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A poor-quality father, not paternal absence, affects daughters’ later relationships, including their expectations of men, and, in turn, their sexual behaviour, suggests a new study. Older sisters exposed to a poor-quality father reported lower expectati
See this comment, as it has links that don't copy over:
"This is in line with research done on adverse childhood experiences (ACES). If a father (or mother) is abusive (sexually, physically, psychologically) or neglects (emotionally or physically), has mental health issues, has substance abuse issues, beats the mother figure or is frequently incarcerated all adds a point the ACES list. Increased ACE scores have also been shown to increase risky behaviors such as binge drinking, illicit drug use, and unprotected sex as well as poorer health outcomes with chronic disease later in life. Learning about ACES was such an "aha" moment in my career.

Edit 1: As my post seemed to gain some traction I just want to clarify that my above comment did not list all of the ACEs screened in the test. Please go here to take the test and read up more on ACES.

Edit 2: Fixed some of the ACEs that were worded weirdly as pointed out by u/fatalrip (sexual neglect)"
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What’s the weirdest/scariest thing you’ve ever seen when at somebody else’s house? : AskReddit
"I think one of the most important things a parent ought to teach their children to keep them safe from predators is that if an adult EVER asks you to keep a secret, you tell your parent right away. Adults never keep secrets with kids, just like adults never need a kids help (with directions, or to find a lost animal or object). Those are big ol' red flags alerting you to danger."

Also see this one that links to a more in-depth explanation on a whole other post:
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Why Does America Have So Many Predators? – Eudaimonia and Co
meetup-movnat = This reminds me of my idea that modern society has traumatized many of us through the philosophy that we constantly need to be busy, running around, doing work, neglegtinc our of our health and relationships.
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november 2017 by daguti
Want to Teach Your Son Not to Rape? Protect HIM from Rape! | Laurie A. Couture
"Most intelligent people have now caught up to the brain science that shows that violence is learned when children are its victims; that childhood trauma, abuse and violence permanently alters neurological and psychological development and can cause the very tragedy we saw in Ohio." ----- I was kind of skeptical at first, but the more I read, the more I see this is completely on point. So important that I backed this up to \media\pictures\webpage backups AND Google Docs "Archived/Backed Up Web Pages"
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(2) Diana Young - EPIGENETICS: TRAUMA SHAPES US "The terrible effects...
I've said for the longest time that if we want to fix crime, we have to do the hard work of helping families stick together. The Aryan Nation, inner-city gangs, Mexican drug cartels and ISIS all recruit from the same pool of children raised by poorly equipped (or totally absent) parents.
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Diana Young - Helga Vierich's lucid introduction, and the article...
This is so important, I backed up both Diana's comments and the article itself to Google Drive "Archived/Backed Up Webpages" - Truth be told, the article itself is (while deep, emotional and sad), not why I bookmarked this. Diana's comments spoke to me in a way few people ever do. She mentioned things that I believe strongly in and perhaps thought I was the only one. Her comments are why I bookmarked this.
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Police Chief makes deal with women: If she posed nude for him, the underage alcohol charges against her would be dropped. : news
"see "state prosecutors did not file criminal charges." This scumbag gets to retire with a huge pension, the taxpayers pay the settlement, he does no jail time, and has no criminal record. Some punishment. This system is a goddamn joke. "
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december 2014 by daguti
You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now? — Matter — Medium
"The research we do have...suggests that those attracted to kids tend to be shorter, left-handed, and have a lower IQ than the broader population. Another study found that being knocked unconscious before the age of 13 might be a factor. This may sound like quackery, but it points toward biological causation. In other words, it’s likely that pedophiles are born this way."
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The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Molester - Oprah.com
Terry also has advice for children. "When anybody is giving you stuff that your parents don't want you to have and you think: 'Hey, this person's cool. He's giving me alcohol. He's letting me drive his car. He's the cool guy. My parents suck,' listen. Something's wrong."
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