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e-commerce, payment = "we chose to do things the truly professional way and get our own merchant account from HSBC, our business’ bank. Combined with Shopify for the e-commerce front-end and Cardstream for processing the payments and gluing the whole thing together"
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september 2012 by daguti
Want to Sell More Online? Accept More Returns | Fox Small Business Center
creating a simple return policy and offering more shipping options could improve those numbers even further.
Overall, 63 percent of respondents looked at the return policy before making a purchase online

Another way retailers can stimulate sales is by offering more and quicker shipping options. According to the research, 46 percent of shoppers said that receiving their orders when expected would lead them to recommend a retailer to others.

The sweet spot for shipping on online orders is two to three days, but 30 percent of online shoppers want the option of overnight shipping, according to the research. Nearly half of online shoppers said they would not be willing to wait more than five days to receive their purchases. The majority of shoppers choose the cheapest option for shipping with online purchases, but one-third of shoppers said they would pay extra for faster shipping.
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june 2012 by daguti
10 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search
This tutorial is particularly good, as it mentions a lot of "to do" items, but also links to separate tutorials for them.

It also mentions something about a tool in Google Adwords where you can hyper-optimize your keywords for super cheap keywords.
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march 2012 by daguti
The Facebook Like Button May Hurt Your Sales
"...Report found that women are 25% less likely to purchase Spanx when a Facebook Like button or Tweet button is present, but are 25% more likely to purchase a trendy perfume in the same scenario."

The mere thought of the social network turns people off from buying "personal" or "embarrassing" items.
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march 2012 by daguti
trendwatching.com's September 2011 Trend Briefing "RETAIL RENAISSANCE" on the latest in retail trends and shopping for consumers
Awesome "blog" (not really a daily) on the intersection of retail and online shopping. See Sept 2011 edition.
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september 2011 by daguti
Perry Belcher Button
This guy claims crazy conversion rates, but that is one FUGLY button.
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august 2011 by daguti
Jigoshop - A Wordpress eCommerce plug-in that works
shopping-carts = Not sure. The page is not loading (was just linked by SmashingMag) so I tagged it with this and will figure it out at a later date.
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june 2011 by daguti
Google Commerce Search
Use this to help online retailers streamline their stores.
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november 2009 by daguti
How to turn a normal WordPress installation into a working online shop (without too many tears)
How to turn a normal WordPress installation into a working online shop (without too many tears)
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september 2006 by daguti

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