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The Secret Reason Why Outlets Have Three Prongs
Really good explanation. I knew most of what they said here, but the fact that some new appliances only have two prongs always made me think, until I read the explanation here:
"So, why is it that some electronic devices still only use two prongs? Devices with only two prongs tend to fall into three categories: they’re old, they don’t use enough electricity to cause lethal harm, or they have sufficient insulation and a non-conductive exterior (i.e. a plastic outer shell instead of a metal one) so that you’re unlikely to be electrocuted even if there’s a malfunction."
energy-electricity  explanation-simplification 
february 2018 by daguti
Razor REVAMP Service
This place seems to know what they're talking about with regard to fixing and refinishing razors.


In regards to marketing, this is exactly the kind of content that companies need to be producing.

The other good thing is that they gave the service a name "Razor Revamp" which is not known in the industry. This way, when people try to find a competing service, they A) won't find a competitor because no one is using that term and B) even when competitors (or forums) start using that term, there's always some doubts in the prospect's head about whether the service is a 1:1 comparison.

Note that I bookmarked a Shavenook.com thread on 2018-01-25 that lists various other competitors, in case you're looking for other places. It seems to say that RazorEmporium didn't do a great job and that Reliable Electroplating in Mass. can do a good job.
shaving  Reference  marketing-good-content-examples  explanation-simplification 
january 2018 by daguti
Not All Projectors Are Created Equal - YouTube
A great explanation of why 3LCD projectors are worth the money and 1chip or 1LCD projectors are not. Fantastic. I had no idea about this, but now I want to buy a 3LCD projector.

keywords: 3 led , 3led, 3 lcd , 3lcd
video  marketing-good-content-examples  explanation-simplification  filmmaking-technique  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing 
may 2016 by daguti
How Eco-Friendly is Bamboo Fabric, Really? | Ecouterre
Bamboo fiber: Vicose is essentially Rayon, which is a regenerated cellulose fiber, which means that a natural raw material is converted through a chemical process into a fiber that falls into a category between naturals and synthetics. The source of cellulose can be wood, paper, cotton fiber, or in this case bamboo. ............... Be sure to read the comments where some people talk about bad information in the article. It's not really bad info, in my opinion, just people being picky, but still good to know.
clothing  explanation-simplification 
december 2015 by daguti
Next time you laugh at an infomercial! - Album on Imgur
Tumblr asserts that infomercial products are actually meant for disabled people, but that's such a tiny market segment, that they sell them in infomercials so that the people who actually need them can get them and everyone else covers the cost of production that would have been too astronomical if they had only been sold in specialty stores/catalogs for the disabled.
explanation-simplification  tumblr 
december 2015 by daguti
Guy Kawasaki - This is a 2,000 word masterclass on typography,...
This bit of copy that Guy Kawasaki wrote in his post about the article is what convinced me to click: "This is a 2,000 word masterclass on typography, guaranteed to improve your design ability." ................... Just goes to show the power of copy writing. I never would have clicked if it had said "Learn Typography In Seconds!" or "Typography for Beginners!" --- this reiterates the point that different people have to hear things in different ways for it to click. Hence, you can reuse the same article multiple times with different introduction or caption text to draw in different readers.
people-guy-kawasaki  marketing-tactics--writing-copy  explanation-simplification  fonts-related-to  design  getting-started  howto 
november 2015 by daguti
It's all a hoax - Album on Imgur
A great way of presenting to reel in those that believe global warming is a hoax. It starts by calling it "Global Hoax" instead of "Global Warming" and then presents each argument for why global warming is a hoax. It slowly destroys each point and shows the real culprit: Greenhouse gasses. ........... See the comments that raise valid points: "downvoting, not because warming is not real, but for shit science. Google global temperature chart 10000 years for a better picture" and "humands are 100% a contributor.. but a graph that starts in 1880 shows nothing..."
climate  climate-global-warming  environment  visualization  explanation-simplification 
november 2015 by daguti
Squatty Potty - This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop
business-executing, ideas-stolen = The reason I'm bookmarking this is that this is a perfect example of flawless execution. Others that could go in this category of flawless execution are simple ideas like 5 Hour Energy, Monster Energy Drinks, bottled water (Poland Spring), Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Goya, McDonald's... or just about any "regular" non-high-tech business. .......... strategy = Important to note on a strategic level that they started in the caveman/paleo crowd, but eventually branched out to the mass market. Same with 5 Hour Energy. I noticed how their commercials evolved from targeting people who need a morning wakeup to people who need an afternoon pep-me-up to ... I forgot the other market segments, but they definitely changed the messaging over time. ..... GODDAM! I just watched the whole ad and noticed that it explains why it works and they use testimonials, too. It's like they incorporated every best practice into a single ad. BRAVO SQUATTY POTTY!
marketing-social-media-campaigns  video  funny  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  ideas-stolen  business-executing  business-executing-its-not-the-idea-its-the-execution  strategy  explanation-simplification  sales-testimonials 
november 2015 by daguti
Zero G Anti-Gravity iPhone Case - Available on Kickstarter - YouTube
Harry Price posted on Internet Marketing Super Friends: " How to Sell Without Selling A case study about turning desire into demand. Hey, Supers. This is a link to a video: Zero G Anti-Gravity iPhone Case - Available on Ki…: http://youtu.be/VDWfn5ej2uo I'm not affiliated to this Kickstarter campaign. I've also never been so excited to buy a PRODUCT (the iPhone 6) from reviewing a video for a PRODUCT ACCESSORY. This video has it all. How can you learn from it? Here's a few ways I noted below. #1: It shows REAL average people doing normal, average, everyday things while using the accessory to make experiences more intuitive. #2: It has an upbeat song that encapsulates the mood of the experience, so you literally feel like you want to be a part of the craze. #3: There's no 'selling' involved, except for creating desire to be like one of the individuals who seems to be enjoying their purchase. Buying power is a strong force."
video  explanation-simplification  filmmaking-technique 
april 2015 by daguti
Men Custom Suits & Custom Shirts | Tailor4Less
I like how they have taken the complicated process of measuring a suit and simplified it. We could use this as a model for doing other products, including "What is a cappucino?" Or "What is a latte?" and other such things.
clothing  fashion  explanation-simplification  website-examples  projects-w-ted-rocknjoe  shopping 
april 2015 by daguti
Meat and Antibiotics - 2013 Meat Eaters Guide | Meat Eater's Guide to Climate Change Health | Environmental Working Group
"A significant contributor to the looming superbug crisis, according to scientists and health experts, is unnecessary antibiotic usage by factory farms that produce most of the 8.9 billion animals raised for food in the U.S. every year. Industrial livestock producers routinely dose their animals with pharmaceuticals, mostly administered with limited veterinary oversight and frequently without prescriptions, to encourage faster growth or prevent infection in crowded, stressful and often unsanitary living conditions." ............................ explanation-simplification = See the 4-step infographic "Superbugs From Farm To Work"
medicine-pharmaceuticals-drugs-prescriptions  food  food-factory-farming  warnings  explanation-simplification 
december 2014 by daguti
Lonsdaleite comments on Iraqi army 'had 50,000 ghost troops' on payroll
Also see comment by Sohyessofresh, starting "I suspect that this comment might..."
war  explanation-simplification  countries-iraq 
december 2014 by daguti
Facebook is now accessible through the Deep Web
video, explanation-simplification = See the video at the bottom (which I think I've bookmarked in the past anyway...)
facebook  new-features  startups-going-above-and-beyond  news  2014  security-computer  hiddeninfo  explanation-simplification  video 
october 2014 by daguti
Economists Say We Should Tax The Rich At 90 Percent: "A 90 percent top marginal tax rate doesn’t mean that if you make $450,000, you are going to pay $405,000 in federal income taxes. Americans have a well-documented trouble understanding the notion of
INSIGHT: And this is how the rich & rich apologists take advantage to spread their retarded message: They take advantage of the fact that people don't understand marginal tax rates, estate taxes, other things and they make it sound like everyone pays those taxes. It's the only way they can get non-wealthy (i.e. the majority) to side with them. Grimy bastards. .............. "Economists Say We Should Tax The Rich At 90 Percent: "A 90 percent top marginal tax rate doesn’t mean that if you make $450,000, you are going to pay $405,000 in federal income taxes. Americans have a well-documented trouble understanding the notion of marginal tax rates."" ............................... poverty = Lots of the top comments discussing poverty. ............... One of the best explanations of marginal tax rate & deductions: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/2k05zr/economists_say_we_should_tax_the_rich_at_90/clh6cgz
explanation-simplification  wealth-income-distribution  poverty  me-stuff  me-stuff-foundational-influence  taxes-as-a-concept 
october 2014 by daguti
What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege | A Little More Sauce
I thought I was going to hate this, but the analogy is particularly well suited to the purpose. Perhaps because I've ridden in traffic and know just how dangerous "good, well intentioned drivers" can be - never mind the ones high out of their mind or the ones who actively hate you. --------------------- wealth-income-distribution = Although this guy is talking about race, I think the analogy is perfectly suited to discussing middle class privilege and how anyone middle class or above sees the poor. It's not just about "trying harder" or "working longer", there are active issues that keep you down, unable to work longer, get places you need to go, etc.
race  bicycle  explanation-simplification  wealth-income-distribution  me-stuff 
september 2014 by daguti
Adobe Voice: A Happy App for Making Explainer Videos
Wow, an easy way to make explainer videos with an Adobe app called Adobe Voice. (only for iPad right now)
explanation-simplification  video  adobe 
may 2014 by daguti
A Review of the MovNat One-Day Fundamentals Workshop | Mark's Daily Apple
explanation-simplification = See the paragraph near the end, starting with "Three of the pillars of MovNat..."
meetup-movnat  exercise-movnat  explanation-simplification 
may 2014 by daguti
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System - The Donella Meadows Institute
2nd of 2 resources on systems. 1st was "Systemantics"/CoolTools bookmarked 2014-03-01 ............ 2015-09-29: I've found myself coming back to this time and again --> "The systems analysis community has a lot of lore about leverage points. Those of us who were trained by the great Jay Forrester at MIT have all absorbed one of his favorite stories. “People know intuitively where leverage points are,” he says. “Time after time I’ve done an analysis of a company, and I’ve figured out a leverage point — in inventory policy, maybe, or in the relationship between sales force and productive force, or in personnel policy. Then I’ve gone to the company and discovered that there’s already a lot of attention to that point. Everyone is trying very hard to push it IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!”" ....... "Counterintuitive. ... Leverage points are not intuitive. Or if they are, we intuitively use them backward, systematically worsening whatever problems we are ..." (saved as PDF in \media\text..\business)
large-systems  hacking  books-to-buy  explanation-simplification  me-stuff  large-systems-pushing-the-wrong-levers  counterintuitive  people-donella-meadows 
april 2014 by daguti
lXnxcwK.gif (GIF Image, 480 × 480 pixels)
How QR Codes Work - a GIF that shows the different parts of the QR code, what each section does and how it works.
reference  explanation-simplification  codes-qr-codes  howto 
april 2014 by daguti
Simplifying Website Usability: The 3 Step Approach | Webdesigner Depot
The 3 step approach to explaining what people are supposed to do when they come to your site.
website-examples  explanation-simplification  website-improvement 
march 2014 by daguti
▶ Math Sucks, but this little animation is super-fun - YouTube
A commercial for a tutor - ThatTutorGuy.com -- What PERFECT copy. Convincing, hits all the right pain points and entertaining.
explanation-simplification  video  teaching  marketing-tactics--writing-copy  filmmaking-technique 
march 2014 by daguti
Cool Tools – Systemantics
1st of 2 resources, the other is a blog post bookmarked 4/25/2014 with these same tags minus "gifts" ---------------------------------------------- hacking = Taking something apart, understanding it and putting it back together again. .................................. This would be a great gift for someone like Rob. --------------------------- Avail on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AK1BIDM/cooltools-20 --------------- http://www.amazon.com/dp/0961825170/cooltools-20
large-systems  hacking  books-to-buy  explanation-simplification  gifts  me-stuff 
march 2014 by daguti
How does 'move your mouse randomly' for increasing random password strength work? : askscience
Programs like TrueCrypt and KeePass ask you to move your mouse randomly in order to increase password strength. This reddit comment explains how that process works.
explanation-simplification  encryption  companies-reddit 
january 2014 by daguti
When Cheeseburger = Walking, Will We Eat Less? : The Salt : NPR
visualization = This is not a visualization, but the act of showing food as "hours of work needed to work it off" is taking food from a calorie number to a "visual" representation.
visualization  fitness  food  health  explanation-simplification 
april 2013 by daguti
I live here and I still don't get it - Imgur
Infographic showing what geographic territories are included in various terms like "British Isles", "Great Britain", "United Kingdom", etc
visualization  geography  maps  countries  explanation-simplification  countries-united-kingdom 
march 2013 by daguti
Viral Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality
The matter of wealth inequality in the United States is well known, but this video shows you the extent of that inequality in dramatic and graphic fashion.
money  wealth-income-distribution  wealth  video  explanation-simplification 
march 2013 by daguti
How Rooting Works — A Technical Explanation of the Android Rooting Process
I have always been curious how rooting actually worked behind the scenes. After recently acquiring a new Eee Pad Slider, a Honeycomb tablet that so far no one has been able to root, the frustration of being locked out of this amazing piece of hardware with so much potential led me to finally sit down and figure out what exactly rooting means, what it entails from a technical perspective, and how hackers out in the wild are approaching the rooting of a new device. Although all this information is out there, I have not been able to find a good [...]  
getting-started  hacks-rooting  google-android  explanation-simplification 
february 2013 by daguti
Jeff Jarvis - Google+ - Really superb NPR visualization of campaign spending. It's…
If the Google+ post won't show, the YouTube video is here:

and Jeff Jarvis' comment was:
"Really superb NPR visualization of campaign spending. It's also a magnificent demonstration of what I tell NPR people all the time: No, your value is not making great audio. It's explaining the world well."
visualization  filmmaking  video  explanation-simplification  people-jeff-jarvis 
november 2012 by daguti
New Timothy Ferriss Book, '4-Hour Chef', Has A Great Trailer (VIDEO)
For when you are out of ideas about how to encapsulate a 300+ page book in an exciting, 1 minute video...
explanation-simplification  filmmaking-technique  video  people-tim-ferriss 
november 2012 by daguti
Sortable: A Sweet Gadget-Buying Decision Engine
This is similar to what I would need to allow people to compare two servers, for example. data-amalgamation = A new tag for tools or sites that gather unsorted data and help make it intelligible. Two other sites that remind me of this: -- Gary's Guide - for tech events... I have to ask how they gather events. Do they crawl and use AI or do they have event promoters submit? -- The "side-by-side" camera "buying guide feature on DPReview.com (http://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/cameras)
data-amalgamation  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing  projects-computech  shopping  visualization  explanation-simplification 
october 2012 by daguti
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