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(1) Satie Chicken
Parody rubber chicken version of Gymnopedié No.1 by Erik Satie
video  music  music-covers  funny  parody  music-parody 
october 2018 by daguti
Make America Sleep Again | Nectar Mattress - YouTube
Saved to Agora laptop. Will eventually make its way to Fincher or perhaps Google Drive.
video  marketing-tactics--comedy-harmon-brothers  funny 
october 2018 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
When client wants a 6 week job done in 1 week, show them this video.

If this gets taken down, this is the source, by BoredPanda:

Also see "The Vendor Client Relationship in real world situations" bookmarked 2009-05-27 with these tags:
Also see bookmark 2018-05-11 with tags:
customer-behavior funny video
customer-behavior  video  funny 
may 2018 by daguti
True Facts : Carnivorous Plants - YouTube
A great example of:
- a way to turn a boring topic interesting with comedy
- a slightly different take on something lets you stand out
- comedy as an attention-getting device

The interesting thing to me is that the comedy here is not side splitting funny. It's just that no one does nature videos with any amount of humor in them, so this chuckle-worthy angle on the nature video stands out.
video  nature  standing-out-or-differentiating  funny  comedy  marketing-tactics--comedy  marketing-boring-products 
may 2018 by daguti
What fact did you learn at an embarrassingly late age? : AskReddit
The two things I always think of (below) were mentioned by others in this thread.

- Ponies are not baby horses
- "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" is the same melody as The Alphabet Song

Someone else mentioned this, which I also thought as a kid:
When I was a kid I thought that all cats were girls and all dogs were boys. I though they had sex and produced either a cat or dog. I was corrected on embarrassingly around 10 or 11

Except that I also thought goats were male and sheep were female.
funny  children  companies-reddit 
october 2017 by daguti
Real men of genius - Album on Imgur
Evidently this guy was flipping off the shooter at the Las Vegas Strip. The text reads:

"Bud Light presents -Real Men of Genius-

Today, we salute you "Mr. Defiantly Shooting the Bird at a Mass Shooter Guy"

Nothing says "kiss my Star Spangled ass you commie bastard" liek standing your ground, flipping the bird and sipping a cold beer just because you're an American and terrorist assholes suck. In a hail of gunfire you showed that jackass who the real coward is. So crack open a Bud Light "Mr. I Hold My Own Beer Now Watch This Shit" because this is America and we don't back down from chicken shits like you."
funny  news  2017  photos 
october 2017 by daguti
Channel 4 - The best way to get out of a parking ticket? Take it...
Funny video, but a good reminder that you should ask for proof if you are given a parking ticket.
video  funny  cars-parking 
october 2017 by daguti
Famous doppelgangers - Album on Imgur
Famous doppelgangers: Female Jay-Z, Turkish George Clooney, etc
funny  celebrities  photos 
september 2017 by daguti
Tired of telemarketers? One man has the answer… – Naked Security
Forward telemarketers or phone scammers to Jolly Roger answerbot: 1-214-666-4321
tools  crime-scams-or-ripoffs  telephone  funny 
september 2016 by daguti
Bitches Be Cray - Crazy Internet Man | Facebook
I think this is the same guy who does the Pollito Pio that Fiama showed me.
video  funny 
june 2016 by daguti
Squatty Potty - This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop
business-executing, ideas-stolen = The reason I'm bookmarking this is that this is a perfect example of flawless execution. Others that could go in this category of flawless execution are simple ideas like 5 Hour Energy, Monster Energy Drinks, bottled water (Poland Spring), Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Goya, McDonald's... or just about any "regular" non-high-tech business. .......... strategy = Important to note on a strategic level that they started in the caveman/paleo crowd, but eventually branched out to the mass market. Same with 5 Hour Energy. I noticed how their commercials evolved from targeting people who need a morning wakeup to people who need an afternoon pep-me-up to ... I forgot the other market segments, but they definitely changed the messaging over time. ..... GODDAM! I just watched the whole ad and noticed that it explains why it works and they use testimonials, too. It's like they incorporated every best practice into a single ad. BRAVO SQUATTY POTTY!
marketing-social-media-campaigns  video  funny  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  ideas-stolen  business-executing  business-executing-its-not-the-idea-its-the-execution  strategy  explanation-simplification  sales-testimonials 
november 2015 by daguti
3IhxaUa.gif (GIF Image, 198 × 360 pixels)
Groundhog got so fat, he couldn't come out of his burrow.
disease-obesity  animals  funny  video 
april 2015 by daguti
James Mack - I can't stop laughing at this. So dumb. Sergio
Bad harmonica playing laid over the reveal scene in Jurassic Park shows why execution is important.
video  funny  business-executing  animals-dinosaurs 
april 2015 by daguti
Girls I like to keep Part 2 - Album on Imgur
Goofiness is required to be a relationship with me. - First photo of the girl with the chimpmunk head. ROFL
funny  photos  relationships 
march 2015 by daguti
Halifax's ad for 'date night' is utterly horrifying
This kind of reminds me of the auto mechanic who made a bizarre commercial.
parody  video  funny  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird 
march 2015 by daguti
Worst display of anything. Ever. : videos
in case the site is down, the original video is called " Rowing SUPER FAIL - Sculling - Regatta 2014 " and is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCgVCV8pCbQ
video  disaster  boats-ships  sports  funny  disaster-man-made  fail 
february 2015 by daguti
▶ Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful® - YouTube
A Rube Goldberg machine that involves dogs which have to take action at each step.
cute  funny  animals-dogs  video  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  marketing-boring-products 
january 2015 by daguti
If your significant other agrees to any of these. Keeper. - Imgur
- visit as many people as you can in one night, turn things upside down - Pretend never met, loudly try lame pickup lines Act like they worked - Forge photos of an adventure didn't happen - drive. only right turns. When stuck,turn around,only left turns. Repeat till find interesting. Take pictures along way - Build forts; paper airplane war - leave notes in your favorite books at store - Write fiction together outdoor cafe. Ask strangers when stuck. - walking journey; draw arrow every 15ft. leave pile of chalk (or treat) at end - Do lamest tourist thing in town that you both secretly wante to do forever - Hide&seek in park. - photolog of a day in life of invisible man using boots & camera - Walk city all night; find place eat breakfast @dawn - drive; passenger blindfolded & choosing directions at random - Dress as pirates, commandeer shopping carts. War in parking lot - Find good climbing trees; climb high; take photos & brag. - Rent movie never seen. Set on mute; improvise dialogue. -
dating  funny  cute  relationships 
january 2015 by daguti
The irony... : funny
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes 2015: "George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, with Kofi Annan regarding Syria, and was selected for a 3 person U commission investing Rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip.................. So tonight, her husband is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award."
funny  celebrities 
january 2015 by daguti
Once again, I am dumbstruck by the inanity of... - Active Self Protection
What planet is this effective? These black belts would all be dead in street fight with a kid from a bad neighborhood.
fighting  funny 
december 2014 by daguti
Magazines in waiting rooms are old because new ones disappear, not lack of supply. : science
Hah! A freaking research study on why magazines in waiting rooms are old! Who the hell comes up with this?
research-studies  funny 
december 2014 by daguti
Dj woogie - How NOT to unload a truck.
Guy unloading a truck goes a little too far off the lift gate, the wheel of the pallet jack slips off the end of the lift gate, but he tries to hold it from flipping using his weight. It easily catapults him over and flings him at least 10 feet off the back of the truck.
shipping  video  disaster  disaster-man-made  funny 
december 2014 by daguti
A dad insisting on using his 'selfie stick'... : funny
There will come a day when you embarrass your kids by merely existing. Warn them about this in advance, for, as with everything, it'll be easier to diffuse if they can see it coming.
funny  childrearing  warnings  photos 
december 2014 by daguti
BuzzFeed Video - Curvy Girl struggles
Interesting because this was sponsored by what seems like a local small clothing store, but the video is on Buzzfeed and being shared on Facebook, so it's gotten them some good exposure. Similar to the Arab car repair ad bookmarked 2013-05-07
video  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  filmmaking-technique  funny  viral  business-small 
december 2014 by daguti
My car chase on Vimeo
"Last year I interviewed for a TV job, and they asked me if I had ever directed or shot car chases.  I said yes, went home, shot this, and sent it back to them. I didn't get the job." .................. Original reddit thread here: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2odnlo/i_interviewed_for_a_tv_job_and_they_asked_me_if_i/
funny  cars  video  filmmaking-technique 
december 2014 by daguti
What happens during 24 hour Olympics coverage: Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant, Athens 2004 : videos
Hilarious rant on badminton in the back yard. She probably had to vamp and it turned into a recounting of a backyard ruckus.
video  funny  sports 
december 2014 by daguti
"Failed today too. I'll try tomorrow." - Imgur
Cat does the most hilarious attempt at jumping up onto the bed from the floor, fails miserably.
animals-cats  funny  video  meetup-movnat 
december 2014 by daguti
MRW my GF wants sex after Dominos - Imgur
Raccoon does tumbles or rolls down the hallway as a means of locomotion. tumbling rolling
animals  funny  meetup-movnat 
december 2014 by daguti
Why did you let that thing touch me? : gifs
Squirrel jumps on sleeping cat. Sleeping cat jumps up, backs away from squirrel and smacks his cat friend, as if to say "Why did you let that thing touch me?"
animals-cats  funny  animals-acting-like-humans 
november 2014 by daguti
Have you ever tried to give medicine to pandas? - Imgur
Panda bears don't want to take medicine, they crawl all over the zookeeper and he has to wrestle to try to give them their medicine.
animals  funny  animals-acting-like-humans 
november 2014 by daguti
Me the day after Thanksgiving - Imgur
Elmo on the toilet swinging his arms like he's having a grand ole time.
funny  health-pooping  tv-sesame-street 
november 2014 by daguti
(1) Being Latino
Dogs and cats who do not like kisses. Some of these made me damned laugh out loud.
video  funny  animals-cats  animals-dogs  animals-acting-like-humans 
november 2014 by daguti
Baby's first tunnel - Imgur
Baby goes full-on shocked when he's going through his first tunnel.
video  children  babies  funny 
november 2014 by daguti
Meanwhile : funny
language-concepts = See coment: "Semantic Satiation" ....................... Meanwhile in Mexico , Australia , America, Germany , Japan , etc
language-concepts  funny  culture  society  photos  companies-reddit 
november 2014 by daguti
Facebook - Best Dance-Off Ever! Murfreesboro.com's video
Must be logged into Facebook to view, even though it's set to 'public.'
dancing  video  funny 
november 2014 by daguti
18 - *MUST WATCH* | Facebook
African comedian: Maximbady Touray
funny  video  comedy 
october 2014 by daguti
▶ Inform the team, with Hipchat - YouTube
Super funny (that damn crow!) commercial that ties in perfectly to the product. (most humorous commercials are tangentially related to the product and you could easily replace the name of the product with any other product and it would not change anything.... The humor in this commercial (contacting team members via different mediums) works specifically because of the product being marketed. Brilliant. Well done.
video  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  funny  marketing-boring-products 
october 2014 by daguti
Parisi Fitness Centers - Midland Park... - Parisi Fitness Centers - Midland Park
meetup-movnat = Avoid the hazards of being a zoo human. Get your exercise outdoors with us.
video  funny  meetup-movnat 
october 2014 by daguti
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