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'Affective Presence': How You Make Other People Feel - The Atlantic
When someone says they like a person or that person is annoying, it could be something more than just the physical acts they are doing. It could be some underlying part of their personality.

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9 weeks ago by daguti
Seth's Blog: The false solace of vilification
People don't remember how you behave when everything is going great. They remember how you behave when you're under pressure, stressed out and at wits end.
Emotional maturity is underrated.
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january 2010 by daguti
Print Action: Are Your Prospects Lying?
When your prospects say "I can get the same job elsewhere for less" or "I need to talk to my partner before I make a final decision" are they telling the truth or lying?
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june 2006 by daguti
sellsius° real estate blog » Blog Archive » 10 Ways To Spot A Liar
You’re an agent showing a buyer a home and get all the answers that indicate the prospect is really interested in the property. But no offer is made. What happened? Maybe the buyer was a liar. Here are some clues to help you tell.
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june 2006 by daguti
BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Spot The Fake Smile
This experiment is designed to test whether you can spot the difference between a fake smile and a real one. Very interesting.
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june 2006 by daguti

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