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(1) What I’m about to tell you is the raw truth... - Charles Kirkland
time-timeline, history-business = Charles talks about the changes that have taken place in the online marketing space over the last 10-15 years.

"What I’m about to tell you is the raw truth about what it takes to achieve sales and profits for the long term.

Some people are more interested in chasing shiny objects.

Others prefer excuses over hard work.

What I’m going to say needs to be said for the greater good for the marketing community.

A lot of marketers are fading away for 1 simple reason.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only thing required to have massive success was an offer and an email list.

Because information wasn’t easy to find, people paid a premium for it.

Every week there was a new product launch and everybody supported each other.

Once YouTube exploded in popularity people started sharing content with each other.

Buyers now had options and some of those options included free content on YouTube versus a $2K product launch.

To survive you needed to up your marketing game big time to compete with free.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers failed to catch on in time.

The next big shift happened with long-form content.

Neil Patel and Jon Morrow pioneered long-form blog content and that raised the bar for everybody.

Only a few short years ago information was harder to get and you could charge a premium for it.

Now you can find blog posts and hours of step-by-step videos on YouTube about any topic.

A lot of marketers have not been able to change, and they are struggling and not sure why.

So how do you sell in this market?

They are hanging on and don’t realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is the train about to run them over.

It's now easier than ever to create thought leadership and that changes everything.

Thought leadership isn’t something you do once. It takes consistency, and what you did in the past doesn’t count for much these days.

But the payoff is massive.

I’m always creating content and sharing it.

Notice I said content; your pitch to your list to buy from you is not content.

Thought leadership marketing requires going past the surface and giving your audience something to sink their teeth into.

Doing this amplifies everything else.

Can you imagine if your opens and clicks were 2x the industry average?

As a thought leader, everything changes.

I hear people complaining daily about something not working.

Facebook campaigns don’t convert and cost too much.
Landing pages don’t convert like you think they should.
Nobody shows up for your webinar. And the few that do, don’t buy.
You think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a waste of time.
People don’t book any strategy sessions with you. The ones that do think you are a commodity and don’t buy.

I think you get the point.

If you have sophisticated clients, they don’t just sign up after doing a Google search.

They look for your thought leadership and decide if you should even be shortlisted as a possible option.

Being an expert is no longer enough. Nobody cares what you did in the past.

They want to see what you are doing now.

Experts are a dime a dozen.

Thought leadership needs to be your goal.

If your digital marketing campaign isn’t working, answer these questions.

Can you show me a trail of thought leadership that makes people want to do business with you?

And was your thought leadership seen by anybody?

Now you see why you have been struggling.

I guarantee somebody in your niche is getting all the business they can handle using the same marketing channels.

Yet your campaigns are failing no matter what you do.

You don’t become #1 and then start doing thought leadership.

Instead, you lead with thought leadership marketing and that makes you the #1 choice in the market.

Thought leadership marketing is a never-ending process of creating top of mind awareness that leads to better positioning and all the clients you can handle.

The days of running ads and expecting great results are over unless you are willing to do thought leadership at the same time.

Otherwise, you're just noise in the marketplace.

Effective thought leadership marketing is what you have to do to stand out today.

Thought leadership campaigns aren’t the thing you run if you are struggling to keep the lights on because they aren’t cheap.

But when they are done right it allows you to command higher fees, work with better clients and be the person everybody wants to work with."
strategy  marketing  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing  communities  branding-personal  time-timeline  history-business 
december 2018 by daguti
With 9 Short Words, Google Just Made a Stunning Announcement That Will Change Everything You Think About Google | Inc.com
"By the way, one of the many things Facebook did to combat the rise of Google+? 

It bought a scrappy photo-sharing social network that had started at basically the exact same time as Google+, with just two coders who at first attracted total of $500,000 in investment, built their app in just eight weeks, and wound up millions of users overnight.

You might have heard of it. It's called Instagram."
history-computer  history-business  google-plus  facebook  news  2018  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  companies-instagram 
october 2018 by daguti
How Oreo Won the Marketing Super Bowl With a Timely Blackout Ad on Twitter | WIRED
Back in 2013: One of the first examples I remember hearing of realtime marketing. Quite visionary for someone at that time to have a team of 15 social media people at the ready "in case" there was something they'd be able to take advantage of.
marketing-social-media-campaigns  marketing-social-media-campaigns-realtime  marketing-tactics--comedy-harmon-brothers  history-business 
october 2018 by daguti
Famous People You Never Knew Started In Advertising - Business Insider
Famous people who were in advertising before the fame - mostly copywriters.
history-business  celebrities 
october 2018 by daguti
The Long Story Behind Karelia's New Logo | Karelia Software
Developer's app is integrated into MacOSX, Steve Jobs tells the developer that's just the way it is, but the developer keeps on and learns that the quick, nimble nature of a small business can beat the Fortune 500.

"Because we are a small company, we are nimble — much more so than a Fortune 500 company or a bowl of petunias."
Apple  history-computer  history-business  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath 
april 2018 by daguti
NPR - In 1886, a Coca-Cola cost a nickel. Over half a century...
Simple, easy shots, with some sound effects and quaint music make for an engaging video.
video  filmmaking-technique  economics  business  history-business 
march 2018 by daguti
Why Does a Tire Company Publish the Michelin Guide?
Great history of the Michelin Guide. I sort of knew, but didn't have a full understanding for why Michelin, which I knew as a tire company, published a food rating guide.

standing-out-or-differentiating = "For drivers, that information was essential. Gas stations did not yet exist, so drivers needed to know which pharmacies sold gasoline in several-liter containers. Motorists needed the timetables that listed when the sun set during the year, because highways did not yet have lights. Only a fraction of auto repair shops stayed open all year, which made it crucial to know which closed at the end of summer. Details like this distinguished the Michelin Guide from the tour books of the time, which assumed that people traveled by rail. "

and more history:
history-business  cars  cars-driving  standing-out-or-differentiating  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing 
march 2018 by daguti
History of the Michelin Guide - Business Insider
marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing = Wow! An early example of content marketing:
"The French entrepreneurs had started a tire company 11 years earlier, and they decided that a ratings guide for hotels and restaurants would compel the limited number of drivers to use up their tires and buy more."

and something on the Michelin Man:

which includes this continuation of the content marketing theme:
"As automobiles diffused to the middle classes, Michelin advertising likewise shifted downscale, and its restaurant and hotel guides likewise covered a broader range of price categories."

and more:
"Creating a Market

There once was a time when people had to be convinced that a car was useful. That was the situation in 1895, when brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin developed a new design for a car tire at their rubber company in Clermont-Ferrand, France."
history-business  marketing  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing 
march 2018 by daguti
The Dow’s tumultuous history, in one chart - MarketWatch
A nice chart that shows the rise of the stock market, the length of the recovery periods and the notable events that took place along the timeline, 1 event per year)

It is titled: "Dow Jones Industral Average: 1896-2016. Human Innovation Always Trumps Fear"
stocks  stock-exchange  history-business  visualization 
february 2018 by daguti
André Staltz - The Web began dying in 2014, here's how
predictions, obsolete-discontinued-abandoned = "The Web may die like most other technologies do: simply by becoming less attractive than newer technologies. And like most obsolete technologies, they don’t suddenly disappear, neither do they disappear completely. You can still buy a Walkman and listen to a tape with it, but the technology has nevertheless lost its collective relevance. The Web’s death will come as a gradual decay of its necessity, not as a dramatic loss."
google  facebook  analysis  history-computer  internet  history-business  amazon.com  strategy  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  predictions 
december 2017 by daguti
The Tragic History of RC Cola | Mental Floss
So many different reasons I bookmarked this.
1) We think of Coke and Pepsi as "it" in terms of colas, but there are so many other colas. It's like the NFL. We think of it as "it", but it's just a company.

2) The sugar industry saw this artificial sweetener taking over their market share and paid for research to say that it was harmful.

3) RC Cola came out of a disagreement a distributor had with Coke.

4) RC Cola had a hit on it's hands with the first diet cola, but was torpedoed by the sugar industry and possibly Coke/Pepsi.

5) The artificial sweetener they used is still banned in the US (and a bunch of other countries), based on that faulty research, but it's legal in many other countries.
history-business  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath-david-dies  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath-fighting-big-money-lobbyists  food-sugar  food-sugar-fake 
september 2016 by daguti
How Members Only Dressed Up the '80s | Mental Floss
Very interesting synopsis on the rise and fall of Members Only brand in the 80's.
history-business  marketing  projects-80s 
september 2016 by daguti
Adams Outdoor Social Media
Interesting thought. These billboard advertising people (agency? association?) are painting the outdoor billboard as the original social media.
history-business  marketing 
august 2016 by daguti
Dollar Shave Club and The Disruption of Everything – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
obsolete, etc = "the tech community is celebrating the massive return for Dollar Shave Club’s investors, but $1 billion for a 16% unit share of a market dominated by a brand that cost $57 billion is startlingly small. Indeed, that’s why buying Dollar Shave Club was never an option for P&G: even if their model is superior P&G’s shareholders would never permit the abandonment of what made the company so successful for so long; a company so intently focused on growing revenue is incapable of slicing one of their most profitable lines by half or more."

keywords: proctor & gamble , p&g , unilever
strategy  innovation  startups-going-above-and-beyond  startups-getting-acquired  startups-going-legit  business  history-business  startups-going-down-obsolete-etc  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned--in-decline 
july 2016 by daguti
How Markets Magnify the Role of Luck and Create the Illusion of Meritocracy - Evonomics
"...a gifted salesperson, for example, will be far more productive if her assignment is to sell financial securities to sovereign wealth funds than if she’s selling children’s shoes."

"It’s of course a good thing that their superior offerings are now available to more people. But an inevitable side effect has been that producers with even a slight edge over their rivals went on to capture most of the industry’s income.

Therein lies a hint about why chance events have grown more important even as markets have become more competitive. When shipping costs fell dramatically, producers who were once local monopolists serving geographically isolated markets found themselves battling one another for survival. In those battles, even a tiny cost advantage or quality edge could be decisive. Minor random events can easily tip the balance in such competitions— and in the process spell the difference between great wealth and economic failure. So luck is becoming more important in part because the stakes have increased sharply in contests whose outcomes have always hinged partly on chance events."
capitalism  analysis  wealth-income-distribution  small-things-bring-big-results  history-business  economics  economics-80s-through-today  success  success-luck 
may 2016 by daguti
Yosemite Contractor Leaves — And Takes The Landmark Names With It : NPR
The contractor who ran the Ahwahnee and Wawona hotels in Yosemite National Park trademarked those names, so when they lost the contract, they took the names with them.
business  history-business  strategy  copyright-trademark 
march 2016 by daguti
(2) David Saintloth - --- The incredible hubris of people questioning...
history-business, world-records = He's a unicorn's unicorn as far as how many successful companies and how successful they've been.
people-elon-musk  analysis  business  history-business  world-records 
october 2015 by daguti
TIL the Dodge Brothers built all of the engines for Oldsmobile and all of the parts for the Ford Model T. They also served beer to employees at the factory on hot days and had a part of the plant called the “Play Pen” where workers could invent and cr
Interesting comment by pinskia "And then sued Ford for Ford wanting to invest in the company (pay the employees more) rather than giving money to the share holders. Ford lost the case in the end. An important bit of history left out here."
history-business  business-culture  cars 
december 2014 by daguti
api comments on Walmart proving once again that they are the worst company in the world.
Very interesting breakdown of coastal vs middle American business styles. .............. "Wal Mart is really a product of the mid-American conservative business culture from which it came -- and is still headquartered. That business culture is all about... well... thrift. You make everything as cheap as you can: wages, supplies, operations, and so on, and you do volume. You go for areas like commodity retail and you dominate them and do lots and lots of volume. It's the complete opposite of the bicoastal business culture of places like New York, Massachusetts, and California. That business culture is about leverage and growth. You pay high salaries, spend a lot on technology, and you do margin. You go for areas like high tech or finance where the margins are high, do equity plays, etc. Think Silicon Valley and Manhattan-- "profit, not thrift, is the engine of business" as John Maynard Keynes said."
walmart  corruption-corporate  history-business  reference  me-stuff  business-culture 
november 2014 by daguti
11 Products You Used to Love That Apple Has Quietly Killed
Hah. "Not to mention hotels everywhere that provide alarm clocks with built-in 30-pin docks."
apple  obsolete-discontinued-abandoned  history-business  history-computer 
october 2014 by daguti
Coca-Cola's Share a Coke Campaign Drives Sales | Adweek
world-records = Not in the classical sense, but the Coke campaign "Share a Coke" increases sales for the first time in a decade. (they had previously been slumping) LESSON: Consumers love personalization, even if it's a brand as big as Coca-Cola faux-personalizing it. ....................................... more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237905
history-business  marketing  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  world-records 
september 2014 by daguti
9 Iconic Growth Hacks Tech Companies Used to Boost User Base
As I've said before (and people have disagreed with me), Facebook's initial stand as a closed network (red velvet ropes keeping certain people out) actually increased its growth.
marketing-tactics--growth-hacking  facebook  history-business 
june 2014 by daguti
Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant | Vanity Fair
Every paragraph is chock full of some teachable business lesson. ------------ management = "Eichenwald’s conversations reveal that a management system known as “stack ranking”—a program that forces every unit to declare a certain percentage of employees as top performers, good performers, average, and poor—effectively crippled Microsoft’s ability to innovate. “Every current and former Microsoft employee I interviewed—every one—cited stack ranking as the most destructive process inside of Microsoft, something that drove out untold numbers of employees,” Eichenwald writes. “If you were on a team of 10 people, you walked in the first day knowing that, no matter how good everyone was, 2 people were going to get a great review, 7 were going to get mediocre reviews, and 1 was going to get a terrible review,” says a former software developer. “It leads to employees focusing on competing with each other rather than competing with other companies.”"
history-business  fail  microsoft  business-declining-or-going-out-of-business  management 
march 2014 by daguti
What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business? (Infographic) | Entrepreneur.com
history-business = Further down after the color analysis, there are a bunch of facts, i.e. Sergey Brin created the Google logo in GIMP; Twitter bought their bird logo off of iStockPhoto for $15.
color  logos  design  history-business 
march 2014 by daguti
Oxford University Is Older Than the Aztecs | Smart News | Smithsonian
Also see Wikipedia's list of world's oldest companies. (bookmarked with similar tags)
history-business  longevity  world-records 
march 2014 by daguti
Tab Clear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Post-discontinuation section, mentions a book "Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath in Your Industry" by Stephen Denny
history-business  books-to-buy  strategy 
november 2013 by daguti
Seth's Blog: Understanding luxury goods
history-business = One person, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, invented the luxury good as a category.
history-business  business-models--pricing-models  people-seth-godin  psychology 
october 2013 by daguti
What is Usury? | 10 Percent Is Enough
Usury is the practice of overcharging borrowers. It has been prohibited by religious, legal, moral, and social codes since the beginning of recorded human history. Both the Hebrew Bible and the Qu’ran are unequivocal in their condemnation of high interest rates and the people who charge them. At the founding of America, interest rates in all 13 original states were capped at 6%. In fact, usury was illegal in the United States until 1978. But now, just 30 years later, it is rampant. Modern forms of usury include: payday loans, adjustable rate mortagages, rapid rebate tax return companies,
history-business  money  finance  credit  morality 
july 2013 by daguti
Pinkerton National Detective Agency
History of the Pinkertons Also see: http://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/1gz4o7/til_at_the_height_of_their_power_the_pinkerton/ "At the height of their power, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency employed more agents than there were members of the United States' Standing Army, causing the state of Ohio to outlaw the agency due to fears it could be hired as a private army or Militia."
history  history-business 
june 2013 by daguti
Laura Scudder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Laura Scudder started having her workers take home sheets of wax paper to iron into the form of bags, which were filled with chips at her factory the next day. This innovation kept the chips fresh and crisp longer and, along with the invention of cellophane, allowed potato chips to become a mass market product. Scudder also began putting dates on the bags, becoming the first company to freshness date their food products. This new standard of freshness was reflected in the marketing slogan: "Laura Scudder's Potato Chips, the Noisiest Chips in the World.""
history-business  inventions  innovation 
june 2013 by daguti
Sriracha Hot Sauce Catches Fire, Yet 'There's Only One Rooster' - Businessweek
Sriracha sauce is not advertised. The company prefers to let its legend spread by word of mouth.
history-business  world-records  marketing 
may 2013 by daguti
Can the Internet Replace Big Banks?
For centuries, banks have enjoyed the exclusive privilege to put money into the world. This operating system was set in motion in the Late Middle Ages, as a way of slowing down a rising middle class and its peer-to-peer, almost Burning-Man-like marketplace.
history-business  history  long-term-thinking  crowdsourcing  money  banks  currency 
march 2013 by daguti
Staplers, the Attachment That’s Still Making Noise - NYTimes.com
marketing = After the first few paragraphs, they mention the old ads that went into creating the stapler industry. startups-going-above-and-beyond = But Mr. Keller knows full well that computers will continue to eat into the business; that’s why Acco is aggressively expanding into global markets where technology is not as entrenched.
history-business  tools  startups-going-above-and-beyond  marketing  retro-nostalgia 
march 2013 by daguti
Diamonds Are Bullshit
Diamonds Are Bullshit “ “Yeah, they say three years’ salary.” ” Michael Scott, The Office American males enter adulthood through a peculiar rite of passage - they spend most of their savings on a...
history-business  relationships-marriage-engagement  long-term-thinking  anti-something  diamonds  marketing  strategy 
march 2013 by daguti
Hostess Executives’ Earnings Revealed as They Blame Bakery Workers for Company’s Demise
wealth-income-distribution = "Hostess' financial choices may be sound reason for their workers' revolt, but they're all too common in modern American business where, according to the Economic Policy Institute, workers' pay has stagnated since the 1970s, while CEO pay has increased by 725 percent. Think that's a typo? It's not."
wealth-income-distribution  2012  news  history-business  fail 
november 2012 by daguti
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