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Gene Pimentel - One of the easiest ways to sell domains is to...
"One of the easiest ways to sell domains is to simply choose a good local business niche, register a domain that appeals to that segment, and list it for sale on Sedo or Afternic.

Easy, and effective. There is no reason you can't turn $10 domain registrations into hundreds each, like clockwork.

That's the passive approach that takes very little of your time, but because it's passive, it can take many months before your domain for sale gets noticed.

Of course, there are many proactive methods to get your domains sold quickly. I teach these in Master Domaining.

There are thousands of local niches you can market to. I put together a list of a few hundred of the niches I like to select from for your convenience. Enjoy :-)

[Free Download - No opt-in]

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9 weeks ago by daguti
Numeric Domains 2.0 – The Definitive Guide – GGRG.com
After reading the recently bookmarked FB posts and articles by Gene Pimentel, I had started thinking that perhaps all those outlandish offers I've gotten for my numeric domain were all just fraud.

On a whim, I Googled "4 number domain value" and came across this article, which has suddenly given me confidence that perhaps the domain is worth something after all.

I'm in no rush to sell it, but I do want to go through Gene Pimentel's "Master Domaining" course so I can familiarize myself with the domain industry and possibly contact him to represent me in the sale of that domain down the line.

In checking Pinboard, the archive feature is at least 10 days behind, so I could not depend on it to back this up in time.

I backed this up by printing it as a PDF (Numeric Domains 2.0 – The Definitive Guide - GGRG.pdf) and saving it in Google Drive.
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june 2018 by daguti
(1) Internet Marketing Super Friends
Any domain brokers on here? I received an email from a domain broker in Japan who has a client who wants one of my domains. It's value is around $1000. He is offering 80 eth which appears to be worth roughly $30,000 us. Is there anyone on here who would be willing to read my email and tell me if this is legit? I hate scams and I'm inclined to ignore the email...but you never know.

ANSWER from Gene Pimentel:
Susan, this is a classic "appraisal" scam. What will happen is once they have you excited enough to reply, they will insist on getting the domain appraised to be sure it's worth their investment. The truth is, they have NO interest in your domain. They are tied in with the fake appraisal company who will charge you whatever fee for the appraisal. Once you do that, they all profit and you'll never hear from them again.
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june 2018 by daguti
CF Design Academy
"Hi guys, wanted to share a small tip when it came to using sub-domains.

Context: I have a domain registrar with NAMECHEAP. I don't want to move it. My root domain is with another hosting company. I don't want to move that either. BUT I want to use clickfunnels with a subdomain of my Root domain.

I just spent 3 hours figuring this out so I can save you a headache if this is relevant for you so read on. Otherwise, Please enjoy your day.

Solution: (Might differ if you are using hostgator, go daddy, anything else) In Namecheap you MUST create a CNAME record with the HOST as "WWW.subdomain(what ever you choose for you)" then point it to click funnels using "Target.clickfunnels.com" (Ignore the quotations for both when typing them in) Then ensure you have automatic TTL.

Why is this important to me you might ask?: Simply put, you can avoid making,buying, hosting entirely new domains (spending extra cash) by just building sub-domains. You can actually have up to 150!!! sub-domains for FREE guys! did I say FREE?? Alright that's one good reason. I'll leave it there but there's many more.

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april 2018 by daguti
Internet Marketing Super Friends
If someone asks to buy your domain and then asks you for an appraisal certificate, they are likely affiilates trying to a commission by having you buy a certificate. After you buy it, they walk away without buying your domain.
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november 2015 by daguti
Hero buys Google.com domain for $12
history-repeating = As soon as I saw the headline, I remembered the same thing happened to Microsoft with Hotmail.com back a few years ago. The article also mentions it a few paragraphs down.
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october 2015 by daguti
DomainAdvisors.com Rebrands Under a Cool New Name - Introducing Igloo.com!
I always thought this about all the startups that teach you how to code.. Codecademy, Code School, CodeAcademy.co, etc, etc... too much. "It was a logical step for us. While we love the DomainAdvisors name, and will continue to ensure we approach each opportunity as an advisor, the number of companies in our industry with the word "domain" in their name has unintentionally led to serious brand confusion."
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march 2014 by daguti
How to Name Things
Lists out 10 tools & some advice on naming things. ----------------- presentation = This is like the Google Doc I put together, but made visual and appealing. I could learn from this how to improve or completely transpose my document to a more visual medium.
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march 2014 by daguti
How to steal a ccTLD: Dr Oscar Moreno and the theft of .pr ccTLD ~ African Domain Names
"But the wily Dr Oscar Moreno knew there was a way out, he could own .pr. When he retired from the University, he cleverly registered a non-profit organization appropriately named Gauss Research Laboratory Inc(Note that Gauss Laboratory was the lab under the University of Puerto Rico that previously hosted the .pr ccTLD.) and then he casually informed ICANN that .PRs contact address had changed."
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october 2011 by daguti
Domain Pigeon.com - Your #1 Source for Available Domain Names - snatch an expiring domain name
Domain Pigeon.com - Your #1 Source for Available Domain Names - snatch an expiring domain name
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february 2009 by daguti

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