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John Dingell: My last words for America - The Washington Post
"John D. Dingell, a Michigan Democrat who served in the U.S. House from 1955 to 2015, was the longest-serving member of Congress in American history. He dictated these reflections to his wife, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), at their home in Dearborn, on Feb. 7, the day he died.

One of the advantages to knowing that your demise is imminent, and that reports of it will not be greatly exaggerated, is that you have a few moments to compose some parting thoughts.

In our modern political age, the presidential bully pulpit seems dedicated to sowing division and denigrating, often in the most irrelevant and infantile personal terms, the political opposition.

And much as I have found Twitter to be a useful means of expression, some occasions merit more than 280 characters.

My personal and political character was formed in a different era that was kinder, if not necessarily gentler. We observed modicums of respect even as we fought, often bitterly and savagely, over issues that were literally life and death to a degree that — fortunately – we see much less of today.

Think about it:

Impoverishment of the elderly because of medical expenses was a common and often accepted occurrence. Opponents of the Medicare program that saved the elderly from that cruel fate called it “socialized medicine.” Remember that slander if there’s a sustained revival of silly red-baiting today.

Not five decades ago, much of the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth — our own Great Lakes — were closed to swimming and fishing and other recreational pursuits because of chemical and bacteriological contamination from untreated industrial and wastewater disposal. Today, the Great Lakes are so hospitable to marine life that one of our biggest challenges is controlling the invasive species that have made them their new home.

We regularly used and consumed foods, drugs, chemicals and other things (cigarettes) that were legal, promoted and actively harmful. Hazardous wastes were dumped on empty plots in the dead of night. There were few if any restrictions on industrial emissions. We had only the barest scientific knowledge of the long-term consequences of any of this.

And there was a great stain on America, in the form of our legacy of racial discrimination. There were good people of all colors who banded together, risking and even losing their lives to erase the legal and other barriers that held Americans down. In their time, they were often demonized and targeted, much like other vulnerable men and women today.

Please note: All of these challenges were addressed by Congress. Maybe not as fast as we wanted, or as perfectly as hoped. The work is certainly not finished. But we’ve made progress — and in every case, from the passage of Medicare through the passage of civil rights, we did it with the support of Democrats and Republicans who considered themselves first and foremost to be Americans.

Opinion | Political apologies should not be this hard
From wearing blackface to having inappropriate sexual relations, people who serve in public office must meet a higher standard of repentance. (Joshua Carroll/The Washington Post)

I’m immensely proud, and eternally grateful, for having had the opportunity to play a part in all of these efforts during my service in Congress. And it’s simply not possible for me to adequately repay the love that my friends, neighbors and family have given me and shown me during my public service and retirement.

But I would be remiss in not acknowledging the forgiveness and sweetness of the woman who has essentially supported me for almost 40 years: my wife, Deborah. And it is a source of great satisfaction to know that she is among the largest group of women to have ever served in the Congress (as she busily recruits more).


In my life and career, I have often heard it said that so-and-so has real power — as in, “the powerful Wile E. Coyote, chairman of the Capture the Road Runner Committee.”

It’s an expression that has always grated on me. In democratic government, elected officials do not have power. They hold power — in trust for the people who elected them. If they misuse or abuse that public trust, it is quite properly revoked (the quicker the better).

I never forgot the people who gave me the privilege of representing them. It was a lesson learned at home from my father and mother, and one I have tried to impart to the people I’ve served with and employed over the years.

As I prepare to leave this all behind, I now leave you in control of the greatest nation of mankind and pray God gives you the wisdom to understand the responsibility you hold in your hands.

May God bless you all, and may God bless America."
history  politics  obituaries  news  2019 
5 weeks ago by daguti
The most evil man in history? - Album on Imgur
world-records = Possibly the first recorded serial killer.

I only got to read the first few paragraphs.
crime-serial-killers  history  world-records 
may 2018 by daguti
Former Slaves' Stories of Abraham Lincoln in the South - The Atlantic
"Though there’s no evidence Lincoln actually made any of these incognito visits to the South—and ample documentation to suggest these visits were wholly fictitious—it’s important that many former slaves believed he did. Today, historical debates over emancipation often focus on whether it came from the top down or the bottom up—did Lincoln free the slaves, or did the slaves free themselves? But the stories of Lincoln coming down South suggest many freedpeople didn’t see this as an either/or question.

Did they need Lincoln? Sure. But emancipation wasn’t something Lincoln could just decree from on high. He had to come down South and get his hands dirty. Some even described him as taking on the guise of the trickster popular in black folklore, a sort of Brer Rabbit in a top hat. When former slaves claimed Lincoln had paid them a visit, they weren’t just inserting a beloved president into their story—they were inserting themselves into his story."
people-abraham-lincoln  history  slavery  interesting  culture  society  race  race-black-culture 
february 2018 by daguti
Vox - Understand how the world's most controversial conflict –...
Wow, interesting to hear that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is only about 100 years old - not millenia as we've been told.
video  history  religion-jewish  religion-islam  countries-israel 
december 2017 by daguti
Debate rages over World's Fair towers featured in 'Men in Black' | Daily Mail Online
I remember this opened for 1 day only in 2014 (I think) for a tour. I invited Matt and he said yes, but the day before, I texted him to coordinate and he said he wasn't allowed because he would have to take a day off.
nyc  history  architecture 
november 2017 by daguti
Civil-Rights Protests Have Never Been Popular - The Atlantic
"If young people attempting to board a bus are unacceptable, if gathering on the National Mall is verboten, if preaching nonviolence gets you harassed by your own government and then killed, if a protest founded in consultation with military veterans is offensive, then what specific manner of protest is white America willing to endure?"

reddit comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueReddit/comments/758j8y/civilrights_protests_have_never_been_popular/
history  race-racism  race-civil-rights  analysis 
october 2017 by daguti
TIL why our keyboards are so screwed up - Imgur
This is another vestige of the past. Reminds me of the story about how roads are the width of two horse's asses or something like that. .... See gmail to:miaoulis subject"how the past keeps leaking into the present/future" ......... also see subject:"assumptions about the way things are" ................ history-vestiges-of-the-past-creep-into-the-present = A new tag to keep track of these kinds of examples mentioned in the email to Maria.
history  history-computer  keyboard-related  history-vestiges-of-the-past-creep-into-the-present 
january 2016 by daguti
The White Man in That Photo
Amazing story of the white man in that photo. He seemingly suffered more at the hands of his white Australian compatriots than the black men did.
race  history  crime-unjust-accusations  crime-against-humanity-shameful  australia 
october 2015 by daguti
Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
"Is this the beginning of the end of Christianity? "Probably not," grants Atwill, "but what my work has done is give permission to many of those ready to leave the religion to make a clean break. We've got the evidence now to show exactly where the story of Jesus came from. Although Christianity can be a comfort to some, it can also be very damaging and repressive, an insidious form of mind control that has led to blind acceptance of serfdom, poverty, and war throughout history. To this day, especially in the United States, it is used to create support for war in the Middle East.""
religion  anti-something  religion-christianity  history  conspiracy 
october 2015 by daguti
Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach... - Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach
The story of Weeksville (before Black Wall Street) - this ties in with the link I bookmarked 2015-09-16 "How Segregation Destroys Black Wealth"
race  poverty  history  nyc 
september 2015 by daguti
Golden Gate Bridge builders ate special meals to prevent dizziness
status-quo-fights-back = "In December 1922, Strauss' design was readily accepted by city authorities. What followed was six years of legal action led by the ferry companies, which had sole control of transport between San Francisco and Marin Country. That was their strength, but also their downfall. By 1928, traffic congestion at the ferry docks had become unmanageable. The battle was lost."
bureaucracy-status-quo-fights-back  history  photos 
may 2015 by daguti
The gym on the Titanic was full of Edwardian ladies and electric horses
Look at that gorgeous, clean design. Not like today where everything is crammed in trying to use every last inch. Also, the walls are simultaneously clean, but ornate the large panels.
history  fitness  fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material  exercise-movnat  retro-nostalgia  photos  webdesign 
march 2015 by daguti
How Scams Worked In The 1800s : NPR History Dept. : NPR
world-records = That first guy earned a living repeating the same schtick over and over. ............. psychology = "The American capacity for gullibility, observes Amy Reading, "is unchanging over time because it is a function of how we are programmed, by biology and culture, to take in the external world. Any of our tools of empiricism, which generally hold us in pretty good stead, can also be used against us.""
history  crime-scams-or-ripoffs  world-records  crime-fraud 
february 2015 by daguti
Grace O'Malley "The Pirate Queen" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Long story short: She was a river pirate with a gang of men. She wanted a stronghold on the river, but knew she couldn't steal what she wanted from a wealthy lord, so she hatched a scheme to marry him with a clause that either party could divorce in a year, but if she decided to divorce, she could have his castle. The lord agrees and they marry, a year later, she divorces him while he's out. When he returns, she has her men in the castle and she yells to the lord that she's invoking the divorce clause. The lord is heartbroken, but he says a deal is a deal. He leaves her the castle. After a while, she realizes she fell in love with him and she asks him back. He agrees and they live happily ever after.
projects-strong-women  women  relationships-marriage  history 
january 2015 by daguti
Woman demonstrates even more gorgeous styles in '100 years of beauty'
good-content-example = This was created by cut.com, presumably a site that has something to do with haircuts or hairstyles.
beauty  photos  art  history  retro-nostalgia  marketing-good-content-examples  time-timeline 
january 2015 by daguti
TIL squirrels were voracious pests in colonial America. Bounties were imposed to reduce populations and some colonies even accepted squirrel scalps as payment for taxes. Colonists became such marksmen from shooting squirrels, they later devastated the ra
The marksmanship required to hunt squirrels may have turned the tide towards the American side during the Revolutionary War. ........................... "TIL squirrels were voracious pests in colonial America. Bounties were imposed to reduce populations and some colonies even accepted squirrel scalps as payment for taxes. Colonists became such marksmen from shooting squirrels, they later devastated the ranks of British soldiers during the revolution."
small-things-causing-big-problems  history  animals  countries-united-states-america 
november 2014 by daguti
TIL during the '92 Rodney King riots in LA, Korean store owners, afraid the LAPD would not come to their aid, banded together on rooftops with assault weapons and saved Koreatown from looting. : todayilearned
sports-extreme-badasses = This is not a sport, but most of the bookmarks I envision ending up here will be those kind of people who killed a lion with their bare hands or something. This just happens to fit into the "badasses" category, but in no way should be mistaken as a sport.
sports-extreme-badasses  survival-urban  history  meetup-movnat-be-fit-to-be-useful 
november 2014 by daguti
TurielD comments on IamA Kurd who was in the capital, half an hour away from the recent ISIS attacks. It was choas. AMA!
See the comment by Joltie regarding countries using tribal peoples as their elite fighting units, as they are renowned for their fearlessness and skill in combat.
warfare  history  war  companies-reddit 
august 2014 by daguti
John Wesley Powell 19th Century Maps of the American West | New Republic
These maps of the then-developing American West, based on watersheds instead of arbitrary boundaries, could have changed the drought problems we are experiencing now.
maps  history  resources-natural  resources-natural-water  conservation  countries-united-states-america 
june 2014 by daguti
If You Want To Teach Kids History, Try Grossing Them Out First : NPR
"Insects have killed more soldiers in wars than have swords and guns. I think that's kind of a cool fact that a lot of grownups don't know, and certainly a lot of kids don't realize. They really did determine the outcomes of many, many wars. Half a million of Napoleon's soldiers died of typhus and related bug-borne diseases."
counterintuitive  war  warfare  history  animals-insects 
may 2014 by daguti
British Pathé - YouTube
All historical footage from the Britie Pathe archive is now on YouTube.
video  history  countries-united-kingdom 
april 2014 by daguti
We know where you live - World - smh.com.au
"shortly before each terrorist who was involved in the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes was assassinated by Mossad, his family would receive flowers and a condolence card that read, "A reminder we do not forget or forgive.""
history  terrorism  countries-israel 
january 2014 by daguti
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