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Why Education is a Limited Determinant of Mobility - The Atlantic
Also see the following two bookmarks, which are somewhat related to this topic.

https://pinboard.in/u:daguti/b:7f9ed8183ecd (You're More Likely To Inherit Your Dad's Social Status Than His Height : science)

https://pinboard.in/u:daguti/b:c72f8e15566c (Movin' On Up? That May Depend On Your Last Name : NPR)

"Rothstein, however, found little evidence to support that premise. Instead, he found that differences in local labor markets—for example, how similar industries can vary across different communities—and marriage patterns, such as higher concentrations of single-parent households, seemed to make much more of a difference than school quality. He concludes that factors like higher minimum wages, the presence and strength of labor unions, and clear career pathways within local industries are likely to play more important roles in facilitating a poor child’s ability to rise up the economic ladder when they reach adulthood."
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october 2017 by daguti
The case for having just one kid | PBS NewsHour
I understand wanting to buck a trend, having grown up an only child, I would never want to subject children to that. From learning life lessons and group dynamics growing up to having support and "blood" friends when they're older, having more kids just makes sense to me. 3-4 is ideal.
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january 2015 by daguti
You're More Likely To Inherit Your Dad's Social Status Than His Height : science
Also see bookmark 2012-10-16 "Movin On Up? That May Depend On Your Last Name", tagged with some of these same tags.
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november 2014 by daguti
Cousin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scroll down to see the family trees that visually represent the relationships.
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january 2013 by daguti
Movin' On Up? That May Depend On Your Last Name : NPR
genetics, family = Not in the traditional sense that I've used these tags, but I know I'll think of these tags when I think of this story. ........ public-policy = "But it's clear he has growing doubts about whether public policy can really help people move up the social ladder." ........ family = ""And it really is conveying this message that families are where the action is at in terms of the outcomes and performance for people," Clark says." ........ habit = This article paints it like success/failure is a foregone conclusion. I see it as a function of habits. Successful ancestors had good habits, which they passed down through families. Those habits filter into decendants' lives and create those higher probabilities of success. ............... Also see bookmark 2014-11-24 tagged with some of these same tags: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2na2d5/youre_more_likely_to_inherit_your_dads_social/
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october 2012 by daguti
The Norton Project - YouTube
"This is a story about how my brother and I stole our fathers 1969 Norton Commando, had it restored and then gave it back to him for Christmas. He had no idea."
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august 2011 by daguti
KarmaTube: The Secret Powers of Time (RSA Animate)
If this link disappears, it's also available here:

language, education, family, communication = Briefly touches on these things although the video is not specifically about these topics.
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march 2011 by daguti
Frank Calabrese Jr. On 'Operation Family Secrets' And Bringing Down Chicago's Mob : NPR
social-engineering = ""And my father [had] taught me two ways to get a guy to talk: Either feed him a lot of liquor or get him mad."
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march 2011 by daguti
Northwest Florida Daily News: Novel police tactic puts drug markets out of business
Novel police tactic puts drug markets out of business:

"Police made dozens of undercover buys and videotaped many other drug purchases. They also did something unusual: they determined the "influentials" in the dealers' lives -- mothers, grandmothers, mentors -- and cultivated relationships with them. When police felt they had amassed ironclad legal cases, they did something even more striking: they refrained from arresting most of the suspected dealers. "
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september 2006 by daguti

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