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Informed Delivery
privacy, projects-stalking = https://krebsonsecurity.com/2017/10/usps-informed-delivery-is-stalkers-dream/

"The Postal Service said it is not possible for an address occupant to receive emailed, scanned images of incoming mail at more than one email address. In other words, if you wish to prevent others from signing up in your name or in the name of any other adults at the address, the surest way to do that may be to register your own account and then urge all other adult residents at the address to create their own accounts."

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october 2017 by daguti
Solved: The Mystery of Identity Thief Lori Erica Ruff | Mental Floss
Not exactly a "catch me if you can" scenario, but she did assume a totally new identity to hide her past.
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september 2016 by daguti
Tristan Jimerson | The Moth
Guy's credit card number gets stolen by the phone order taker at his local Domino's. He does a complete investigation on his own, gets the person caught.
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february 2015 by daguti
The Con Artists Take the Media - On The Media
Guy poses as an expert in many different fields (most recently as an Ebola cleanup expert during the NYC bowling doctor Ebola scare)
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december 2014 by daguti
TIL an identity thief stole the identity of a surgeon and while aboard a Navy destroyer was tasked with performing several life saving surgeries. He proceeded to memorize a medical textbook just before hand and all the patients survived. : todayilearned
Make sure to read his philosophy about power vacuums and how to fill them.


power vacuum

Original article:

This Reddit comment (https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/2ma511/til_an_identity_thief_stole_the_identity_of_a/cm2coft/) quotes two important things from the article:

1) "He had come to two beliefs. One was that in any organization there is always a lot of loose, unused power lying about which can be picked up without alienating anyone."

2) "The second rule is, if you want power and want to expand, never encroach on anyone else's domain; open up new ones.
"I call it 'Expanding into the power vacuum'" Demara proudly explains. "It works this way. If you come into a new situation (there's a nice word for it) don't join some other professor's committee and try to make your mark by moving up in that committee. You'll, one, have a long haul and two, make an enemy."
Demara's technique is to found your own committee.
"That way there's no competition, no past standards to measure you by. How can anyone tell you aren't running a top outfit? And then there's no past laws or rules or precedents to hold you down or limit you. Make your own rules and interpretations. Nothing like it. Remember it, expand into the power vacuum!""
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november 2014 by daguti
Florida hit by "tsunami" of tax identity fraud - Yahoo! News
"The criminals stay under the radar using identities of the elderly or the very young, who are unlikely to be filing for earned income, as well as the deceased."
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february 2013 by daguti
How different can one man look? Hilarious portraits of photographer Gordon Stettinius that are a lesson in bad taste | Mail Online
identity-theft, psychology = the closest thing I could find to a tag about "identity" or "personal-identity" marketing / standing out = An interesting way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This could have been promotional for careers as varied as an actor, a makeup artist, a costume designer, a photographer, perhaps even a private detective or a viral marketing person.
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july 2012 by daguti
Why Car Thefts Spike in July - MSN Autos
Don't store valuable documents in the vehicle, particularly those with your personal information. Car theft and identity theft have become increasingly intertwined.

Don't program your home address into your vehicle's GPS, particularly if you have an electronic garage-door opener.

If your vehicle is stolen with the keys in it, be sure to change the locks to your house.
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july 2012 by daguti
50 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Personal Data - Inside CRM
Use these tips to avoid identity theft, financial loss and other crimes. Internet scams, phishing, identity theft and other attacks that exploit your personal data are always a threat when you shop online, set up an email account, use a credit card, manag
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june 2008 by daguti
Wired News: LifeLock Helps Guard Your ID
"If your identity is compromised for any reason while you're our client, we will fix the problem, period," said CEO Todd Davis. "If you lose money, we'll reimburse you. If you get thrown in jail, we'll bail you out of jail. If I have to hire a lawyer (for
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june 2006 by daguti

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