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ClickFunnels (Official) - Ross Christifulli
I achieved all the agency goals you see people bragging about online and here is the cold truth... I was miserable.

Last year I was gaining traction in my agency out of the gate... Hit 10, 20, 30, 50k/mo and it kept going. But I was insanely miserable doing it.

I still run my agency and its actually significantly bigger than it was... But I made some huge changes that I want to share with you today.

- I stopped doing everything. I literally fired myself from prospecting. Sales are great, but constantly setting up emails, voicemail drops, cold calling... this is not what I envisioned when I started my agency.

We start it because we wanted to achieve freedom and soon enough we are a slave to our own business.

The next thing I did was created a team for the back end of my agency. I didnt want to be up at night worrying about split testing this and that and fixing funnels all the time.

And then I realized something massive... And this made the change. I was selling my time for money... The one thing I never wanted to do.

But there are alot of people willing to sell their time for money and they are happy about it.

So I found those kinds of people... And then I started to broker their time for money... Alot of money. Meaning Id make a sale and they would get 30% to do all the back end work.

I now run an agency that is massive, and I get to do only the things I love in my agency.

If right now you are pounding sand trying to get clients... Once you hit 5k/mo stop... And start finding people to pound the sand happily. They are out there and will love you for helping them.

You can still be a practitioner without doing everything. Because you are managing...

Hope this opens some eyes. Because most people are burning gears and do not even realize there is no end goal or desired result. They are thinking purely about money. And having money but not life... is not life at all.
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november 2018 by daguti
How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up
This would be a good post to link to when I write my blog post warning entrepreneurs about jumping in. See "Blog Post / Writing & Programming Ideas" in Google Docs, look for the blog post called "Before You Startup"
Entrepreneurship  getting-started  warnings 
april 2018 by daguti
How To Succeed In Your First Month As A Freelancer - Traffic And Copy
"How To Succeed In Your First Month As A Freelancer

When you first get started freelancing

Money won’t guarantee your success

Instead, it might do the opposite

Most new freelancers think making a lot of money from the start is a good thing

But that’s not always the case

If you don’t have the right structures in place

It could be harmful to your reputation

By taking on too many clients you’ll under deliver to all of them

And your business could struggle…

The age old fact remains true

That houses are built on foundations for a reason

And freelancers should be no different

So the way you structure your growth is crucial

Money is great

But it won’t secure your lifeline

Credibility, connections and amazing social proof will

You can get all 3 by reaching out to large companies that need what you have to offer

In 7 simple steps:

1. Go through their website
2. Find something that you can improve
3. Offer to work for free or very cheap
4. Treat them as a customer you will work with for the next
5 years
5. Don’t rush
6. Over deliver on quality work
7. Become the go-to freelancer for that client

If you did a good job

Then you now have a worthy connection, credibility and your foot in the door

Your chances of repeat business are good

Very good

Even if this doesn’t happen immediately

Remember to ask for a testimonial

Because once you have it,

You can use it as social proof and credibility to leverage getting paid more

For a very long time… ;)

Plus, their company logo is a nice addition to your website

And it’ll impress your future clients

These are the foundations that will charm both new and old clients

And the more clients you have that respect your work

The more likely they are to come knocking

Time and time again

Paying you higher rates each time round
Did you like this post?

Let me know what your biggest struggle is as a freelancer"
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february 2018 by daguti
I Volunteered for the Hospital Board and was Sued for Millions. - Physician on FIRE
"If you do serve on a Board, be sure you are provided with adequate Directors & Officers insurance; this should come from the organization.

I know very little about D&O policies, but I now know that insurance that doesn’t cover you in the event of the non-profit filing for bankruptcy is woefully inadequate. Bankruptcy is exactly the sort of event that could be most likely to result in a lawsuit against the Board.

Carry umbrella insurance. I don’t believe it would have helped protect me in this particular case, but the target on a wealthy individual’s back is ever-present, and umbrella insurance can protect from lawsuits related to your home or auto. When I had this lawsuit cloud over my head, my home and auto carrier wouldn’t consider covering me. After my dismissal, I was able to secure $3 Million in coverage at a cost of under $200 a year. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind."
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february 2018 by daguti
Sam Clitheroe - In 2017, I was *blessed* to work with some great clients. But now that I look back, I realize I got an epic “inside look” at how two different sized businesses operate –
In 2017, I was *blessed* to work with some great clients.

But now that I look back, I realize I got an epic “inside look” at how two different sized businesses operate –

- 6-figure business making $150,000/year.
- 8-figure business making $10,000,000/year.

Now, I want to share the differences I saw between these two from a conversions / copywriting perspective.

Sounds kinda cool? :)

Let’s start with #1…


✅ TRAFFIC vs. CONVERSIONS: Which one is more important? ✅

Two equally important things in business are –

1. Traffic (opportunity volume)
2. Conversions (sales)

But here’s what I noticed…

6-figure client constantly focussed on TRAFFIC. He wanted to make more money by pouring more traffic into his existing business funnel. But he never got really far.

Why? His funnel conversions sucked.

That’s were 8-figure client knew something most biz people overlook –

Small conversion leaks equal BIG losses for large businesses.

So he focussed HEAVILY on making sure his messaging was correct, his copy targeted, and his conversions dialed in BEFORE he scaled with traffic.

Because even a half-percent decrease at KEY points in your funnel is *literally* millions of dollars lost…

… millions that SHOULD be yours.

Without having your conversions totally dialed in (messaging, copy, funnel flow, etc), you’re just pouring premium gasoline into an inefficient engine –

Sure, you might go fast… but you won’t go far.

Which leads into my second interesting point…


✅ Can the founder write direct response copy? ✅

This one is quite drastic.

The contrast between both client’s ability to write direct response was huge.

In fact, even just their *understanding* of direct response made all the difference.

6-figure client was setting up landing pages, sales pages, and doing all that “funnel” stuff without knowing the PSYCHOLOGY of what makes people buy.

And everything they wrote was either 1) swiped, or 2) missing KEY direct response elements that build desire in potential customers.

But on the flip side…

8-figure client spent years studying, refining, and mastering the art of writing sales copy.

He kept it ridiculously simple, too.

Each product had its own sales page that almost perfectly sold it. And his writing looked effortless… literally as if he were just having a conversation.

No sales lingo. No weird copywriting sleaze. No scammy tactics.

Just the raw principles that make people buy.

8-figue client built his business on solid direct response principles, while 6-figure client was trying to funnel hack his way to riches.

And this leads perfectly into my last point…



I’ll keep this one short.

Ultimately, it all came down to opportunity cost –

6-figure client was still *very much* involved with tasks he shouldn’t be doing, like writing copy.

He spent a lot of time and energy doing my job, because he didn’t fully “let go” of that responsibility.

So the end result was always decent copy, decent results, and a lot of wasted time.

But 8-figure client reached a point where writing copy wasn’t a high ROI task for him (I think this happens around the 7-figure mark?)...

Once he hit this threshold, he WILLINGLY passed on the responsibility to me.

Even though it would only take him 20 minutes to write a sales email that would take me 2 hours, he knew hiring it out would be a more efficient use of his *own* time.


They were both great client – awesome people, great intentions, and nice to work with.

But from a business / conversions perspective… they couldn’t have been any more different.

Hope this could give some good insight. :)

~ Sam
Entrepreneurship  delegation  business-executing 
january 2018 by daguti
Anthony Bourdain's success story
Anthony Bourdain was a 44 year old cook who was slinging french fries and having little hope to ever get out of debt, or even pay his taxes.

Want us to update you when we release new videos? Click: http://bit.ly/2Egmrtj

Footage from: The New Yorker
Sound: Patrik Pietschmann playing a Hans Zimmer composition.
video  motivation-for-me  Entrepreneurship 
january 2018 by daguti
Lack Of Deep Sleep May Set The Stage For Alzheimer's : Shots - Health News : NPR
entrepreneurship = a warning because many who embark on the journey, shun sleep and consider it to be for the weak
disease-prevention  sleep  warnings  entrepreneurship  disease-alzheimers-or-dementia 
january 2016 by daguti
Startup - Imgur
Various little infographics of how different startups got started. Backed up to \media\pictures\Entrepreneurship
startups  visualization  entrepreneurship 
december 2015 by daguti
Personality difference between entrepreneurs and employees - Business Insider
"According to a 2013 Swiss-German study, the difference lies in disposition: While an employee is a specialist, an entrepreneur is a jack-of-all-trades." .............. "The research confirms a lot of folk wisdom about what makes founders function. None other than Steve Jobs used to say that creative people have a more diverse "bag of experiences" than everybody else. In a 1982 speech, the Apple founder told his audience that "if you're gonna make connections which are innovative ... you have to not have the same bag of experiences as everyone else does.""
entrepreneurship  psychology  entrepreneurs 
february 2015 by daguti
Former Apple CEO John Sculley: For Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Money Wasn't No. 1
Becoming an entrepreneur isn't always easy. It can be a long, difficult, lonely road that requires sweat and sacrifice. "You’re going to work really, really hard," Sculley says. "If you’re not passionate about working really, really hard, that’s a pretty unhappy life."
people-steve-jobs  people-bill-gates  entrepreneurship  business-culture 
december 2014 by daguti
Tech Investor to Entrepreneurs: A Harvard Degree Is a Liability - NYTimes.com
I wanted to bookmark this pasted text from NY Tech (sent by Dean Collins?? in Feb 2014), but he didn't link to an article, so this is the closest I could find: "Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya made waves at an HBS conference this past weekend, when he told current MBA candidates that “the overwhelming majority of us would not look favorably on a company started by one of you." So I did a bit of research by using Aileen Lee’s so-called ‘unicorn’ list – the 39 companies founded in 2003 or later that received private and/or public valuations >$1 billion. The results showed that just three such companies had at least one co-founder who went to HBS (and one of them, Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppleman, dropped out after one year). But it wasn’t just an HBS issue. Only 12 of the 39 companies had any MBAs within their co-founding teams and, of those, only four had multiple MBAs. The leader (barely) is Stanford, with MBAs at five unicorns (Homeaway, Fab.com, Marketo, Tableau Software..."
entrepreneurship  mba  anti-something  counterintuitive 
march 2014 by daguti
▶ Gary Vaynerchuk: The Dumbest Move I've Ever Seen on Social Media - YouTube
Great answer to the question at 1:33 - "True or False: No one who hasn't tried it, understands how hard entrepreneurship is."
entrepreneurship  motivation-for-me  video  people-gary-vaynerchuk 
february 2014 by daguti
Investing: I have $5. What is the best way to invest and grow my money? - Quora
Make sure you get to the end of the comment. The winning team sold their 3 minute presentation slot to a company who wanted to recruit students!
creativity  entrepreneurship  innovation 
april 2013 by daguti
10 lessons I learned by taking the entrepreneurial Red Pill - The Next Web
"As a kid, I thought that the grown-up world my parents lived in would be a completely rational world. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to realize: It’s not. Take advantage of this."
february 2013 by daguti
TimeSpace - The New York Times
learning-alternative+entrepreneurship = Entrepreneurship "incubators" like the Rutgers program and Enstitute, etc...
learning-alternative  entrepreneurship 
february 2013 by daguti
SUNY Levin Institute - Fast Trac
Similar to the Enstitute and Rutgers programs bookmarked with learning-alternative+entrepreneurship on 2/20/2012.
learning-alternative  entrepreneurship 
january 2013 by daguti
How To Stay Motivated in the Trenches | YoungEntrepreneur.com
I believe before these 4 steps, you need to bring a keen outsider into your business and "show them around"... then let the outsider make observations, ideas and comments about your company. That will be enough to get the engine started on your motivation. Have everyone in your company keep notes about everything that got them excited, the ideas they got and things they felt good about.

THEN and only then can you start on the steps listed on this page.
frameworks  inspiration  motivation-for-me  entrepreneurship  startups  business 
september 2012 by daguti
- Thisisgoingtobebig.com - Build Your Own World
to-do-ny = "I did the NYC Century Tour yesterday--a 100mi bike ride around the city sponsored by Transportation Alternatives where thousands of riders are circumnavigating the far reaches of the boroughs on two wheels. It was a great day and the weather couldn't be better."
entrepreneurship  startups  life-affirming  to-do-ny 
september 2012 by daguti
Camera+: 8M Copies in 2 Years, Acquisitions Denied to Twitter, Google
startups-getting-acquired = These guys have been fending off offers for years.
entrepreneurship  startups-getting-acquired 
june 2012 by daguti
Zipcar: Two Moms, a Business Idea and $68 in the Bank | Entrepreneur.com
The most important paragraph is this one. Except it doesnt' say HOW they did the research. This could be powerful to learn.
In 1999, Chase began work on a business plan for a proposed start-up to offer a car-sharing service in Cambridge, Mass. Meanwhile, Danielson investigated the technology they would need and tapped contacts from her car-sales days. Their research showed that the car-sharing market was poised to explode.
entrepreneurship  getting-started  frameworks-for-business 
june 2012 by daguti
- Thisisgoingtobebig.com - The Problem with Startup Advice
me-stuff = I identified this problem a long time ago with Matt in a conversation at Dunkin Donuts - so often we read history and it's written as if the subject was so sure and firm in their convictions - when in fact half of their actions were questionable at the time and many of the dots lined up on their own due to market conditions or just the zeitgeist of the era.
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may 2012 by daguti
4 Biggest Mistakes of the World’s 4 Biggest Entrepreneurs
As of April 2012, with Apple stock trading for over $600, those 7.5 million shares would be worth over $45 billion dollars. That alone is almost as much as the April 2012 worth of the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim ($49 billion).

personal-development =
So, as your company grows, remember that you may not always be the best person for the job. Play to your strengths and, in the words of Warren Buffett, stick to your “circle of confidence.”
analysis  personal-development  large-systems  strategy  people-larry-page  microsoft  google  apple  history-computer  entrepreneurship  warnings  disaster  people-bill-gates  people-steve-jobs 
april 2012 by daguti
Justine Musk Interview on Divorce from PayPal Cofounder - Marie Claire
Entrepreneurship has its costs. Watch out to avoid becoming a one-sided human being. ........... cognitive-load = We each have only so much brain power and Elon has chosen to spend his on work and business. ............... Also see this article on his 2012 divorce from Tallulah Riley, who is mentioned in this bookmarked article.
me-stuff  startups  relationships-divorce  cognitive-load  warnings  relationships  entrepreneurship  people-elon-musk 
april 2012 by daguti
The Top 30 Reasons to Be an Online Entrepreneur
List of 30 positives for being an online entrepreneur.
lists  entrepreneurship 
march 2012 by daguti
If You Qualify, Take Advantage of Rutgers Entrepreneurship Program By Feb. 10
college-alternatives = Not really a college alternative, but it fits into the same paradigm as the Thiel Fellowship and Enstitute. (see bookmarks created shortly before this one on 2/20/2012 with the same tags.)
learning-alternative  entrepreneurship  college-alternatives 
february 2012 by daguti
ideas are just a multiplier of execution - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog
This ties in perfectly with my philosophy that certain businesses have inherent limits built in. In other words, Jazzville will NEVER be a Facebook. No matter how much time, effort, money or brainpower we put into it. It just won't.

Forget the fact that it's aimed at a NJ-centric jazz crowd. Even if it were JazzvilleUSA, the idea itself is not a "pillar of the digital economy"

Conversely, let's just say that I *did* hit upon the next great "digital pillar" of the next century. Poorly executed, it will fail... or at the least it won't thrive to full potential.
business  entrepreneurship  analytics-metrics  business-executing 
may 2011 by daguti
Stanford CS major seeks sales/marketing monkey | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)
== THIS IS THE FINAL "SALVAGED" BOOKMARK == (see the first one also on this day.
Silicon Valley is mean to MBAs - This tumblr "Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey" made me laugh.
It’s full of emails from clueless Wharton MBAs which read like this

LOL right?
This also reminds me of the famous quote on valuing startups:
Add $1,000,000 in value for every engineer.
Subtract $500,000 in value for every MBA.
business  funny  startups  anti-something  entrepreneurship  mba 
march 2011 by daguti
Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia
Engineers Are Gods and Education Isn’t what Made Them that Way

These companies all revolve around engineers in almost a cultish way. Their investors and competitors always note how good the team is– which is saying something in a Valley locked in a full-scale talent war. They are insanely picky about hiring engineers and when they find a good one they will pay him nearly anything. Asana gives engineers $10,000 to pimp their desks. Zuckerberg has described Quora co-founder Adam D’Angelo as one of the best — if not the best– engineers he has ever met. And Path’s team was reportedly one of the assets Google was so willing to pay up for.
startups  facebook  entrepreneurship  success  companies-paypal 
march 2011 by daguti
Inc.com: Live Chat - Good Stuff: READ NOTES
This link was Tweeted with the text "most entrepreneurs are not visionaries - they are good at executing". The link led to this page, which was a live interview with Sarasvanthy at Darden School of Business. That interview is now located here: http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-saras-sarasvathy.html

but I've bookmarked this page because of the "Previously on Inc.Live" items down the page:
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-steve-huffman.html (co-founder, hipmunk & Reddit)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/02/live-chat-dan-leahy.html (co-founder, VillageVInes)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/01/live-chat-jessica-mah.html (founder, inDinero)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2011/01/live-chat-chris-guillebeau.html (author "The Art of Non-Conformity)
http://www.inc.com/inctv/2010/12/live-chat-sam-calagione.html (founder, Dogfish Head)
entrepreneurship  entrepreneurs  entrepreneurs-young  success  business-executing 
february 2011 by daguti
Delegate or die: the self-employed trap. | Derek Sivers
I answered the question, but more importantly, I explained the thought process and philosophy behind my answer.
“Yes refund his money in full. We'll take a little loss. It's important to always do whatever would make the customer happiest, as long as it's not outrageous. A little gesture like this goes a long way to him telling his friends we're a great company. Everyone always remember that helping musicians is our first goal, and profit is second. You have my full permission to use that guideline to make these decisions yourself in the future.”
1.Gather everybody around.
2.Answer the question, and explain the philosophy.
3.Make sure everyone understands the thought process.
4.Ask one person to write it in the manual.
5.Let them know they can decide this without me next time.
As part of learning it, they had to document it in the manual, and show it to someone else, too. (Learn by teaching.)
stress  entrepreneurship  delegation  leadership  management  productivity  employees  training  frameworks 
january 2011 by daguti
Startup and Entrepreneurial Updates
Posted by Dean Collins on NYTech list, Wed 12/29/2010.
motivation-for-me  entrepreneurship  startups 
december 2010 by daguti
Young Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Jobs - NYTimes.com
cerebrus-projects-marketing = This Young Entrepreneurs Association could be a good tool to use.
entrepreneurs-young  entrepreneurship  freelancing  career  jobs  cerebrus-projects-marketing  next-small-thing 
december 2010 by daguti
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