovery-based research is most fruitful when new knowledge is sought for its own sake."
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may 2016 by daguti
Researchers have discovered a much faster way to learn new skills - The Washington Post
in order to learn something faster and more deeply, vary the task slightly between sessions. For example, practice with a slightly heavier bat if you are learning how to swing and hit a pitch.
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february 2016 by daguti
Kids with ADHD need to move in order to learn, research reveals - ScienceAlert
"The results have been published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, and are further evidence that not all children can learn in the same way, or should be forced to do so."
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april 2015 by daguti
Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn | MindShift
"Increasingly scientists are proving Montessori right. Researchers are studying the body movements of children as young as four-to-six months old and have found earlier and more frequent movement correlates with academic learning down the road. Kids who could sit up, sustain “tummy time” longer and walk were all correlated with future academic success, even when researchers controlled for socioeconomics, family education and type of future education, among other mitigating factors."
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march 2015 by daguti
The Secret to Raising Smart Kids: Scientific American
The Secret to Raising Smart Kids: Scientific American -- Hint: Don't tell your kids that they are. More than three decades of research shows that a focus on effort—not on intelligence or ability—is key to success in school and in life. .............. This article is now behind a paywall, but can be seen in this PDF: http://www.teachersdg.org/2011Seminar%20Docs/Stimpson%20Session%20-%20Dweck%20Article%20-%20Raising%20Smart%20Kids.pdf
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july 2013 by daguti
Best, Worst Learning Tips: Flash Cards Are Good, Highlighting Is Bad | TIME.com
Worst strategies: highlighting, re-reading and summarizing Best strategy: space out your study sessions & practice tests (flashcards included)
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january 2013 by daguti
Visual Education Study Card Sets
Tim Ferriss recommends these "high frequency flash cards" for learning in a hurry.
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november 2012 by daguti
How Memory Works: 10 Things Most People Get Wrong — PsyBlog
Lots of these tips have to do with teaching or learning. For example, in #9, it states:
"But, in the long-run this kind of mix-and-match learning works best.

One explanation for why this works is called the 'reloading hypothesis'. Each time we switch tasks we have to 'reload' the memory. This process of reloading strengthens the learning."
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november 2012 by daguti
The Universal Mind Of Bill Evans - YouTube
I saw this at the NJ Jazz Society film series and boy am I glad I did. What Bill Evans (and even Steve Allen, the narrator) says about the philosophy of learning is so universally applicable. A universal truth that needs to be heard.
people-bill-evans  philosophy  learning  jazz  video 
may 2012 by daguti
CameraSim simulates a digital SLR camera - SLR Photography Demystified
This is a great example of an interactive tutorial that lets you sample a product before you buy it. It reminds me of the idea I had for Alex's Eyelino where you could upload a picture of yourself and overlay different glasses styles over the image.
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may 2012 by daguti
Big Nerd Ranch
Carlos said that Jose (his classmate from Kean) said this approach helped him learn Ruby & iOS programming.
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march 2012 by daguti
Skillshare — Classes to learn anything from anyone
projects-w-matt-able-man = This is similar to the Able Man idea of people coming together to share varied skills.
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october 2011 by daguti
Cool Tools: Anki
"Anki is a free, open source, flashcard program that is the best method I have used for memorization. I originally found it when I was looking for a better way to study for an EMT class. I quickly discovered one of the coolest features of Anki was the database of shared "decks" you can download for free. As it happens, another EMT student had already gone through the trouble of composing a deck that covered all of the material thereby saving me countless hours. The range of topics is astonishing but the most popular subjects appear to be languages (Japanese being the favorite) and vocabulary."
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june 2010 by daguti
Lifehacker - Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education - Learning
10. Teach yourself programming
9. Get a Personal MBA
8. Learn to actually use Ubuntu
7. Get started on a new language
6. Trade your skills, find an instructor (business-models)
5. Academic Earth and YouTube EDU
4. Teach yourself all kinds of photography
3. Get an unofficial liberal arts major
2. Learn an instrument
1. Learn from actual college courses online
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may 2009 by daguti
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