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What is Usury? | 10 Percent Is Enough
Usury is the practice of overcharging borrowers. It has been prohibited by religious, legal, moral, and social codes since the beginning of recorded human history. Both the Hebrew Bible and the Qu’ran are unequivocal in their condemnation of high interest rates and the people who charge them. At the founding of America, interest rates in all 13 original states were capped at 6%. In fact, usury was illegal in the United States until 1978. But now, just 30 years later, it is rampant. Modern forms of usury include: payday loans, adjustable rate mortagages, rapid rebate tax return companies,
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july 2013 by daguti
zero-percent-financing-how-it-can-damage-your-credit: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
1) Check out hte comment by "A Yahoo User" starting with "This article is just silly and wrong. All of those points are ridiculous."

2) Also be sure to see the comment by "Mr. Josh"
Torabi your buddy is an idiot! Get an approval for more than you are borrowing, example. If you want to buy something that is $2500 ask the store to get an approval for more than $3500. Say they approve you for $5000, then $2500 is only 50% of your availble credit. Which will not lower your score. Fact - If you used more than 75% of any givin credit card it will lower your score 20 points. If they only approve you for $2500 then make you 1st payment $650 which will make your balance less than 75%. You have to get credit to have credit history. Also keep that new credit - card or account over time it will make your score go up with time. No credit = no credit & low score. Hey its a computerized system....workit.
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march 2011 by daguti
102 Personal Finance Tips Your Professor Never Taught You
102 Personal Finance Tips Your Professor Never Taught You
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november 2006 by daguti
5 ways to kill your credit score - Jul. 10, 2006
5 ways to destroy your credit: Snapping up department store credit cards or skipping out on that parking ticket could send your credit score tumbling.
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july 2006 by daguti
Requesting a lower credit card interest rate
A lower interest rate on your credit card account could be yours just for the asking.
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july 2006 by daguti
Sample Letter: Ask for a Lower Credit Card Interest Rate
Below are sample letters you can send to your credit card issuer asking for a lower rate.
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july 2006 by daguti
Lower your credit card's interest rate - Lifehacker
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july 2006 by daguti
Wired News: LifeLock Helps Guard Your ID
"If your identity is compromised for any reason while you're our client, we will fix the problem, period," said CEO Todd Davis. "If you lose money, we'll reimburse you. If you get thrown in jail, we'll bail you out of jail. If I have to hire a lawyer (for
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june 2006 by daguti
MyDD :: Americans "Drowning in Debt"
Talks about the huge boom in private household debt.
I think there's a business to be made out of this. Not sure what it is, but maybe the market is already saturated. . . who knows. Just an idea.
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may 2006 by daguti

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