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12 Health Myths We Need to Stop Believing
Every one of these has a nugget of truth, but is so far off the mark as to be dangerous. Slide by slide critiques:

1) Not sure about this one, but Vitamin C megadoses aren't for curing colds, they're for something else that I think I read in either Deep Nutrition or heard on Dr. Gary Null (which could be quakery, considering he's a hardcore vegan)

2) They told the truth, but not the whole truth. They fail to mention that vegetables oils are toxic.

3) "Wiht few exceptions, dietary supplements are generally unnecessary." - true, but it's better to take them than not if you are eating a shit diet. Also, Vitamin D megadoses are absolutely necessary.

4) fine

5) fine

6) "you can't detox" and "you don't need an expensive green juice to do it" - actually you do. You should be blending your vegetables and eating them raw as much as possible. Fiber helps neutralize free radicals from vegetable oil and other sources.

7) "exercise is great for your body and your health, but evidence is mounting that it has little to nothing to do with your ability to lose significant weight and keep it off." - yes, but if you are only worried about weight, you are looking at the wrong thing. Exercise, even if you stay fat, is something you MUST do on a daily basis.

8 - 11) fine

12) there's actually a study out of Norway (I think) that disputes this. It's not a firm yes, but I would still recommend using phones on speaker and not sleeping with them by your head

13) fine
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march 2018 by daguti
Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Especially if You’re Over 40 - The New York Times
"The researchers also looked for the sweet spot for protein intake, which turned out to be about 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. In practical terms, that would amount to about 130 grams of protein a day for a 175-pound man. (A chicken breast has about 45 grams of protein.)"

"That advice holds especially true for middle-aged and older weight trainers, he says, almost none of whom were getting the ideal amount of protein in these studies and who, presumably in consequence, tended to show much smaller gains in strength and muscle size than younger people."
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february 2018 by daguti
The gym on the Titanic was full of Edwardian ladies and electric horses
Look at that gorgeous, clean design. Not like today where everything is crammed in trying to use every last inch. Also, the walls are simultaneously clean, but ornate the large panels.
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march 2015 by daguti
Donny Shankle - Hand Care - YouTube
How to care for calluses - callus - callous - callouses ............. In my experience, if you moisturize regularly (every night), especially with vaseline (put on plastic gloves after, if you want), your calluses never dry and crack in the first place.
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february 2015 by daguti
Rafe Kelley - Timeline Photos
I like the comment the one guy made about these things being supernormal stimuli. "Modern food products have divorced flavor from nutrition. In the same way,Video games have divorced thrill from physicality Pornography divorces sexual pleasure from relationships Modern fitness and sports culture divorces fitness and specialized skills from overall movement capacity freeform play and nature. "
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january 2015 by daguti
Why We Sign Up For Gym Memberships But Never Go To The Gym : Planet Money : NPR
"So, if you don't work out, you are making gyms affordable for everyone. If you are one of the brave few who do go to the gym, you are getting an amazing deal."
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december 2014 by daguti
5x1gz0f.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 750 pixels) - Fitness motivation from Socrates
"No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training... what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates
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december 2014 by daguti
5 moves you should avoid at the gym
"Deep squats put significant strain on the knee ligaments, significant pressure on your patellofemoral joint (knee cap), and it puts your meniscus at significant risk for tearing." <----- Now, tell me. On what planet does avoiding something make you stronger at it? Use it or lose it. This avoidance mentality is dumb. ...................... See the comments when Chris Moran posted it to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.moran.16/posts/10203235547512823
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december 2014 by daguti
Three Body Weaknesses and How to Fix Them
Three atypical fitness failures and how to fix them. I was surprised that I failed all 3.
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october 2014 by daguti
Steve Paxton about dancing - YouTube
This video is on the same level as the first Ido Portal video I saw (and I've tagged it with the same tags)
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october 2014 by daguti
Your Fat Is Why You're Not As Bright As You Could Be | Co.Exist | ideas impact
"obese mice did poorly on mouse-sized cognitive tests, presumably because the interleukin 1 was clogging things up. But the study didn't end there. The researchers wanted to make sure that it was the extra fat cells--and not something else--causing the disturbing brain changes in the mice. .................................. Upon removing fat from the obese mice in a mini-liposuction procedure, the critters scored highly on the same thinking and memory tests they struggled with previously, and the interleukin 1 virtually disappeared from their bloodstreams. When the researchers put fat pads inside thin mice, those previously svelte rodents started doing worse than they had previously on cognitive tests."
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march 2014 by daguti
Pickled cabbage may help with allergies, coughs, colds and more | Mail Online
Another score for fermented foods. But note that pickles might be carcinogenic, depending on how they were made (last few paragraphs) ........ Also read the 5 paragraphs starting with "But increasingly popular is kefir..." ................... Also important: "A study by immunologists at Spain's University of Granada - published in 2006 in the Journal of Dairy Research - looked at people who ate at least five portions of yoghurt and cheese, and three other fermented foods such as cured meats and olives, each week. When they were deprived of these for two weeks, the levels of good bacteria in their gut dropped, as did markers of a healthy immune system. After two weeks, they started eating yoghurt again, but their immunity didn't return to its original levels until they resumed eating a wide variety of fermented foods."
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february 2014 by daguti
Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn't usually work | Video on TED.com
counterintuitive = She talks about diets doing more harm than good throughout the talk, but at 11:00, she specifically says it. .................... cognitive-load = As one of the comments says: "Will power is limited and gets exhausted when the attention is distracted." That in itself sums up her talk and this line can be used in any walk of life.
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january 2014 by daguti
Children Run Slower than Parents' Generation
same/similar from NPR: www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/11/20/246316731/kids-are-less-fit-today-than-you-were-back-then
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november 2013 by daguti
Weird Science: Plastic Surgeon Makes “Perfect” Wife
Plastic surgeon creates perfect wife --> Evidently love at first sight includes a bunch of plastic surgery procedures.
november 2013 by daguti
This Is 200 Calories - YouTube
I haven't even seen Vine yet, but this looks like a series of Vine videos spliced together.
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july 2013 by daguti
Gym Mishap [SFW] - Imgur
Could be used to poke fun at traditional gym fitness.
meetup-movnat  funny  fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material 
july 2013 by daguti
How to NOT Suck at Working Out | Nerd Fitness
This is mostly a post on how to lift correctly, but peppered throughout, there are mentions of a lot of exercises, which I agree with (compound rather than isolation exercises.)
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april 2013 by daguti
Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement & More - RawBrahs - YouTube
Ido Portal discusses CrossFit, Gymnastics & the basis of movement. "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." Now at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPnXjFNSf1o Also, I have downloaded it for safekeeping.
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march 2013 by daguti
Turkish Getup - YouTube
Turkish Getup performed using a woman instead of a kettlebell.
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september 2011 by daguti
Nerd Fitness: Get off your ass - it may save your life - TNW Lifehacks
Page 2 gets interesting with talk of standing desks and a short quip from someone who switched to a standing desk.
Page 3 gives suggestions for those who can't alter their working environment (i.e. corporate job won't allow standing desks.)
health  fitness  fitness-apocalypse-marketing-material  health-sitting  desk 
august 2011 by daguti
Sugar and Health: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA
evolvify-topics = Listen to the part where he talks about legumes being the real "brain food" (I think it was this show... I am doing this from memory) Added the "sugar" tag 10/10/2011
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april 2011 by daguti
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