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bottling fresh air selling it to China - Business Insider
Melanie and Francesca De Watts harvest fresh air from the English countryside, bottle it, and sell it to smog-choked China. The pair claims to have sold over 100 bottles so far. The price for their artisan, small-batch oxygen? Each jar costs €80, or about $115.
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february 2016 by daguti
Hogwarts for real. - Imgur
The closest thing to a Hogwarts from the Harry Potter universe. Evidently it's called Christ's Hospital School and is a charity school so anyone can attend.
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january 2016 by daguti
LeBron violates royal protocol, puts arm around Kate Middleton during photo | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports
And this is why religion is bad. God doesn't speak (Hell, he doesn't even exist), so assholes can make up anything they want and say that it's a mandate from God. ---> "From medieval times, monarchs were divinely appointed to rule by God, so they were kind of seen as gods, so they demanded to be treated as gods," says Dr Kate Williams, a historian at London's Royal Holloway university. "They are treated as people set apart from the rest of us, so primarily what it is creating is distance and grandeur."
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december 2014 by daguti
British Pathé - YouTube
All historical footage from the Britie Pathe archive is now on YouTube.
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april 2014 by daguti
No 10 aide arrested over child porn: Police quiz man who advised Cameron on web filters | Mail Online
Isn't it always this way? The ones who are looking to block and prevent people from doing things are the ones who are most interested doing those things.
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march 2014 by daguti
I live here and I still don't get it - Imgur
Infographic showing what geographic territories are included in various terms like "British Isles", "Great Britain", "United Kingdom", etc
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march 2013 by daguti

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