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How the NRA's Florida Strategy Failed After Parkland - Rolling Stone
politics, voting = "The lesson, says a longtime Florida GOP strategist, is not whether children or a lobbyist are able to claim the ear of an elected leader who bends with the political wind – it's that voters can. "People think the NRA is powerful because of money," the Tallahassee vet says. "They get discouraged about the NRA because they think a special interest is controlling things. I'm telling you with all my heart, the NRA is the least special-interest. They are an example of the power that comes from motivated voters. If this world would ever figure that out – if people became active voters on an issue – it'd be revolutionary.""
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march 2018 by daguti
Dick’s, Major Gun Retailer, Will Stop Selling Assault-Style Rifles
Wow. That's powerful.

"“When we saw what happened in Parkland, we were so disturbed and upset,” Mr. Stack said in an interview Tuesday evening. “We love these kids and their rallying cry, ‘enough is enough.’ It got to us.”"
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february 2018 by daguti
The NRA is a powerful political force — but not because of its money - Vox
""There’s a whole lot of evidence on the relationship of money in politics, and the least persuasive evidence is that you can buy vote on final passage of legislation on issues of high public importance," Grossmann says.

Some people (including Donald Trump) like to imagine that the campaign finance system creates a quid pro quo in which businesses are transactionally rewarded for their gifts. Instead, the money has two key but subtler effects: 1) It systematically elevates the priorities of the rich by forcing politicians to spend more time with them than they do with the poor; and 2) it helps businesses grease the legislative wheel.

The second one tends to apply primarily to issues well out of the public eye. Drutman likened campaign donations to bringing a nice bottle of wine to an exclusive dinner party: The wine won’t itself get you through the door, but it may help you strike up a conversation you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.


Of course, none of this means that it wouldn’t be good to try to root money out of politics. It just means that doing so wouldn’t lead to the sweeping gun control so many liberals hope is only being held back by our campaign finance system."
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february 2018 by daguti
Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons
Holy shit. How long did this take? Too late for some. Justice delayed is justice denied. Thanks, Mr Hoffman. Now hurry the fuck up.
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february 2018 by daguti
Trump: Gun Control Would Have Left 'Hundreds More Dead' In Texas Church | HuffPost
Wow, it's hard to believe there aren't riots in the streets. These comments are ridiculously juvenile, out of line with the the standards of the presidency and so easy to debunk.
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november 2017 by daguti
Republican senator blames the culture of “sanctuary cities” for mass shootings - Vox
I have no words. Why bother with data when you can just make up any old shit?

See bookmark right before this one titled "America's gun problem, explained" ... how can an article like that exist and then a Republitard can just make up some bullshit like this?
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october 2017 by daguti
America's gun problem, explained - Vox
The worst part about America is that you have articles like this and break down the statistics, fully explaining the problem and the solution -- and Republitards then do something like this: see bookmark right after this one titled "Republican senator blames the culture of “sanctuary cities” for mass shootings"
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october 2017 by daguti
for educational purposes - Album on Imgur
Various photos explaining the differences between guns and why "assault weapons" as defined in (former) laws mean nothing.
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january 2016 by daguti
Mother Jones: Left Claims '355 Mass Shootings' In 2015, Actual Number is 4 - Breitbart
Wow, the lunatic fringe wants to define things in a way that suits their agenda. We all know what we mean when we refer to a mass shooting. It means a non-gang related event in which a shooter attempts to kill a bunch of people. Whether or not s/he succeeds should not matter. That's a matter of training and how the crowd reacts. If someone goes into a public place and starts shooting randomly or somewhat randomly, it's a mass shooting end of story........ Lunacy FTA:"In reality, a shooting which no one is killed should simply be referred to as a shooting or an “attempted murder” or something similar, as it always has been. A shooting in which one is killed is a murder. If two are killed, it’s a double murder. If three are killed–as in the November 27 Planned Parenthood attack–it’s a triple murder. But when four or more are killed then–and only then–do the words “mass shooting” apply."
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december 2015 by daguti
Man confesses to road rage shooting that killed a 4-year-old girl
This is the problem with guns. It makes a momentary rush of anger last a lifetime... It allows a person to walk into a room and kill 10 people before they can even get up to rush him. THAT is why guns are a problem.
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october 2015 by daguti
» MSNBC: Ebola’s Worse Because of the Second Amendment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
This article is against the guy that is against guns, but it does mention him and he's worth looking up.
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october 2014 by daguti
9-year-old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor with Uzi - YouTube
When training someone in the use of firearms, always stand BEHIND them. And don't think that just because they can handle the recoil for 1 shot, they can handle it on full auto.
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august 2014 by daguti
CDC study says gun violence has been ‘shown to be contagious’ - BizPac Review
This site has generally the same interpretation as the link I just bookmarked. Also, it links to the source CDC study
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july 2013 by daguti
Obama orders CDC gun violence study, study shreds his position
According to this site, the CDC study found the opposite of what Obama wanted. I'll have to look into which way this publication leans (liberal/conservative) in order to see if that's an accurate interpretation.
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july 2013 by daguti
2Y4lu.gif (GIF Image, 289 × 250 pixels)
Hot piece of lead falls down the back of his shirt. Always stand clear of ejected cartridges.
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may 2013 by daguti
How the NRA got what it wanted - Salon.com
"If an idea is considered politically and publicly acceptable, it’s in the Overton Window. If it isn’t, one can make the statement or policy no longer seem controversial, by shifting the window closer to that given policy. But how to move the goalposts so your position seems more mainstream? By proposing something even further to the extreme, the initial desired policy appears more like a “compromise.”"
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april 2013 by daguti
Gun Training Report #2 Firearms Training Secret
"If you have a white dot or any kind of color or shape on the front sight of your handgun, I recommend you Black It Out!

The key to a precision shot with your handgun is 100% of your focus on the top edge of the front sight. If you have a white dot on your front sight, take a look at where the white dot is placed on your front sight…normally it is place in the middle of the sight, and there is quite a bit of sight between the top of the white dot and the top edge of the front sight!

Your eye will naturally focus on the white dot, instead of the top edge of the front sight. You will mistakenly line up the top of the white dot with the top of your rear sight."

"What about the white ring on night sights? I recommend night sights because most lethal encounters occur in low light conditions. If your night sights have a white ring around the crystal that holds the tritium (the substance that glows in the sight) simply use a black felt pen to black out the white circle then immediately.."
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january 2013 by daguti
Gun Training Report #1 Comfort of Skill at Arms
I like how they walk you through the different course offerings by telling a "story" and asking how comfortable you'd be at every turn.
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december 2012 by daguti
Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes | Funtasticus.com
Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes | Funtasticus.com
Armed americans
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march 2008 by daguti

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